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ICargo Booking, Modifying and Tracking a Reservation.

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1 iCargo Booking, Modifying and Tracking a Reservation

2 Objective At the end of this tutorial you will be able to:  Create a reservation  Generate a Confirmation Number  Modify an existing reservation  Track the status of a reservation

3 Log in to iCargo Enter User Id Enter Password Select Login 1 2 3 Upon accessing the iCargo Portal, you will need to log in. 1 2 3

4 Booking / Reservation Select Booking / Reservation Select Create / Modify to begin a new reservation 1 2 From the booking screen, do the following: 1 2

5 Booking / Reservation The booking screen will be broken down in 2 parts. Creating a Booking Cargo information 1 2 1 2

6 Create Booking Enter Origin and Destination Enter Product (HUMREM, PERFRT, GENFRT, EXPFRT) Enter Charge Code (Prepaid PX or Collect CX) Enter Drop-off Date and Time (Pick-up Date and Time is not necessary 1 2 3 4 In the Booking / Reservation screen do the following: 123 4

7 Cargo Information - Dimensions Click on the Dimensions Icon 1 To enter the cargo dimensions do the following: 1

8 Cargo Information - Dimensions Enter Length Enter Width Enter Height Enter Number of Pieces Enter Weight in Pounds Select OK 1 2 3 4 5 6 The dimensions are mandatory and all fields must be filled in. 1 2 3 4 5 6

9 Cargo Information - Dimensions If each piece of cargo being shipped has different dimensions- select “Add Row” to enter the particular dimensions. 1 1

10 Cargo Information Enter Commodity 1 After the dimensions are added enter the following information: 1 Enter Shipment Description 2 2 Select Continue 3 3 The volume will auto-calculate after dimensions are added.

11 Flight Availability General Product will be available for pick-up within 48 hours. Express Product- select available flight. 1 2 After entering all the cargo details you will be prompted to select a flight. 1 2 3 Select Calculate price to view the cost of the shipment- this will display in the Price field. 3 Select Continue. 4 4

12 Shipper / Consignee Details Select Preview 1 Enter Shipper and Consignee Information. 1

13 Shipper / Consignee Details Review information for accuracy. Select Continue 1 1

14 Booking Reservation Declare value for carriage. For international- Declare value for customs. Select Book to complete the reservation. 1 2 3 Ensure information is correct and enter the following before booking: 1 2 3

15 Booking Reservation Print your reservation with the Confirmation Number and bring a copy with the shipment to the warehouse. At the top of the booking screen you will see: Confirmation Number Booking Status 1 2 1 2

16 Modify a Booking After you have generated a confirmation number, you still have the ability to make changes to the booking. The next series of slides will demonstrate how to modify your booking.

17 Modify a Booking Log in to the iCargo Portal Select Booking / Reservation Select Create / Modify Enter Confirmation Number Select Display 1 2 3 4 5 45

18 Modify a Booking Make necessary changes in the Create Booking screen to modify the booking.

19 Modify a Booking Once you are satisfied with the changes you made- continue until you see the Booking updated pop-up. Select Yes to print out the Confirmation Number (the Confirmation Number will remain the same as the original).

20 Track a Booking After the shipment is accepted at the warehouse- you will be given an Air Way Bill (AWB) number. You will be able to track your shipment in the iCargo Portal by entering the AWB.

21 Track a Booking Enter the Air Way Bill number Select Track 1 2 1 2 You do not need to log in if you have your AWB.

22 Track a Booking View the Status of shipment 1 1 Click on AWB Number to view history of the shipment 2 2

23 Track a Booking Clicking on an underlined AWB Number will display the history of the shipment- this will enable you to track your shipment and know exactly what flight it is on.

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