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Challenging Behaviour: Re-evaluating ‘theory to practice’

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1 Challenging Behaviour: Re-evaluating ‘theory to practice’
Avon & Wiltshire Positive Behaviour Support Network

2 Theory? Applied behavioural analysis Attribution Attachment
Cognitive behavioural approaches Systemic Neurological The list goes on……………

3 Background Values Person-centred approaches
Applied behavioural analysis Multiple theoretical models

4 The PBS Process Values

5 The behavioural cycle

6 Risk Factors

7 Components of assessment

8 Competing Behaviour Pathways (Adapted from Lucyshyn, Dunlap & Albin, 2002)
Desired Behaviour Maintaining Consequence(s) Setting Event(s) Antecedent Trigger(s) Problem Behaviour Maintaining Consequence(s) Alternative Replacement Behaviour

9 Multi-component behavioural support
Setting event strategies Preventative Teaching strategies Consequence strategies Emergency procedures

10 Multi-component behavioural support
Behavioural level Intervention level Components of support Baseline Primary prevention Setting events Preventative Teaching Escalation Secondary prevention Crisis Reactive Emergency Recovery Secondary & post-incident Consequence

11 Activity & Discussion Assessment Component NA PA CA IP
Description of behaviour Personal history Identification of triggers Functional assessment Communication Sensory & perceptual Physical & mental health Cognitive Structure, routine & predictability Relationships

12 Questions Quality of assessment?
Are PBS plans developed from good quality assessment or ‘opinion’ & ‘assumptions’? Is primary prevention prioritised? Is there an over-emphasis on antecedent management? Degree of focus on teaching strategies? Consideration given to consequences?

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