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Comparison of SIP Proxy and Redirect Servers

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1 Comparison of SIP Proxy and Redirect Servers
Presented By: Greg Osterhout Sr. Mgr, SIP Services Development and Evolution

2 SIP Reference Architecture
EtherSets User Proxy SIP Soft Client Terminal Endpoints SIP User Agent for user devices SIP User Proxy SIP USB Phone Network/User Proxy Registration of SIP endpoints Provides endpoint mobility User specific services Domain resolution SIP Network Nodes SIP SIP SIP Mobil Oil Network User Proxy PSTN SS7/PRI PSTN Gateway SIP User Agent for PSTN Trks SIP services for PSTN terminations

3 Proxy Capability Driven By Network
SIP User Proxy Primarily exist in customer IP networks Provides endpoint mobility services via SIP registration methods Provides wide range of user specific services simple canned service full user controlled services via CGI or CPL scripts or servlets Network User Proxy Provides Domain mapping for network endpoints Could provide SIP services to customers that can’t feasibly manage their own user proxy Proxy Capability Driven By Network

4 Sip Proxy Mode
1. INVITE SIP/2.0 From: 2. INVITE SIP/2.0 From: 3. SIP/ ok From: Proxy server Location Server jeff.pulver 4. SIP/ OK From: 5. ACK SIP/2.0 From: 6. ACK SIP/2.0 From:

5 Proxies Provide SIP User Management
SIP Proxy Servers “Network Servers” that Proxy requests to other server User Proxies manage sets of SIP users Provides dynamic association of SIP endpoints Proxy capabilities: outgoing calls address lookup policy management firewalls call path hiding Proxy servers can be stateful or stateless Proxies Provide SIP User Management

6 Stateful Proxy Servers
Maintains call context Replicates User Agent Server/User Agent Client to process requests/responses Call state and transaction state can be maintained Forking proxies require state TCP proxies must be stateful for reliability Enhanced services require state for execution Can populate billing information Services Dictate Statefulness of Proxy

7 Stateless Proxy Servers
No call context Response is not based on User Agent replication Provides client anonymity Restricted gateway access High processing capacity Allows for easier replication than stateful proxy Can have semi-stateful proxy for ultimate benefits Stateless Proxies Geared for Capacity

8 Sip Redirect Mode
Redirect Server Location Server Jeff.pulver 1. INVITE From: 4. INVITE From: 2. SIP/ Moved temporarily Contact: 5. SIP/ OK To: 6. ACK From: 3. ACK From:

9 Service Dependence on Client
SIP Redirect Servers Accept SIP requests, map the address into new addresses, and return these addresses to the client Do not initiate requests Do not accept calls Lower state overhead required than proxy servers High processing capacity due to fewer messages to process Services are client device dependent Service Dependence on Client

10 Hybrid Proxy Is Best Alternative
Proxy Server Redirect Server Can be stateful or stateless High capacity Flexible, network service implemenations Minimal state overhead Service execution pushed to client Reliability achieved through replication Scalability achieved through partitioning Overload potential if not properly scaled Hybrid (semi-stateful) model provides maximum benefits Hybrid Proxy Is Best Alternative

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