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RSDB Installation & Configuration. Now run the RSDB installer. Double click the file named [DTTM]_Install_Survey_Server.exe.

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1 RSDB Installation & Configuration

2 Now run the RSDB installer. Double click the file named [DTTM]_Install_Survey_Server.exe

3 Click I Agree Change the Installation Path, if desired, and click Next ** NOTE: Do NOT install RSDB in a path containing a space character, i.e. under Program Files or something like it.

4 Click Install The Installer will check for the required version of Java 1.5 If NOT found the Java installer will be run automatically. If found, the installer will continue to its next step.

5 Click Close Installation of the AFRL RSDB is now complete. The installer will now copy all RSDB files to the selected drive. When finished, Completed will be shown in the installer window and the Close button will be active.

6 End RSDB Installation Next you will need to configure the Active Directory (LDAP) login module and start the database & server, then perform some additional configuration.

7 Active Directory (LDAP) Login Module Configuration You will need to know: + The IP Address of the machine hosting your Active Directory services + Whether SSL (secure-mode) is enabled for these services + The User Search Base path EX: DC=jbi-dev,DC=rl,DC=af,DC=mil + The User Domain + The attributes where certain information is stored including: a) Common Name (i.e. Last, First, MI) b) Address c) Telephone Number d) Assigned Unit Identifier (i.e. AFRL)

8 The Active Directory (LDAP) login-module is what controls the authentication process for the RSDB. This needs to be configured to point to your local Active Directory server to integrate existing user accounts with the RSDB system. The login-module is found under the following path: [INSTALLATION-PATH-HERE]\jboss GA\server\default\conf\login-config.xml This file is written in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) To modify the settings for the RSDB Active Directory integration, find the entry shown below: ldap:// :389 false commonName telephoneNumber department

9 ldap:// :389 false commonName telephoneNumber department If SSL (secure-mode) is enabled for your Active Directory services: 1.) change the port to 636 ldap://[YOUR-SERVER-IP-HERE]:636 2.) change sslEnabled to true true 1.) Start by changing the url to the IP Address of your local Active Directory server ldap://[YOUR-SERVER-IP-HERE]:389 2.) Next change the userSearchBase to the one for your specific Active Directory tree [YOUR-SEARCH-BASE-HERE] 3.) Next change the userDomain to reflect your user domain 4.) Finally change the commonNameAttr, Attr, phoneAttr, & unitAttr to their respective counterparts within your Active Directory tree, if necessary (some may be the same) [COMMON-NAME-ATTR-ID-HERE] [ -ATTR-ID-HERE] [PHONE-#-ATTR-ID-HERE] [UNIT-ID-ATTR-ID-HERE]

10 Starting the RSDB

11 To start the RSDB server, double click the Run_Apollo_Server.bat file

12 This will result in 2 windows opening. 1 is the database 1 is the application server Look for the messages circled here to tell you that both have started successfully.

13 Integration This section explains how to set the necessary properties for successful integration between the AFRL RSDB and your local MS Exchange server. You will need: + The IP Address of your Exchange server + Your exchange server MUST be set to allow SMTP receive of messages

14 Open your web browser and go to: https://[IP-ADDRESS-OF-SERVER-HERE]:8443/web-console When asked to proceed, select Yes

15 When prompted enter the Administrator user name and password and click OK. The default password for this account is moniker

16 If asked, accept any certificates and allow anything from the JBI Crew to be run (as shown below) The web console you are loading is a Java applet and needs your permission to execute, that is why you are being prompted. The IP Address of the machine running the RSDB will appear here

17 At the top left there will be a System label, expand this using the tick mark. If the System label does not appear, go to Slide 41 to configure the workflow service manually (will require a restart of the RSDB server). Expand the JMX MBeans label.

18 Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the shown choices and expand the label:

19 Click once on the entry that appears This loads the settings for the selected service in the main browser area.

20 Enter the IP or Common Name address of your Exchange server in the SmtpServerAddress field and click the Apply Changes button.

21 To test the integration, scroll down and find the method named sendTestMessage() Enter a valid address and click Invoke If sendTestMessage() FAILS – Go to Slide 23 for Troubleshooting

22 STOP! Complete the steps detailed on this slide ONLY if the System label Failed to appear in the web browser window as shown in Slide 36 1.) Shutdown JBoss and Berkeley by clicking once on the respective windows and hitting CTRL+C 2.) Wait for the message shown below in both windows, type y and hit Enter 3.) Open the file at this location in a text editor: [INSTALL-PATH-HERE]/jboss GA/bin/cot/workflow-config.xml Workflow-config.xml 4.) Change the value attribute of the SmtpServerAddress node to be the address of your SMTP server 5.) Save and close the file 6.) See slides for instructions on how to start the RSDB server 7.) If using this method because the System label failed to appear in the web browser, the only way to test the integration is to publish a new survey as an Author.

23 Troubleshooting SMTP Connectivity AFRL Server –McAffee Access Protections –Allow Access for Port 25 Exchange Server –McAffee Access Protections –Allow Access for Port 25 –MS Exchange Allow Anonymous Access Enable No Authentication Add the AFRL Server IP to Relay Mail Allow List

24 End Integration

25 Workflow Groups The necessary workflow groups will be created the first time the JBoss server is successfully started. Default Groups –Authors –Ops –Intel –Reviewers –Approvers

26 End RSDB Configuration

Download ppt "RSDB Installation & Configuration. Now run the RSDB installer. Double click the file named [DTTM]_Install_Survey_Server.exe."

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