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Keyword Research Marketing Inbound Warm Leads Real Estate Outbound.

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1 Keyword Research Marketing Inbound Warm Leads Real Estate Outbound

2 What Is Keyword Research? Keyword research is the practice of identifying what your most likely prospects are typing into the most popular search engines…. In other words – Targeting your marketing

3 Why Should You Care? The more consumers use the web as a research and buy tool, the more their habits evolve… -90% of home buyers use the web -More rely on web for recommendations (Friends, family, sphere of influence) -Researching you online -People are tired of blatant sales pitching Change Your approach Your pitch Your offer Your results

4 Advertising Over-Load Consumers are tired of sales pitches everywhere they look. This is evidenced by the fact that statistics show that it now requires 5 - 11 follow-ups to connect with prospects – compared with 2 – 5 in 1995. Interruption marketing is on the decline. The average consumer Is now exposed to an estimated 3,000 sales messages each day.

5 Which Do You Prefer? Given a choice, would you rather spend your time prospecting with cold calls and door knocking, or speaking with prospects who have sought you out? Marketing dollars are better spent marketing to those who already have an interest, and have made an effort to seek out your services…

6 Identifying Prospects = Opportunity Keywords, or key-phrases, or keyword phrases This term is a reference to the string of words a web-user types into a search engine such as Google. View this as a look inside the prospects mind for those few seconds. Huge opportunity!

7 Lets Begin… Web Address: Web Address: This will be performed live, so please have your note taking material ready…

8 Lets Review What makes a good keyword: 1.Volume 2.Reasonable competition 3.Relevancy 4.Proof of value (Are advertisers willing to pay PPC)

9 Additional Tools Google Wonder Wheel Use this if youre having trouble coming up with unique key-words Spyfu Use this if you like spying on the competition

10 One More Recap… Brain-storm Google Keyword Tool Search for volume Search for relevancy Research competition View main websites as competition (Top 3 – 5 websites) Check for PPC ads

11 Targeted Marketing Is The Answer! End Of Session #1

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