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Inquiry, the Scientific Method and Nature Investigations.

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1 Inquiry, the Scientific Method and Nature Investigations

2 What is inquiry? Questions – Investigations Evidence – Data Explanations – Claims – Conclusions Content connections – To CA, math, SS, art, tech Communication

3 Fact or Fiction? T or F Hands on activities are inquiry. T or F Students will determine the content of my lessons. T or F The entire science curriculum can be taught with inquiry. T or F It will take more time for students to learn with inquiry. T or F My classroom will be chaos with inquiry.

4 Inquiry Continuum

5 Tips for Full Inquiry Provided a shared experience central to the topic Generate questions to investigate Train students on how to use and care for equipment Create a plan that students compose and understand Use only as much time and resources as you are willing to give Keep questions focused on your topic Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you

6 What is “the scientific method”? Steps Experiment Control Independent and dependent variable Manipulated variable Hypothesis Is this inquiry? Is “the scientific method” the only way scientists work?

7 Nature-based Inquiry (Investigations) Starts with observations/ gathering baseline data. (Descriptive) Observations can lead to collecting data under different conditions. (Comparative) Finally, measurements can lead to searching for relationships. (Correlative) Science process skills – Observation – Prediction – Classification – Measurement – Inference – Communication

8 Types of Questions Descriptive—What insects can be found in the forest? Comparative—Which habitat, prairie or forest, supports more insects? Correlative—How does temperature affect the number of insects you see? Book, internet, etc Research—What is the name of that insect? Why-Why do insects have 6 legs? Essential—How do insects impact the forest?

9 Worthwhile ??


11 Experimental Design Controls? – Nature experiments are hard to control – Many are observational studies (investigations) Takes time, patience, out in all weather, but the rewards…… Permutations – Which color do hummingbirds prefer? Treatments, no treatment is control – Which forest practice favors tree frogs?


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