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Welcome to CMPE003 Personal Computers: Hardware and Software Dr. Chane Fullmer Fall 2002 UC Santa Cruz.

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2 Welcome to CMPE003 Personal Computers: Hardware and Software Dr. Chane Fullmer Fall 2002 UC Santa Cruz

3 September 20, 2002 2 First Assignment Details on the class web page: Due Friday September 27, 2002 Must be received by 11:59 PM (PDT)

4 September 20, 2002 3 1 st Homework Due September 27, 2002 NOTE: This homework must be completed successfully to continue in this class If this homework is not received by the due date, you will be dropped from the class No adds will be allowed after this due date (assuming there is any room) Don’t turn in before 6AM Monday, September 23 – we may lose it !

5 Computers: Tools for an Information Age Chapter 1 Part a The Big Picture

6 September 20, 2002 5 Chapter Objectives Describe the three fundamental characteristics of computers Speed, reliability & storage Describe at least four areas of society in which computers are used Identify the basic components of a computer system: input, processing, output, and storage (IPOS) List some common input, output, and storage media Distinguish raw data from information Describe the significance of computer networks Explain the significance of the Internet Explain the various classifications of computers

7 September 20, 2002 6 Evolving more rapidly than Industrial Age Will continue into the current century Information Age

8 September 20, 2002 7 Cornerstones of our Economy Land Labor Capital Information Forging a Computer-Based Society:

9 September 20, 2002 8 Jobs From physical to mental From muscle-power to brain-power Forging a Computer-Based Society:

10 September 20, 2002 9 A Computer in Your Future Where used? Bank withdrawal Supermarket Driving the car Do I need a Personal Computer? Half of Americans have one at home Many more use one at work Will I use a computer in my future career? Almost every job will involve use of a computer

11 September 20, 2002 10 Computer Literacy Awareness Importance Versatility Pervasiveness in our society Knowledge What are computers How do computers work Terminology Interaction Use some simple computer applications

12 September 20, 2002 11 The Nature of Computers Characteristics Speed Reliability Storage capability Results Productivity Decision making Cost reduction

13 September 20, 2002 12 Where Computers Are Used: Graphics Graphs and charts Animated graphics Visual walk-through

14 September 20, 2002 13 Where Computers Are Used: Education Teaching and testing aid Learning by doing Computer-based instruction

15 September 20, 2002 14 Where Computers Are Used: Retailing Bar codes for pricing and inventory Tracking orders and shipments Product customization for local markets

16 September 20, 2002 15 Where Computers Are Used: Energy Locate oil, coal, natural gas, and uranium Monitor (manipulate?) the power network Meter reading

17 September 20, 2002 16 Where Computers Are Used: Law Enforcement National fingerprint files National files on criminals Citizen Profiling Computer modeling of DNA

18 September 20, 2002 17 Where Computers Are Used: Transportation Automobile sensor systems Operate rapid transit systems Load container ships Track railroad cars Monitor air traffic Tracking shipments UPS/FedEx drivers are connected

19 September 20, 2002 18 Where Computers Are Used: Money Record keeping Banking by phone Credit cards

20 September 20, 2002 19 Where Computers Are Used: Agriculture Billing Crop information Weather, etc. Feed combinations Livestock breeding and performance

21 September 20, 2002 20 Where Computers Are Used: Government Forecast weather Manage National Parks Process immigrants Social Security benefits Taxes – The IRS Process census data

22 September 20, 2002 21 Where Computers Are Used: The Home Educational tool Record keeping Letter writing Budgeting Drawing and editing pictures Newsletters Connecting with others

23 September 20, 2002 22 Where Computers Are Used: Health and Medicine Monitor patients Electronic imaging Diagnose illnesses

24 September 20, 2002 23 Where Computers Are Used: Robotics Perform jobs that are dangerous for humans Factory work Bomb squad

25 September 20, 2002 24 Where Computers Are Used: The Human Connection Assist the disabled Assist athletes by monitoring their movements

26 September 20, 2002 25 Where Computers Are Used: The Sciences Research Simulation Connectivity Communication Telecommuting

27 September 20, 2002 26 Where Computers Are Used: Training Airline pilots Railroad engineers Paperwork Junk mail Documents Record keeping

28 September 20, 2002 27 Computers are all around! Grocery store School Library Bank Mail We interact with computers everyday! We interact with computers everyday!

29 September 20, 2002 28 Become Computer Literate Be aware of the computers around you Learn about how they work Interact with them, use them

30 September 20, 2002 29 Have a good weekend!

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