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These celebrities majored in Business or Computer Science.

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1 These celebrities majored in Business or Computer Science

2 Business Teachers Will Take You to New Heights! Mr. Albert Ms. Bryant Mrs. Peacock Ms. Salerno Mr. Powell Mrs. Orzechowski Mrs. Carfolite

3 Freshmen level required course: Keyboarding with Introduction to Business Touch-type system Business Documents Global Business Environment Business Ownership & Management Marketing Computerized Business Simulation Required for All Academies

4 Keyboarding with Intro to Business Classes

5 Play Computerized Business Game in Keyboarding

6 Academy Classes Offered Business and Finance Academy Classes Offered EntrepreneurshipMarketing Software Applications Investing International Business Seminar I and II Internship

7 Advantages of joining the Business & Finance Academy After successful completion: –Automatic Acceptance to Drexel and Rutgers- Camden During the program: –Enrollees have a competitive edge academically –Summer Seminar and Internships –Interaction with College Professors –Special Events –Meetings with Business Professionals

8 Business and Finance Academy Computer Science Academy Both Academies Sponsored By: The Business Department

9 10. Develop Life Skills 9. Expand Educational Options for College Admissions Admissions 8. Broaden Technology Skills 7. Six out of the Top 10 Degrees in Demand are in Business 6. Every Career Needs Business & Computer Skills

10 5. Classes are FUN! 4. Teachers with REAL Business Experience ROCK! 3. Not Much Homework! 2. Earn Money Now And the #1 Reason YOU should join the Computer Science or Business & Finance Academy Business & Finance Academy is so you will hear…

11 You’re Hired!

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