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Sources taken from:,, and Who uses them?

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2 Sources taken from:,, and Who uses them?

3  Employers are using Social Networking sites to screen their potential employees  They are screening photographs, personal information, discriminatory comments, and communication skills (

4  A simple Google search has a high chance of your social sites popping up  Many say the use of screening social networking sites is considered stalking (

5  Different sites, when searched, offer you different links which can hack into “private” sites, no matter what settings you have  A simple change of the URL gives you access to any “private” site

6  When posting on social networking sites, students are interested in interacting with friends  A lot of information, especially pictures, may be photoshopped, distorting the nature of the picture completely

7  An article on stated: Employers should only care about something that affects the workplace or the job at hand by following the golden rule: mind your own business  Your Friday night escapades do not reflect upon your work ethic and capabilities


9  Ahearn, Tom. “Nearly Half of Employers View Social Networking Sites During Background Checks.” 20 Aug. 2009..  “Should Employers and Interviewers Check your Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Profiles?” 25 Aug. 2009..  “Social Networking Sites Gaining Popularity Among Employers Seeking Job Candidates.” 7 Mar. 2008..  Terrence, Mallory. “Employers View Social Networking Sites Before Hiring Employees.” 17 April 08..

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