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1 缺词填空

2 1. While travelling in Russia, Ed Jackson ran short of (缺少)money. So he wrote his brother, asking for $500. “Send the by telegram (电报)to the bank here,” he wrote. After a week Ed began the bank. He his passport to the bank clerk(职员). “Nothing has come for you, Mr. Jackson,” he was told. This went for three weeks, and Mr. Jackson got very He then phoned his brother, asking the money was. The brother said it had been sent three weeks That evening Ed Jackson was arrested(被捕) for failing to his hotel bill. He tried to tell the police what his problem was, but no one would believe him. At last he was to the police station for fifteen days. to money visiting showed on worried where before pay sent

3 2. Once there was a king. He liked to write He thought his stories were good, so he liked to show them to his people. As his people were afraid to criticize(批评) the king’s stories, they all said that his stories were very good. One day, the king showed some of his best stories to a famous writer. He wanted the writer to praise(表扬) those stories. But the writer said his stories were so that he should throw them into the fire. The king got very angry him and sent him to prison(监狱). After time the king had pity on the writer and set him free. When the writer returned from prison, the king ordered him to come to his palace. Again he showed him some of his new stories and asked him what he thought of them. After them, the writer at once turned to the soldier and said, “Take me back to prison, please.” stories bad with some reading

4 3. Last May I stayed in Santo Lusa for a week. That was my trip there. One morning I out to visit a famous museum, but I didn’t know way to go, so I stopped a strange and asked, “ Excuse me, does this street lead(通向) to the Grand Museum?” “Yes,” he answered. “Go along this street and turn left and turn left at the second crossing. You can’t it.” So I two blocks(街区) and turned to my left, but the museum there. Then I asked a second stranger. He said, “Go along this street and turn left at the second crossing.” But I couldn’t find the museum. I asked a third stranger and he said the same thing. This time I found the Grand Museum. Just then walked up and said. “Excuse me, where’s the nearest b ?” I answered , “Go along this street and turn left at the second crossing!” first set which miss walked Wasn’t again someone bank quickly

5 4. Why does the leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy lean ?It leas because of a mistake .It has leaned almost since the day the tower was ______ .In 1174,the people of Pisa ,Italy wanted to build a bell tower .They wanted the tower to be the ______ beautiful bell tower in Italy .The city _____ needed a bell tower because the church did not have ______.As soon as the first floor of the building was finished ,the tower started to lean .Builders tried to make the building ___ __ again as they added more floors ,but the leaning tower got _______ as the tower grew .It took about 180 years to finish the tower .Today ,the leaning tower has eight ______.It is 54.5 meters ______. And it leans almost 4 meters to one _______.The tower is also sinking into the _______. On which it was built.every year ,the tower leans another 1.7 cm. built most also one straight worse floors tall side ground

6 5. Climbing a mountain is hard work .But one step after another finally brings a person to the ________.Along the way,he can stop and look __ __.And the _______ he climbs ,the more wonderful his view is .If he keeps climbing ,he will have a new world before him .He will have a new way of _____ everything .Now learning ______ language is something like climbing a mountain , This new language can give you a new view of life .And it is more than a book at he surface of things .It can open the way into people’s minds and hearts ,into a culture very ___ ___ from the one of your own. This will make you ______in things that money can’t buy. Even though you never set foot on a ship or plane ,you can be an armchair _______ through books . Like the mountain climber who stops now and then to _______ the scenery around him ,everyone who is interested in reading will find _______ in books as he fights on to learn more and more of that new language. top around higher seeing another different richer traveller enjoy fun

7 6. In the past few months two important _e______ have taken place in the world . The war on Iraq ________ thousands of people lose their homes . How people all over the world _______ they could live a peaceful(和平的) life ! Many people died on SARS .It’s _______ duty to make a contribution _____ fighting SARS . We all believe ________ we work with one heart , world peace is _______ one day and science is able to win ________ SARS ,just like the Chinese climbers who overcame(克服) ________ and finally _______ the top of Mount Qomolangma on May 21,2003. events made wish to everyone’s if coming against difficulties reached

8 7. Wang Yani was born in 1975 in GongCheng ,China ._______ a baby ,she loved to draw .She drew lines everywhere .She o_______ drew on the walls ! Her father was an artist . Yani wanted to be like _______. So she tried to stand like her father ________ he painted .This made him laugh .One day ,she _________ lines on his painting .She was only two and a half years ________, but her father got angry .She cried and said ,”I want to paint like you !”________ her father thought about his own children .He also wanted to draw and paint .But his parents _______ understand him .They just got angry .He decided to help his daughter __________ an artist .Wang Yani was famous at a young age ,_________ she still has a normal (常人的)life .So the Wang family lives like everyone else. As often him when drew old then didn’t become but

9 8. A storm dropped heavy rains on central and southern parts of China .The radio says that ________ the Xiangjiang River in Hunan ,Floods caused by terrible __________ in the past weeks killed 25 people and 13 others were missing . The Chinese Government warned some parts in Yunan and the city of Chongqing of possible heavy rains over the ___________ few days .In Changsha ,water levels rose to 38 metres early Monday morning , about 3 metres __________ the danger line .In Guangdong , at ___________ 21 people have been killed , while they were __________ hurt and seven went missing __________ heavy floods hit northern parts by Saturday .The cities of Shaoguang ,Meizhou and Heyuan __________ hardest hit and many people were left homeless .About 620 million yuan has been lost in the floods .Guangdong has sent something ________ to Meizhou ,Heyuan and Shaoguang to help the people who had lost homes build their ________ again . along rains next above least badly when were useful homes

10 9. Most people have flown a kite or have seen one in strong spring wind .Not so many people know that kites were _________ made in China thousands of years ago .The ancient Chinese were making and flying kites even _________ they were writing .A long time ago , the Chinese made kites to use in _______ . They would fly these war kites in the dark .The kites were fixed so that they made strange sounds .Men ________ were at war with them would hear these sounds and run ________ because they ________ those strange sounds were made by gods in the sky .The ancient Chinese also flew to bring good luck and to make ________ grow rich and tall .Sometimes they tied long strings and books to their kites .Then they would fly the kites over water ,letting the books down to ______ fish . The Chinese use sticks ,strings and _________ to make their kites .Some of these kites look like ________ or trees , and others look like birds or houses. first before wars who away thought crops catch paper animals

11 10. When Martin was a small boy ,he lived in a little town of Holtham . Then ,he thought the town was a big ________ . Well , Martin went back to Holtham last week .”It’s a small town !”he thought .Holtham has changed little during the ________ forty years .________ Martin has changed a lot .He has _______ into a man .He is now in ______ life .His thoughts are a man’s thoughts ,and he sees things through a _______ eyes . Martin _________ in Holtham for five hours .He walked from street _________ street .He could see no friends . Was Holtham ,then ,a town of strangers ? No ,Martin suddenly _______ it all .Only he __________ was a stranger in the town. place past but grown middle man’s stayed to himself understood

12 11. All fruits have a bright colour when they are ripe(成熟), but they grow on green o ___ dark brown trees. Why? Perhaps you do not know the reason. Here is the a : The tree wants birds and animals to see its fruit c The fruit has seeds(种子) i There will be no y trees if the seed is not carried away and put into the ground somewhere else. Birds and animals eat the flesh(果肉) of the fruit w they see its bright colour and they drop the seeds here and there. For example, the orange tree grows the s flesh of its fruit and gives it a bright colour so that some animals m eat it and carry away the seeds. or answer clearly inside young where sweet may

13 12. We can find many wonderful things around us. For example, some kinds of whale with n ___ teeth is so huge in size, but they live on very small things. Indeed it is i _____ for this kind of whale to eat a big fish. Instead of teeth, its mouth h a kind net made of whalebone(鲸须). The water of the sea where the whale lives is full of very small things, both animals and vegetables. They are so small that men can hardly see t As the whale m along, it fills its mouth with seawater, which passes t the net of whalebone, leaving the small living things behind. Of course, a whale eats huge amounts of this food. But s it is very wonderful that this kind of large whale should be able to live on s small things and should be unable to eat larger things. no impossible has them moves through still such


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