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Genesis Health Care Lean Six Sigma Project

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1 Genesis Health Care Lean Six Sigma Project
Jane Cipriano, MHA Regional Director of Sales & Marketing 27 July 2012

2 Overview Timeframe: March 2011 – July 2011
Goal: Reduce rehospitalizations at the centers through the use of Lean and Six Sigma tools 3 NH Centers: 2 in Concord, 1 in Bedford Engagement and participation of local hospitals

3 Genesis Health Care Readmission Strategies
Richard Raskin, MD, FACP VPMA, Northeast Area 27 July 2012

4 Internal Processes Dedicated physician/midlevel staff
100% review of all unplanned transfers (Interact-refined tool within EMR) Monthly reporting and tracking Integration of unplanned transfer management with QI process Staff education and training Innovation: Care Transitions, Advance Care Planning

5 Center Expectations Effective use of SBAR
Effective use of Early Warning Tool Real time review of unplanned transfers ER contact prior to center transfer Center capabilities sheet with transfer Monthly QI review of UT experience

6 External Processes Physician/midlevel staffing Collaborative partners:
* Hospitals * Physician Groups * Home health/hospice * Managed care organizations * Community

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