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A Secondary Mathematics Progression Expressions, Equations and Functions.

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1 A Secondary Mathematics Progression Expressions, Equations and Functions

2 Outcomes An understanding of the mathematical progressions. An example of a mathematical progression for expressions, equations and functions in secondary mathematics.

3 CCSS Domain Progression K12345678HS Counting & Cardinality Number and Operations in Base Ten Ratios and Proportional Relationships Number & Quantity Number and Operations – Fractions The Number System Operations and Algebraic Thinking Expressions and EquationsAlgebra Functions Geometry Measurement and DataStatistics and Probability Statistics & Probability Domains Conceptual Categories

4 NC EOG/EOC Assessment Specifications 6 th Grade7 th Grade8 th GradeHS Math 1 The Number System 27-32% The Number System 30 The Number System 6 Number & Quantity 6.1 Expressions & Equations 27-32% Expressions & Equations 30 Expressions & Equations 32 Algebra 30.6 Ratios & Proportional Relationships 12-17% Ratios & Proportional Relationships 14 Functions 24 Functions 37.7 Geometry 12-17% Geometry 16 Geometry 22 Geometry 10.2 Statistics & Probability 7-12% Statistics & Probability 10 Statistics & Probability 16 Statistics & Probability 15.3

5 Major Work



8 Section 1 - Expressions Numeric expressions in upper elementary and lower middle school mathematics Numeric and algebraic expressions in middle school Complex algebraic expressions in high school and beyond

9 Numeric to Algebraic Expressions K-8 th Grades K-3 rd Numeric Expressions 3-6 th Grade Patterns and Sequences 5-7 th Grade Expressions 8 th Grade Expressions w/ exponents HS Math High School Complex Algebraic Expressions

10 Section 2 – Equations Equations in K-12 mathematics –Linear –Quadratic –Exponential –Trigonometric –Radical –Rational Simultaneous equations in 8-12 mathematics

11 Equivalent Expressions to Equations 6 th -8 th Grades 6 th One-step equations 7 th Grade Ratios and Proportions 8 th Grade – HS Mathematics Systems of Equations 7 th - HS Mathematics Multi-step equations Math I-III Math II and III Simple trig, absolute value and simple rational equations Math III Advanced Trigonometric and Logarithmic equations

12 Section 3 – Functions From patterns and relations to functions Defining a relationship between two quantities as a function Modeling functions Interpreting functions Comparing functions

13 Equations to Functions 8 th Grade – Math III 8 th Grade Functions & Linear Functions Math I Linear, Quadratic and Exponential Functions Math II More complex Quadratic and Simple Rational functions Math III Rational, Radical & Trig Functions


15 Questions?

16 Assessment Samples

17 Assessment Samples - Expressions



20 Math I Released Example

21 Assessment Sample - Equations



24 Math I Released Assessment Item

25 Assessment Samples - Functions 6 th Grade Released Example


27 8 th Grade Released Assessment Item

28 Math I Released Assessment Item

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