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Quick Quiz Human Research, Abortion, Reproductive Technology.

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1 Quick Quiz Human Research, Abortion, Reproductive Technology

2 Human Research Clinical trials are composed of… 1.Subjective and objective groups 2.Subversive and oppressive groups 3.Clinical and laboratory groups 4.Experimental and control groups 5.Exaggerated and conservative groups

3 Human Research In a Clinical Trial, if patients do not know which test group they are assigned to, but the researchers do, the experiment is called … 1.a violation of informed consent 2.a single-blind study 3.a double-blind study 4.a randomized study 5.a metered study

4 Human Research The the book, beneficence is: 1.the duty to do no harm 2.the duty to inform patients 3.the duty to cure the sick 4.the duty to help others 5.the duty to consult a specialist

5 Human Research If you are rationally balanced between alternative choices, you are in a stated of 1.equivolition 2.equipose 3.diposition 4.bivolition 5.aquavision

6 Human Research Desperation for a change of routine or special attention might amount to coercion to take part in a clinical trail. That worry is a worry about: Children The mentally disabled PrisonersMinorities People in developing countries

7 Human Research True or False? It is easier to justify therapeutic research on children than non-therapeutic research on them

8 Human Research True or False? AZT is a drug given to stop the HIV virus from being transmitted between sex partners

9 Human Research True or False? The Hippocratic oath forbids abortion, but not euthanasia

10 Human Research True or False? Aristotle believed abortion was a good choice if your family was too large

11 Human Research Aquinas believed ensoulment occurred: 40 days for boys, 90 days for girls baptism first communion quickening 5.only for Christians

12 Human Research Philip Devine argues that what makes it wrong to kill both adults and fetuses is are causing them pain are killing the innocent are killing a living thing are stealing their future are killing a human being

13 Human Research Potential persons are strange because 1.they cannot do anything a person does 2.they get angry so easily 3.they are not persons 4.they only exist when real persons are asleep 5.they are not strange, that is a disputed premise

14 Human Research If you equate being human with being a person, Vaughn accuses you of speciesism. True or False?

15 Human Research Michael Tooley believes if continued existence is not in your interest, then you have no right to it True or False?

16 Human Research If pricing and payments makes IVF wrong, it must make adoption wrong as well True or False?

17 Human Research A child has a right to be brought into the world in marriage and from marriage. This was asserted by 1.Judith Jarvis Thompson 2.Michael Tooley 3.The Vatican 4.Mary Ann Warren 5.Barack Obama

18 Human Research Feminists do not like IVF because physically harms women coerces women to become mothers 3.What? Feminists love it. No husband needed! takes more time from womens careers 5.women did not invent it

19 Human Research A gestational surrogate is genetically related to the offspring True or False?

20 Human Research One objection to cloning Vaughn takes seriously is 1.It can never be done safely 2.No one can trust what a clone may do 3.Someone will create clone armies of the greatest warriors 4.cloning violates the right to a unique identity 5.cloning will result in monsters

21 Answers 4,2,4,2, 2 (from the book, but children and prisoners are a concern too), T, F, F, T, 1, 4, 3, T, T, F, 3, 2, F, 4

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