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Nusantara-21 Conceptual Framework Yayasan Litbang Telekomunikasi Informatika ( YLTI) FAX +62 21 381-0900

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2 Nusantara-21 Conceptual Framework Yayasan Litbang Telekomunikasi Informatika ( YLTI) FAX +62 21 381-0900

3 YLTI Outline n Vision n Mission n Nusantara-21 Metaphor n Focused Strategic Approach n N-21 Applications.

4 YLTI Vision Traditional Society Knowledge based Society Nusantara 21 N-21 as a transformation vehicle

5 YLTI Mission n Knowledgeable Indonesian n Science-Technology & Economics Empowerment n Poverty Level Reduction & Increase Wealth n National Competitiveness n Increase Productivity & Added Values n National Stability

6 YLTI Objectives n People’s live Enrichment. n Increase Business Competitiveness. n Support National Stability. n Provide Basic Information. n Improve Education Quality & Effectiveness. n Self-reliance in technology & knowledge. n Improve people’s productivity.

7 YLTI N-21 Metaphor Knowledge Based Tele Education Telecom Infrastructure & Regulation Telecom & Informatics Resources Demand Pull Information Network Data / Info Creation Knowledge Management Quality Assurance Guide by the law Tele MedicineTele WorkingE-Commerce E-Bank / E-Finance IPTEKnetTourismPostal Services E-Commerce

8 YLTI Major Policy n Empower private sector & people to participate. n Gov’t gives conducive & flexible environment. n Competitive Environment. n Open & universal Access for all.

9 YLTI Major Policy N-21 will not aim for a huge government owned “project”. N-21 aims for an Indonesia long term movement, by the people, for the people & fund by the people. Gov’t gives the required incentives & guidance role.

10 YLTI N-21 Action Plan Pattern Legislative & Government Player Community / Market Competitive Action Plans

11 YLTI Government Service & Supporting Industries Operators Research & education institutions Should be voluntarily Acknowledgement / Copyright is held by each contributor / sponsor Concept Implementation Leadership Financing

12 YLTI Contribute to N21 Concept? n Understand N21 checklist. n Understand N21 conceptual framework. n Write your concept in Electronic File. n Submit the concept to N21 Voluntary Board. n Publish & open the concept for public. n Implement the concept.

13 YLTI Interact with N21? n mailing list. n Subscribe via

14 YLTI N-21 Applications n Live enrichment n Competitiveness n Building basic information

15 YLTI Global Model Knowledge Creation / Generation Knowledge Distribution Data / Info Creator Data Management Quality Assurance Content Provider Information Carrier

16 YLTI Knowledge Development Data / Information Selection Verification QA / QC Systematize Knowledge Cataloging Indexing Classification Data / Information Creation

17 YLTI Model Tourism

18 YLTI Export Import

19 YLTI Supply Chain Management

20 YLTI Model IPTEKnet Knowledge Based Human Resource is the subject & object

21 YLTI Telemedicine Model

22 YLTI Education Model

23 YLTI Education Model

24 YLTI Software Industries

25 YLTI Software Industries Market & Customer Oriented Human Resource is the key

26 YLTI Banking


28 CyberLaw Significant Difference in Platform it is much faster, it is more transparent & auditable

29 YLTI Inves tor Burs a Piala ng LPP Membuka Rekening di Pialang Memberikan Amanat/ Order Konfirmasi tertulis terjadinya transaksi Investor terima saham terima saham/ uang dari LPP Serahka n saham/ uang ke LPP Transaksi terjadi Amanat/ Order dilaksanakan


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