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Rick Pereira-NEII-159 February 2007

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1 Rick Pereira-NEII-159 February 2007
Pack 515, Howell NJ Volunteers for a Successful Cub Scouting Program that is FUN and rewarding Rick Pereira-NEII-159 February 2007

2 How to Market Cub Scout Volunteers
Why should we think about volunteer recruiting in these terms? Because we compete with a wealth of other opportunities for their time and attention For the boys to have a successful program, the parents have to become involved Not everyone knows Scouting and its benefits Not everyone knows Scouting can change a boys life with the values that volunteers help promote America is returning to the values that Scouting never left

3 Who Is Our Target Volunteers?
Parents The ones who decided to allow their boys to join. The ones that know what their boys want in order for the boys to be retained in scouting. The ones that know how to provide the enthusiasm to keep the boys involved. The ones that can make a difference in our Pack

4 Parents: What is Their Situation?
Want the best for their kids But Overloaded (and Over-committed) with work, school, church, and extracurricular activities like sports, music lessons, etc Many like soccer, basketball, baseball are 3 days/wk Although, Scouting is a year round program that promotes duty to God, Country and to be morally straight. Remember, many hands make light work. Volunteer for financials, paperwork, shopping, registration, event research etc. all of which can be done as your time permits. If you can not be a Leader, focus in on being a Coordinator or Assistant if your time commitment is limited or just help with supplies, forms, registration etc.

5 What Is the Challenge? Don’t scare off the parents on level of commitment because every little bit helps Need to have parents feel that their efforts are worthwhile and how they contribute directly to the program. Many opportunities that need peoples help, discuss vacancies in Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). Thank people for filling in the vacancies. Record their commitment for the years ahead, don’t loose sight of them. Give Thanks in News Letter so others are aware of their efforts. Provide understanding that Pack can not run successfully on core people due to burnout which effects the program and retention of the boys. Show the boys the FUN of Scouting and encourage volunteers that they are responsible for a successful program.

6 Families are the basis of society and Cub Scouts
Within Cub Scouts, families serve as a focal point in the Pack. Scouting offers the opportunity for you to make a difference in your Scout’s experience. It builds the foundation for your involvement within each phase of Scouting. We know you can’t be there 24/7 but you can make an impact in your Scout’s life by making the effort to participate at a level that works with your busy schedule.

7 The Cub Scouting program provides:
Caring and nurturing relationships with parents, other adults and peers by providing positive role models and encouraging family togetherness. Parents and their sons: • Do projects together, 95 percent • Go places together, 91 percent • Talk together, 90 percent • Read together, 75 percent

8 Its all Up to You! From when they are Tigers to Wolves to Bears to Webelos, parents can be involved as high on the chain as Cubmaster and all Committee positions. However, even if time constraints do not permit that level of involvement, there are still ways for you to be involved. We need: • You to be there when we take your son on a camping trip • Someone to buy the refreshments for a pack meeting • A fresh mind to determine the components for a game we haven't played before. It is the little things that contribute to the greater benefit of the Pack.

9 Why Volunteer? This is why! Keep the boys out of harms way and have FUN

10 Pinewood Derby

11 Klondike

12 VOLUNTEERING Is rewarding for the boys and yourself
Word gets around of your commitment to your sons development and others will help as well. Keeps parents involved, amused, and hearing/seeing the values of Scouting that is transferred to their Cub Scouts that they assist. Is worth what ever commitment (big or small) that you can provide.

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