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3 Darrell Rothlisberger

4 Breeds of Pigs  There are many breeds..  Hampshire  Duroc  Yorkshire  Chester  Crossbreed

5 Hampshire

6 Duroc

7 Yorkshire

8 Chester

9 Crossbred – York x Hamp

10 Selection Criteria  Muscle  Frame  Structural Correctness  Capacity  Movement  Style & Balance

11 Parts of the Pig Back Loin Rump Ham Neck Jowl Rib Forearm Hock Flank Shoulder

12 Muscle  This is what you are selling to the consumer  Select a pig that is moderate to heavy muscled  Know the indicators of muscle

13 Indicators of Muscle Groove Dimple Stifle / Ham Wide Based

14 The groove!

15 Frame  Length and Height  Select a pig that is  Long bodied  Tall

16 Structural Correctness  How the pig is put together  A pig should move with ease  Take long strides  Joints should be clean and be at the proper angle

17 Structural Correctness Good Poor Notice angle to joints…

18 Capacity

19 Movement

20 Style and Balance  A hog that has style and balance:  Holds its head up when walking  Smooth in its overall appearance  Be clean made through shoulders, jowl, top line and underline

21 Style and Balance

22 Nutrition  Five basic nutrients for pigs  Water  Protein  Energy  Minerals  Vitamins Do not feed scraps, garbage or other foods to show pigs

23 Water  The most important nutrient  Must be available clean and fresh at all times  Best if it is available through a nipple  Don’t let them step in or lay in their water

24 Protein  Provide material to build tissue  Hair, hooves, skin, muscle, internal organs  When in the growing stages - protein levels need to be higher  When in the finishing stages - protein needs to be lower

25 Protein Levels Weight of PigRecommended Protein level Up to 100 lbs18-24% 100 to 15018-20% 150 to market16-18% These levels may need adjusting depending on your pigs specific needs and requirements

26 Proteins and Amino Acids  Proteins are made up of Amino Acids  Pigs need amino acids to utilize protein  There are 20 different amino acids  Lysine is the most important  Be sure your feed has Amino Acids

27 Metabolizable Energy ME or Fat  Levels need to be between 3% and 6.5%  Growing pigs need more ME  Finishing Pigs need less ME

28 Metabolizable Energy ME or Fat  Important for body maintenance, growth, movement and heat production  Efficient use of Energy depends on levels of protein  Remember… Most commercially prepared show pig feeds feeds will be well balanced with regards to protein and energy levels

29 Minerals  Important for bone growth and other body functions  CalciumPhosphorus  SaltIron  Manganese Zinc  CopperIodine  Selinium

30 Vitamins  Important for performance, growth and body functions  11 Major Vitamins  A, D, E, K, riboflavin, pantothenic acid  choline, B12, biotin, folic acid

31 Facilities and Pen Preparation  Provide protection from extreme weather conditions  Provide good shade and protection from sun as well as wind

32 Facilities and Pen Prep (con’t)  Pen needs to be safe and clean  Make sure there are no sharp objects where the pig can injure themselves

33 Facilities and Pen Prep (con’t)  Two weeks prior to arrival  Disinfect pen, fences and structures with a bleach mixture of 1 part bleach with 4 parts water.  Spray this liberally over all areas

34 Facilities and Pen Prep (con’t)  Keep pen clean of trash and manure at all times.  Pigs will defecate in one part of pen so it is easy to keep clean  Keep pen surface soft...  Good pen bedding can be sand, wood chips or shavings or well tilled soil

35 Facilities and Pen Prep (con’t)

36 Early care of your new pig  Spend time with your pig throughout the project  Get to know them so they will be used to you and know who you are.

37 Feeding Methods  A self feeder is the best way to feed show pigs  It keeps feed clean and dry  It is always ready and plentiful  NOTE: you must check daily to insure proper feed availability

38 Feeding On hot days pigs will not eat well. Spray them down with cool water three times a day. Also keep their pens wet down to keep dust away

39 Exercise  Only exercise when it is cool  Use a cane or driving instrument when exercising

40 Basic Equipment  Feeder  Water barrel w/ nipple  Show bat  Spray bottle or pump sprayer  Brush  Shampoo  Shallow Rubber Feed Pan  Water bucket  Hair Conditioner or light oil  Water hose

41 Health  There are several very important vaccinations your pig should have had before you bought them  Atropic Rhinitis  Ecoli  Dysentary  Pseudo-rabies  Parvovirus  Erysipelas  De-worming

42 Health  Check with your breeder  Ask if your pig has had vaccinations  If purchasing from out of state:  Ask if they are a certified herd  This means that all animals are free of Brucellocis and Pseudo- rabies

43 Is my pig sick?  Pig goes off feed  Quits drinking  Gets scours  Off by themselves and laying down   WHO SHOULD I CALL?…  Local Veterinarian, Breeder, Leader, Ag Teacher, Extension 4-H Agent

44 Papers and Regulations  Be sure to get a proper bill of sale from the seller  Brand inspection papers are not required on Pigs  If purchasing from out of state be sure to follow the requirements mandated by law by the Utah Department of Agriculture. For more information call the state vet at (801) 538.7100 See Darrell for details

45 Rich County Junior Livestock Schools and Skillathon  June 14-17, 2005  Rich County Fairgrounds  Demonstrations  Lectures by experts  Hands on instruction  Showmanship  Fitting  Feeding

46 Rebel Jackpot  June 18, 2005  Rich County Fairgrounds  Swine 8:00 AM  Steers 10:00 AM  Lambs 2:00 PM  Pigs and Lambs $10  Steers $25

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