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SALISBURY SALSA SOCIAL For Latin Dancing on the Eastern Shore.

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3 SALISBURY SALSA SOCIAL For Latin Dancing on the Eastern Shore

4 IN THE BEGINNING… In the beginning there was Salsa, but Salsa met Swing and what came next noone could predict!! What is Salsa? Salsa in its purest sense is a “mixture of all the spices put together to make a tasty sauce.” Salsa dancing was, therefore, a blend of European Ballroom dancing, mixed with jazz, tap, and West African Rumba, set to an Afro- Caribbean beat.

5 SALSA DANCING IN AMERICA When Salsa Dancing came to the United States in the 60s this Spicy International Art, merged with the wildly popular Swing, and Modern Salsa Dancing Emerged. With a History like that, no wonder everyone loves it! Right: 1961, West Side Story depicting the merge of Swing and Salsa

6 ABOUT US The Salisbury Salsa Socials are a local dance collective of Latin dancers and Latin dance enthusiasts that seek to perfect and expand their art on the Eastern Shore. Once exposed to this beautiful means of expression, a group of dance lovers began traveling 2 and 3 hours to the Western Shore to practice with the nearest community of dancers. After some time they realized that rather than traveling to the arts communities in DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia, they could simply begin providing opportunities for people here on the Eastern Shore to learn. … And so the Salisbury Salsa Socials were born! We attract dancers of all ages, ethnicities & skill levels!

7 ART IN MOTION SALSA SERIES The Art in Motion Salsa Series, is a part of a sweeping Trend in the Arts Community that uses the universality of Latin dance to develop people’s interest in the arts overall! Art Galleries/Institutions Currently Hosting “Art In Motion” Events Art Institute & Gallery Salisbury University Downtown Gallery 3 rd Friday’s Art District Festival

8 SALSA SUNDAY ~ BRIDGING THE ARTS WITH BUSINESSES Local businesses host a salsa social at their establishment and, in turn, we use the arts to draw people to their business and drive revenues. We pride ourselves in providing a clean and wholesome environment, and bringing new people through the doors. This series has been a great hit, particularly for New Businesses! We have hosted events at: Pemberton Coffeehouse Andy’s Place The Greene Turtle The Monkey Barrel The Edge Lounge And Many More…

9 WHAT IS THE COMMUNITY SAYING? WMDT did a segment on our Salsa Socials to highlight how we are using dance to mobilize the community to not only support the Arts, but also the business community on “Salsa Sunday.” With our recent expansion into Ocean City and other upcoming events and partnerships, WMDT has offered to do a follow up to see how we have grown. Click on the white arrow in the center of the image to play the WMDT news report.

10 UPCOMING EVENTS When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the dance floor. It’s to enjoy every step along the way! ~ Wayne Dyer

11 SALISBURY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Provide dancers for the Annual Salisbury Pops Concert, Offer classroom training on the nuances of Latin music, Host student performers interested in developing their understanding of Latin music, and Engage the community through Flash Mob Performances of live music and dancing across the Eastern Shore

12 CAPTURING ART IN MOTION – PHOTOGRAPHY/VISUAL ARTISTS Outreach to new and experienced photographers and visual artists to use our socials as a platform to capture the art that we put in motion Accept rolling applications for Visual Art Interns to review and edit photographs for publication on online media Compile the top 50 photographs that capture the essence of our art for exhibit at host institutions and galleries across the Eastern Shore.

13 SALISBURY WICOMICO ARTS COUNCIL & SISTER CITIES ASSOCIATION OF SALISBURY Co-Host the Announcement of Salisbury’s Newest Sister City in Ecuador at 3 rd Friday Arts District Festival Use the International Arts to promote cross-cultural exchange for Salisbury residents to learn a style of dance performed in their newest Sister City in Ecuador Showcase the Salisbury Salsa Socials Support of our Troupes through Latin Dance at the Wounded Wariors Zumbathon!

14 WOUNDED WARRIORS ZUMBATHON Salsa Socials serve as official vendor locations for the Wounded Warriors Project Benefit Zumbathon on the Eastern Shore

15 TRI-STATE SALCHATA BEACH BLAST The Salsa Socials have begun reaching out to other artists in the Tri-State area to bring dancers from Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and beyond, to Ocean City for the a “Salchata Beach Blast”. The Beach Blast will consist of Salsa and Bachata Performers, Competitions, and Workshops. The Beach Blast will highlight local artists, photographers, dancers and musicians while drawing attention to the growing community here on the Shore! This is the first step towards hosting the first ever Salsa Congress on the Eastern Shore

16 DANCING IS NOT JUST FOR THE STARS! Here is a glimps of our Art in Motion & Salsa Sunday Series

17 ART IN MOTION ~ SALSA SERIES Use dance to draw the community into art galleries and grow their interest in the arts!














31 SALSA SUNDAYS Rotates to local businesses on their slowest days and use the arts to draw a crowd and drive business.









40 Click on the white arrow in the center of the image to play the demonstration. DEMONSTRATION

41 SEE YOU AT THE NEXT SOCIAL! Dance is the only art in which we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made. ~Ted Shawn

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