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Affiliate Marketing Survival Beating the Beast. What Is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is the use by a Web site that sells products of other.

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1 Affiliate Marketing Survival Beating the Beast

2 What Is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is the use by a Web site that sells products of other Websites called affiliates, to help market the products. A method of marketing where other websites can sign up to sell your products for a commission. Performance based online marketing. Affiliate marketing is something you can start immediately while you are learning to create your own products and web sites. Affiliate marketing is a revenue generating activity that you can do in conjunction with building your main Internet profit stream.

3 Why You Should Participate In Affiliate Marketing A win-win scenario. Little to no start up cost It's an easy way to offer your customers more of what they want You benefit, both in terms of building goodwill and making money. Dont deal with customer issues and support Dont need to create a product Most affiliate marketing programs are free to join

4 Affiliate Promotion Process Create PayPal account Find product with affiliate program Sign up as an affiliate Mask your affiliate URL Market the product or service Receive your commissions Repeat the process

5 Affiliate Marketing Lets Get Started! It is so easy you will be waking up at noon and just setting around the house in your underwear doing absolutely nothing while your affiliate business rakes in boatloads of cash to your bank account day and night on autopilot in no time flat. HIT THE BRAKE NOW! Lets Back Up & Start Again!

6 Get rich quick? No. You've come to the wrong place if you're looking for that. Is it as easy as most make it sound? NO! Please remember... you are, after all, building a business. Building a business is not "quick and easy" or "get rich quick" So is it worth your time and investment? YES! If you are a person that is motivated, willing and ready to work to build your Affiliate Marketing business, and you are ready to develop a whole new mindset towards Affiliate Marketing, and develop a new way of thinking! If so, Affiliate Marketing delivers. Actually it OVER-delivers success... Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work? "It" Does Not Work... You Do!

7 Learning Curve: Expect It. Becoming an affiliate is like going to college or university. You start at the beginning, learn the basics and build on what you learn. Think of it like becoming a doctor. One doesn't decide to become a doctor with the expectation of operating on your first patient one week from now. Take it step-by-step and you'll build a much stronger business. It takes time to learn the products or services you're marketing and it takes time to learn to run your Affiliate business.

8 Problem – Failure To Prepare Just know this one thing… If you are going to go into Affiliate Marketing unprepared you are setting yourself up for failure. Most people fail at the things we try because we get so excited and caught up in the hype and the possibilities of making money that we would rather just jump the gun and FIRE first without Aim! On a positive note: Aim for nothing and there is a good chance youll hit it The preparation time needed feels "unproductive and we want or need money or results right now! Sometimes the circumstance we live in demands this. But understand this one thing right now…, Proper Preparation is the only way your going to become one of the successful!

9 Nothing more than proper Upfront thinking and Planning, and Preparation... Stop Panicking… Start planning and preparing The Solution! Your Affiliate goals need to be challenging. Set goals that will require some effort to reach. Un-obtainable, will lead to failure. Challenge everyone that is involved Your Affiliate goal needs to say what is going to be done. Needs to be Task-oriented. Must state clearly what is to be accomplished Effective goals use action-oriented words Your Affiliate goal needs to be very specific.

10 Setting Proper Long Term & Short Goals State goals clearly and always use positives. Your brain craves CLARITY... The absence of clarity is going to give you that 'bury your head in the sands' feeling. When that feeling sets in, it's hard to snap out of it, unless... You set your goals to achieve CLARITY! Take a second and really think about the pitch debt consolidation companies use - Small, Manageable, Monthly, Repayments! Determine and list (write out) your strengths and weaknesses.

11 Identify all resources available. (essential to reach your goals). For example, youll need a certain amount of money, time, health, interest etc. Be honest about what you need to do and what you can and cant do yourself. In order to get where you want to go, you have to know how to get there. Formulate a daily improvement plan This is the most important step of the goal setting process. Ask yourself, What is it that I can do on a daily basis to work towards reaching my goal? What are the essential? That will vary depending on your situation, of course, but the key question is: what part of my plan has the most long-term benefit for me?

12 Commitment to your goals…You must commit! (Also be Consistent) Make and work on short-term goals Your long term goal may take a long time to reach, perhaps months or even years. (That is not a positive) You need to stay both positive and motivated Achieving short term goals will give you feedback and show you actually making progression towards your Long term goal. Your short term goals of course should be action oriented. Make them Achievable, but not so easy that you do not feel any sense of accomplishment when it is achieved.

13 Continually be monitoring your progress (Get a White Board…Dry Erase) Each day do you see yourself getting closer to your ultimate goal? Are your plans and goals actually working or do they need adjustments? Continually be WRITING down each of your small success and lessons that you will be learning along the way. Chart your progress; you need to be able to visually see how far you have come, and how much closer you are to your goal In times when it seems like your not getting anywhere. REMAIN POSITIVE! Find an accountability partner! If you still having problems with Goal setting and want to learn more go to and type in, How do I set goals for success.

14 Budget: Time And Money. Set a general budget for both. Time and money. As a business owner, you'll use plenty of time developing and promoting your affiliate business. Budget as much time as you can each day and make sure you use your time wisely. Set up a budget for your monetary expenses too. You can run a business online with a shoestring budget, just don't expect a mammoth income in the beginning. The more you can invest in your business, the better. This doesn't mean that simply throwing money at your business will make it grow. Every dollar that goes out your door, needs to come back in and bring another dollar with it.

15 Problem – Placing to Much Dependency on Owner of Affiliate Products When you are first starting out we are very excited and it is very easy to choose the wrong programs, you will also find that it is easy to fail with the right ones. You will find that one of a kind awesome product to promote but you also may have found a company that simply doesnt have the time or the know how to train their affiliates properly... No startup manual. No learning and coaching environment provided No Webinar Training No creative new ideas ever sent out to affiliates... No tools on the Affiliate tools page to help you do your job. No Affiliate support systems! No wonder people fail!

16 The Solution Successful affiliates select the best products with the best Affiliate programs! Successful Affiliates test out the Affiliate programs they are considering. Successful Affiliates know how to go out and do it right, on their own! Successful Affiliates learn and prepare and eliminate the dependency totally... Successful Affiliates have support systems in place

17 Problem – Poor Looking Or No Website This is a problem that kills Affiliates and most never even come to an understanding as to why! If you really want to succeed the best place to start is right where you are, with what you have. (Your Website and Content) Lack of technical skills keep you from developing a site altogether. YOU NEED A SITE! Have a site with one or more of the following mistakes… Site is hosted using a FREE web hosting service (BIG credibility destroyer) Poor design, Website has a newbie look and feel Site contains low value or irrelevant content that does not solve the problem the visitor is looking to solve. Content not Niche related to the site. Build poor site navigation Site not search engine friendly

18 Top Super Affiliates all… Develop a web site. Your Web presence is crucial. Top Super Affiliates all… have clean and easy to navigate sites. Solution to no tech skills. (OUTSOURCE),, Warrior Forum, other students, tech schools in your community. Top Super Affiliates all…position themselves properly to meet their targeted audience at the search bar, providing excellent relevant content to provide best solutions to the targeted audiences problems. (Write it yourself or Outsource) The Solution!

19 Top Super Affiliates all… Attract highly targeted, interested leads to their site Top Super Affiliates all… use their site to List Build Top Super affiliates all… use their sites to gain credibility and build relationships Top Super Affiliates all… continue to provide solid value by providing other sources of great content such as through Affiliate Products and services

20 Build Your Website: If You Build It They Will Come! Well Not Exactly! Invest in hosting, a domain name and auto-responder and then get going. If you want to maximize your income and be taken seriously, you need to own your own website. You need to look professional and you want to build your own credibility and come across as the expert Yes, I know you get an affiliate URL when you sign up as an affiliate and that is all you were planning on doing, but just going out and promoting an affiliate link looks amateur and will help you LOSE sales.


22 Problem – Little Or No Traffic Build your website and they will come right? NOT! Affiliate Marketers have one more really big challenge... building traffic. (The key word here is BUILDING) Again, also think consistency! Most new Affiliates never seem to realize they have the power to attract tens of thousands of interested, motivated visitors every day Bigger problem still is getting the right traffic! It takes more than just getting traffic to your site. It needs to be the best targeted traffic you can get or it will be difficult to convert to sales. If you want to sell on the Internet, whether it is your own product, advertising affiliate program, Internet marketing, or just want to increase Blog traffic you must learn how to get website traffic that works.

23 Top Super Affiliates all... make the content of their Web pages "attractive" to Search Engines. (SEO Friendly) Top Super Affiliates all... Will have methods in place that will allow them to track how each site and page performs. They will continue to test and tweak to improve performance. (Google Analytics)Google Analytics Top Super Affiliates all... develop more than one way to generate drive traffic. (continued process) Every successful marketer opens up all the doors and windows they can to let in as much traffic as possible. When first starting out focus on one or two traffic methods at a time. Consistency is vital to your success The Solution!

24 Some of these solutions may sound totally out of reach for you? Salvage the one thing that you are in control of and no one else – Your will to succeed. Daily Routine of POSITIVE Self-Talk: You likely will feel very frustrated trying to make everything work. Be aware of your self-talk… get rid of the negativity. Understand that in the big picture of things these problems are considerably small to the overall picture. Each has a solution… you just need to learn how to do better overall. Master the things you enjoy and can do. The rest needs to leave YOUR list of things to do and put it on the list for others to do. You may be looked at as the most unlikely to succeed, but that is not who you are. You need to right now focus your eyes on the biggest path of success and set out to succeed in the biggest way possible. READY…AIM…FIRE! Big Picture Solution!

25 Nuts And Bolts: You've Got Your House In Order Now What? You have proper mindset, You're looking at things from a realistic viewpoint, Your mind is open and ready for new opportunities, Youve set your goals and you've got pictures of your dream house, car and vacation plastered on your wall, You're ready to learn, You've set aside some time and money, You're now ready to go looking,

26 Find A Niche That Interests You With A Good Affiliate Program! The next step is to find a Niche that interests you and offers an affiliate program with a reasonable commission. For information products, one of the most popular and profitable online, you can and should expect a commission of 40% or more. There are many companies you can represent as an affiliate but finding a company that respects its affiliates is another story all together. Do your research before you jump on any Affiliate Program.

27 So Many Affiliate Programs! Which One Do I Choose? Ask questions before you join an affiliate program. Do a little research about the choices of program. Get some answers because they will be the deciding point of what you will be achieving later on. Will it cost you anything to join? When do they issue the commission checks? What are the conversion rates? Does this program have plenty of tools and resources?

28 How are referrals from an affiliates site tracked and for how long do they remain in the system? What are the kinds of affiliate stats available? Does the affiliate program pay for the hits and impressions, besides the commissions on sales? Who are you doing business with? (Is it really a solid company?) Is the affiliate a one-tier or two-tier program? Is this a program that you like and have interest in, and is a good fit for your targeted audience? Lastly, what is the amount of commission paid?

29 "Two-Tier" Affiliate Programs Affiliate programs are two-tier programs that distribute commissions based on a referral network of sign-ups and sub-affiliates. Example: Affiliate A signs up to an affiliate program and gets rewarded for a sale or lead by a visitor. If Affiliate A attracts Affiliate B to sign up for the same program using his sign-up code (or affiliate code), Affiliate B becomes a sub-affiliate of Affiliate A. All future activities performed by Affiliate B will then result in additional commissions for Affiliate A.

30 Sale, Lead or Click Affiliate networks are designed to compensate their affiliates based on 3 different types of actions: pay per click (PPC), pay per lead (PPL), and pay per sale (PPS). Pay Per Click Pay Per Click means when a visitor to a webpage clicks on an affiliate link, the affiliate earns a certain amount. All the visitor has to do is click through and view the advertisement – it doesn't require any other type of action for the affiliate to get paid. PPC is usually the lowest paying type of action, but the easiest to complete.

31 Pay Per Lead A visitor clicks on an affiliate link and fills out a form requesting more information, joining a newsletter or online group. PPL usually doesn't require a cash transaction or credit card information. Pay Per Sale Pay Per Sale is usually the highest paying type of action. It also is the hardest (generally) to complete. In PPS, the visitor must complete a purchase or enter their credit card to participate in a product or trial offer. The affiliate gets a percentage (commission) of the sale.

32 Pick a product that interests you. Buy it and use it. Your business is based on your recommendations of a product or service. If you haven't used it, how can you recommend it?, If everything looks like a winner up to this point, then next step is to take action. Pick An Affiliate Product The Awesome Affiliate Product

33 Your Lead Products Solution to Customers problem Customer More of Your Products & Affiliate Products You need to fill this gap Build Your Affiliate Marketing Funnel

34 Fill Out The Affiliate Application Form And Get Your Affiliate URL.

35 Link Cloaking One of the critical things to do as an affiliate marketer is to protect your income potential. By masking or cloaking your link you can protect your Affiliate ID and your affiliate commissions. – Power Link Generator - - BudURL -

36 Common Ways to Promote Affiliate Products List Promotions (Product recommendation) By developing a relationship with your list, you can promote items that you feel would be valuable to them.

37 Using Product Recommendations to Increase Your Bottom Line, cont…. Watch other affiliate marketers and look at the strategies they are using. see what is working and what is not. Become the credible expert! If your visitors feel and believe that you are an expert in your niche, they are more inclined to making that purchase. Do not run the risk of promoting junk products and services. Just think how long it took you to build credibility and trust among your visitors. All that will take to destroy it is one big mistake on your part.

38 Using Product Recommendations to Increase Your Bottom Line, cont…. Only promote products that match your target audience. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS. Promote products that position well in your product funnel. It must make sense to the customer before they purchase..

39 Common Ways to Promote Affiliate Products, cont…. Blogging-Blogging is another incredible way to promote affiliate products. Paid blogs, where you purchase and host your own domain, are the most effective Some sites where you can set up a free blog: Blogger Blog – WordPress – Weebly – Social Media Marketing HubPages – Squidoo –

40 Common Ways to Promote Affiliate Products, cont…. Article Marketing Ezine Articles - Go Articles - Article Dashboard – Video Marketing (product reviews/benefits) YouTube – Real People – Revver – TubeMogul (Video Submission Service) Traffic Geyser (Video Submission Service) Video Post Robot (Video Submission Service)

41 Common Ways To Promote Affiliate Products, cont…. Forum Marketing You need to perform a search for the niche forum that fits your marketing needs. Classified Ads CraigsList – USFreeAds – Backpage – Kijiji –Ebay Classifieds - Oodle –

42 Common Ways to Promote Affiliate Products, cont…. Social Networking Sites Facebook – Twitter – Yahoo Groups – Ning – Tobri - Pay Per Click Advertising Google Adwords – Yahoo Search – MSN AdCenter –

43 Free Webinar Training

44 Free Lead Generators Build a Squeeze page on your website to give away a product that is relevant to your Affiliate product or products you have chosen. Your give- away must always relate to the product you're promoting to maximize the results of this system. Make sure your squeeze page makes people's mouths water until they want your Free offer so bad they'd gladly pay for it, but then give it to them free. All they have to do is fill in their name and address in the simple form and you'll send their product to them instantly via or your product download page. Your Irresistible Give Away Offer

45 Offer Your Chosen Affiliate Product on Thank You Page or as a One Time Offer. Offer Your Chosen Affiliate Product and others through Your Affiliate Link through Autoresponder Follow-up series. Backend With Affiliate Offers

46 When To Pitch Affiliate Products When is it to early to pitch an affiliate product? When they have not shown interest as of yet. When do you know they are interested? When they opt in. Get them while they are hot and ready to buy. After opting in give them something to purchase. Get them to be a customer even if it is for just $1. This will make them a more qualified customer. You now know they have a credit card and they now have shown a greater interest.

47 Make More Money With Ebook Giveaway! Okay, that sounds a bit contradictory doesnt it? Your hear to learn Affiliate Marketing and make money and Im telling you to give an Ebook away. Write a short Ebook or report on how to get the most out of the Affiliate product your promoting. Or choose another subject that fits a particular product. Make sure the information in the Ebook or report is both interesting and of value to the reader. People dont want to read page reports- Everyone is pressed for time. Keep reports short-Between pages Get rid of fluff and cut right to the heart of the information you are giving away. If you can pack pages of valuable information, your reader will be more than satisfied.

48 Add Your Affiliate Links Put your link to your Affiliate products your promoting in several places throughout your Ebook. You never know when one idea will spark someones interest, or overcoming their last objection and be the deciding factor in them buying your Affiliate Product. Learn how to build the right relationships…

49 Get Your Ebook Or Report Out Set up squeeze page always Contact the person who you are going to be promoting Affiliate product and offer him your ebook or report to give away to his list! Add link to ebook in your signatures, forum signatures, Example: For a limited time grab my top 10 tips to becoming number one affiliate in any Niche (link goes to squeeze page) Strategically add Link in Blog Posts (link goes to squeeze page) Use Social Media… Twitter, Facebook, etc Example: Free Ebook… Discover how middle age man with no list-no site- no experience generated over $104,349 in under 30 days (link goes to squeeze page)

50 Your Company name here Free Ebook Flow Process

51 Unadvertised Affiliate Bonus

52 Thank You Page- A page on your website where the customer will receive your thank you for opting in for your free offer or buying your product or service! Product Download Page- A page on your website where the customer will receive the actual product download links to the product they just purchased! Both of these pages are excellent places to point your customer to new related offers. There interested in what you have to offer Be careful of using the words Thank You to soon in the process! It puts final step in the mind of the customer! Adding Unadvertised Bonus To Product Download Pages

53 Product Download Page Your Company name here Unadvertised Bonus Flow Process

54 Unadvertised Bonus - OTO Flow Process

55 Squeeze PagePlease Confirm Inbox to Confirm Affiliate OTO OfferUn-Advertised Bonus Affiliate Sales Page Or free offer sign up Affiliate Commission More Affiliate Offers Through Follow up series Confirmation/Product Download Page Entire Un-advertised Bonus Flow Process

56 Follow Up Series If you want to build a great list, then you HAVE to follow up with your customers and subscribers. You have to make sure the entire process was a satisfying for her, but in the long run you want to build an ongoing relationship Lots of people fail to do follow up and many of them just because they have absolutely no idea how to do that. Tell them who you are Tell them your goals Tell them your goal for them Tell them how to contact you Tell them more about what they are interested in.

57 Follow-Up With Your Customers And Leads-Build Relationships

58 Establish a relationship with your prospects. your initial contact is not about making a sale, it's about establishing a relationship with your potential client Only 2% of your prospects that sign up will buy your Affiliate product you're offering after they sign up to your squeeze page. 98% of your sales will be made from your follow up you have set up for them to receive from you. There's a very simple method for following up and making sales automatically. The whole process is run from an autoresponder, a simple piece of software that automatically sends your prewritten follow up messages on a predetermined schedule.

59 Now your prospect begins to receive s from you on a predetermined schedule with new tips and useful information that is directly related to the Niche Affiliate Product you have chosen. This information positions you as a credible expert and gives you the opportunity to promote your affiliate website or Affiliate product, to hot prospects that you are conditioning to buy. This is where you'll make 98% of your sales. You can build a relationship from the get-go through your website and s by addressing common problems most people have. If you need help in getting ideas of problems to address just think about the issues that originally made you want to get into affiliate marketing, there are a good majority of people that feel the same way and are looking for solutions to the same problems.

60 Follow Up Series

61 Your Name,

62 Follow Up Series Flow Process

63 Set Yourself Apart From The Crowd Your success as an affiliate is determined by you. 95% of the people that are watching this simple How To guide will do nothing with it. 5% of the people that attend and watch will actually put all the pieces in place and start making a living as an affiliate. There is money in affiliate marketing, by Setting Yourself Apart From the Affiliate Marketing Crowd The reason there are so many failures and poor or bad feelings about affiliate marketing is because people don't think about what the very phrase means. There are two words to consider. Affiliate + Marketing = Your Success The second part of that equation is the one that will make or break your efforts to be a success in affiliate marketing.

64 Get Yourself Noticed On The Affiliate Marketing Radar Build your list Establish yourself as a Super-Affiliate Create your own in-demand product Develop relationships with other marketers

65 Watch other affiliate marketers and look at the strategies they are using, and see what is working and what is not. Become the credible expert! If your visitors feel and believe that you are an expert in your niche, they are more inclined to making that purchase. Do not run the risk of promoting junk products and services. Just think how long it took you to build credibility and trust among your visitors. All that will take to destroy it is one big mistake on your part. Only promote products that match your target Audience and fulfill the needs and wants they Have. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS Promote products that position well in your product funnel. It must make sense to the customer before they purchase. Affiliate Marketing Advice

66 In Summary Successful affiliates in any affiliate program simply don't sit there and wait for money to come. Why? Because, there isnt any money in simply sitting and waiting. If you want to be successful in affiliate marketing and if you want to continually grow your affiliate checks, you've got to do something.

67 Affiliate Marketing is all up to you to make things happen for you…If you freeze now, you make no money just like so many times before and you flush your goals down the toilet. If you take action, you make it one step closer to your goals.

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