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2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary Benefits for Recruitment Firms Benefits for Companies Benefits for Candidates Key Differentiators Product & Service Menu What does it cost to use Resume Register The Resume Register Rationale The Resume Register Advantage About the Founders Sectoral Specialization The Alumni Network Contact Information RESUME REGISTER

3 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY RESUME REGISTER (RR) is Indias largest database of Senior & Middle management Candidates It eliminates the need for Senior and Middle management candidates to send resumes to recruiters or potential employers A Recruiter or Employer can check a candidate profile and resume on Resume Register without wasting precious time contacting them and waiting to see their profile The RR database has profiles and resumes of candidates that normally require a Search or Head Hunting to be carried out. In that category, recruiters can cut 90% of the price they pay recruiters by using the Resume Register database Recruitment firms can increase their efficiency and margins for their high end search business by using Resume Register as their candidate database The database has grown by a CAGR of 126% for the past 2 years and currently has over 50,000 resumes RESUME REGISTER

4 BENEFITS FOR RECRUITMENT FIRMS For Recruitment firms, the RR database cuts the downtime drastically as Senior & Middle management resumes are a click away and for a nominal cost, you can earn anywhere from 12.5% to 25% in a Search or headhunting fees Recruitment firms spend most of their time trying to contact senior and middle management candidates and then waiting for their resumes to arrive. Even after that effort, most get turned down by their client. Candidates and Resumes are not just a click away. Identify the candidates, review their resumes and send a shortlist to the client. What used to take days is not just a few minutes work RESUME REGISTER

5 BENEFITS FOR COMPANIES HIRING SENIOR & MIDDLE MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALS Companies can save anywhere from 1 month-2 months salary they pay to a recruitment firm for identifying senior and middle management candidates by using the Resume Register database For firms that are scaling up or building their India business and hiring significant number of senior and middle management, the savings could run into crores of rupees The choice of candidates is exponentially higher than what a recruitment firm could present Identify the candidates that fit before you even contact them. Recruitment firms send a couple of resumes. Most dont even fit your needs. The process takes days, weeks and even months. Cut the downtime to a few minutes! Search the resume, zero in on the candidates who fit and contact them For companies recruiting Senior and Middle management it removes over 95% redundancy of going through 100s of resumes to find the right candidates RESUME REGISTER

6 BENEFITS FOR CANDIDATES Confidentiality – Sending Resumes via to recruiters and companies even when it is a part of a search is fraught with risks. Resumes may end up being circulated or news of your job search may get back to your current employer With Resume Register, post the Resume and you dont have to mail the resume again. The Recruiter or company where you wish to work or who has contacted you for a job can access it directly through Resume Register. No floating resumes, no trail of you looking for a job. Its that simple! You can update your profile, your resume anytime you want You can join a number of extremely valuable job networking groups like The Campus Alumni Network – or The Resume Register HR & Recruiter Network absolutely free and have your presence noticed in a competitive job market RESUME REGISTER

7 KEY DIFFERENTIATORS Using Resume Register, candidates dont have to send their resumes for a job. They can tell the recruiter or a potential employer that their Resume is on Resume Register and the recruiter or potential employer can access their resume Pan India Reach – Resume Register reaches businesses and companies in 1400 Indian towns and cities. This provides candidates the widest choice of jobs and locations they can work Using Resume Register is Free! There is no charge for accessing resumes or for posting Resumes Senior and Middle management recruiting and jobs are heavily dependent on networks like alumni, HR or recruitment networks. Candidates can build their own network to enhance their career and job prospects RESUME REGISTER

8 PRODUCT & SERVICE MENU RR Resume Database – Access to the entire universe of candidates in the database Sectoral RR Database – IT companies dont need access to Pharmaceutical candidates or Consumer companies dont need Industrial candidates. RR databases are modular and recruiters and companies can take one part of the RR database at significantly lower costs RR Resume Access – All a candidate needs to do is to have his resume on Resume Register and tell a Recruiter or potential employer to check his resume on Resume Register. No s to send, no floating resumes! RESUME REGISTER

9 WHAT DOES IT COST TO USE RESUME REGISTER? Its Free! Our Compliments! Recruiters can access an Unlimited amount of Resumes for 6 Month! If you like what you see, all it costs is Rs 10,000/- a Year to continue this unmatched access to Senior & Middle management candidates That cuts Recruiters costs significantly and frees them from subscribing to expensive databases with high degree of irrelevance and time spent to find the right candidate RESUME REGISTER

10 THE RESUME REGISTER RATIONALE Companies and Recruiters have access to a pool of candidates who are looking for a job/position They rarely have ready access to candidates who are not looking for a job/position/change BUT FIT THE JOB That leaves companies and recruiters without a complete pool of candidates to search from Resume Register provides a complete pool of Senior and Middle management candidates (irrespective of whether they are actively looking to change jobs) This enables companies/recruiters to identify the best candidates from a complete pool and pursue those who fit rather than those who are available RESUME REGISTER

11 THE RESUME REGISTER ADVANTAGE Resume Register eliminates the need to send a Resume. All you have to do is to let a potential recruiter or company know that you are on RR and they can check your profiles, resume and references The Resume Register database has been designed to enhance the user experience. It is designed with specific attention on how candidates and recruiters interact at the Senior and Middle Management level Designed by authorities on Asian senior and middle management search, Ashu Dutt and Aneesha Dutt, Resume Register is not just a database of candidates but is a recruitment experience Sectoral Databases – Resume Registers search features incorporate the general nature of some recruitments across sectors (HR, Finance etc) and the specific nature of Sectoral recruitments which cuts search downtime by over 50% RESUME REGISTER

12 Gvmk,bj. ABOUT THE FOUNDERS - ASHU DUTT The Executive Exchange was founded by 2 of Asias foremost authorities on Executive Search, Aneesha Dutt and Ashu Dutt. Aneesha has been the Managing Partner for Asia for Search Partners, one of Asias best known search firms. Ashu Dutt has been a Partner with one of the top 3 global search firms, Heidrick & Struggles Ashu is one of the most respected and popular faces in Indias financial markets. He has been the Chief Consulting Editor or Bloomberg TV, Editor at CNBC TV 18, Business Consultant at NDTV and Star News. He has anchored some of Indias marquee financial markets programs for almost a decade Ashu has been the MD-South Asia for Invest Bank, Northbridge Capital, MD- Asia for Family Office and Investment Manager, Dutt Capital Advisor and MD- South Asia for Institutional Real Estate advisor, Celadon RE Ashu is a best selling author of 10 books on Investing, Trading, stocks, commodities and futures. He is currently working on books on M&A, Real Estate Finance, Wealth Management, Equity Research and Private Equity among others RESUME REGISTER

13 Gvmk,bj. ABOUT THE FOUNDERS Ashu has also been a Master Trainer and a Conference speaker across Asia speaking at Investment Banking/Private Equity/Real Estate Structured conferences like Barclays, UBS and Citibank. He has also been invited as a Master Trainer by Investment Banking Associations like the Malaysian Investment Banking Association. Among the areas he is considered an authority include M&As, Wealth Management, Private Equity and Real Estate Structured Finance Before returning to India in 1996, Ashu was Manager-International Taxes and Special Projects at Continental Grain Company, the worlds fourth largest private company and the second largest commodities and commodities options trader (and a member at the Chicago Board of Trade) headquartered in New York. He has also worked as a Tax Policy Analyst with the Office of Tax Policy, New York City Department of Finance in New York Ashu is a Certified Public Accountant certified in the State of Maryland, USA. He holds an M.B.A from Bernard M. Baruch College, City University of New York, New York. He also holds a B.B.A.(Summa Cum Laude) in Finance & Investments from Bernard M. Baruch College, City University of New York RESUME REGISTER Indias Largest Senior & Middle Management Resume Database

14 Gvmk,bj. ABOUT THE FOUNDERS - ANEESHA DUTT Aneesha Dutt has been the MD-Asia for Search Partners, one of the best known Executive Search firms in Asia. She has done several marquee searches in Financial Services, Life Sciences etc. Aneesha has handled ramp ups of large teams for companies entering India and other Asian markets Aneesha has held several leadership positions across Asia including being the Head – Asia for Institutional Investors at Northbridge Capital. She has also held senior management positions at apparel major Trends Thailand Aneesha holds a BBA in Finance and International Business from Richmond College, London RESUME REGISTER


16 LIFE SCIENCES & HEALTHCARE RESUME DATABASES Given the complexity of this sector, we have dedicated sectoral, functional and research specialists to slot resumes in the correct categories. Resume Registers leadership position in Life Sciences and Healthcare databases is backed by the following: Database – Resume Register has the biggest database of pharmaceutical senior and middle management Mapping Leadership – We carry out proprietary mapping of candidates across therapeutic categories, APIs, research areas Our understanding of the Pharmaceutical sector and its activities in the regulated and unregulated markets RESUME REGISTER

17 LIFE SCIENCES & HEALTHCARE RESUME DATABASES The Life Sciences & Healthcare Resume Database contains Senior & Middle Management candidates with background like: Pharmaceuticals – API & Formulations Hospitals & Healthcare Systems Contract Manufacturing and Contract Research Biotechnology Devices, Diagnostics & Distribution Research & Development including Drug Discovery, Formulations & API Research Healthcare Venture Capital & Private Equity RESUME REGISTER

18 FINANCIAL SERVICES RESUME DATABASES Listed below are some of the significant areas which are covered by our Senior & Middle Management resume database: Banks Insurance Investment Management Investment Banking Private Equity & VCs Corporate Finance Financial Services Outsourcing RESUME REGISTER

19 FINANCIAL SERVICES RESUME DATABASES Specialized Expertise – We have developed key competencies and leadership in 5 critical areas within the Financial Services Practice – a) Finance & Investments b) Accounting & Corporate Finance c) IT in Finance d) Functional Specializations in Finance e) Outsourcing in Financial Services Database Quality – Our database stands out for its sheer depth of candidates by specialization RESUME REGISTER

20 TECHNOLOGY/IT/TELECOM RESUME DATABASES We run a technical screening of resumes before they get put in our database. Our Technology Resume Database covers the following technology areas: IT Services Software Products – including subspecializations like PLM, Banking Products etc IT Company Domain Practices Healthcare/BFSI/Consumer/ Industrial IT Enabled Services/BPO Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer Communications/Telecommunications Professional Services - General Management Consulting, IT Services & Software Senior Management Support functions in Technology companies RESUME REGISTER

21 INDUSTRIAL/MANUFACTURING/EPC RESUME DATBASES We have spliced the resumes database into generic functions like VP- Sales etc and specialized functions. A company finds it difficult to get a senior functional specialist when it needs one and a senior functional specialist finds it difficult to find a position when he needs one. We have an active database of such senior candidates to cut down the downtime. Industrial Resume database covers the following areas: Manufacturing Chemicals & Natural Resources Automotive Energy & Utilities Supply Chain & Transportation Real Estate & Construction- General building cos & contractors Heavy&Industrial building cos, construction equipment manufacturer RESUME REGISTER

22 CONSUMER/RETAIL RESUME DATABASES We have extensive resume database in areas like Retail, Supply Chain etc. Some of the areas include: Retail Consumer Products Hospitality, Leisure & Sports Leadership Advertising/Communication Fashion, Cosmetics & Luxury Goods Media & Entertainment RESUME REGISTER

23 SERVICE INDUSTRY RESUME DATABASES Resumes under this category include: Commercial services - including staffing agencies, call centers, process outsourcing, facilities services, transaction processing, business document management Consumer services - including hotel and lodging services, food services, airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, travel services, car rental, entertainment delivery Supply chain management - including distribution, freight forwarding, shipping, railways, trucking, parcel couriers, logistic services outsourcing Accounting, Legal, Advertising and other support services RESUME REGISTER

24 THE CAMPUS ALUMNI NETWORK The most valuable network for Job & Career Enhancement RESUME REGISTER & THE CAMPUS ALUMNI NETWORK

25 The Campus Alumni Network is Indias largest Alumni Network connecting alumni, graduates and students of over 16,000 colleges We connect a potential audience of over 50 million alumni, graduates and students creating the worlds largest job networking network Networks are proven and established sources of finding the best jobs With over 20,000 colleges, networking with your alumni is not just a valuable career tool but a critical one JOIN THE ALUMNI NETWORK AT CAMPUS ALUMNI NETWORK Critical Link between College and Career

26 Gvmk,bj. THE CAN NETWORK ADVANTAGE With over 20,000 colleges and 3 million students graduating out of college, you will need an edge to find a job of your choice. Your college alumni is your link to jobs and careers. Search the Campus Alumni Network and find alumni from your college in companies and professions you want to work in The Campus Alumni Network has over 15,000 colleges and over 200,000 students. Over 3,000-5,000 students join this network every month JOIN THE ALUMNI NETWORK AT CAMPUS ALUMNI NETWORK Critical link between College and Career

27 CONTACT INFORMATION Aneesha Dutt Country Head - India RESUME REGISTER India Office R-501, Remi Bizcourt Shah Industrial Estate Andheri(West), Mumbai , India Website: RESUME REGISTER


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