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Kelly Hecht, Emmett Corboy, Maria Tagle. IMC Objectives & Strategies 18 Positioning & Campaign Theme 19 Creative Recommendations 20 Objectives for Advertising.

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1 Kelly Hecht, Emmett Corboy, Maria Tagle

2 IMC Objectives & Strategies 18 Positioning & Campaign Theme 19 Creative Recommendations 20 Objectives for Advertising 21 Sales Promotions Recommendations 22 Direct Marketing Recommendations 23 Internet/Interactive Recommendations 24 PR Recommendations 25 Personal Selling Recommendations 26 Campaign Flowchart 27 Measurement & Evaluation 28 Budget Summary 29 Conclusion 30 Industry Background 4 Company Snapshot 5 Brand Review 6-7 Competitive Review 8 Buyer Analysis 9 SWOT Analysis 10 Marketing Goals Target Market 13 Promotional Program Situation Analysis Review of Past/Existing Programs 16 Before & After 17


4 Size (2007) #of Teens/College-age moviegoers : 48 million # of year-old moviegoers: 47 million Growth: Negative (July 06-July 07) year old movie-goers decreased 3% year old movie goers decreased 7% Current Trends: overall decrease in attendance increase in ticket prices slow growth in core demographic group Market share dominated by 4 main exhibitors Operate 19% of theaters, but control 42% of screens Macro-environment Factors/Issues: Economic: recession causing decreased disposable income and increased costs & prices Legal: increase in Black market activities to provide bootleg DVDs Technological: development of home theater systems, HD content, shorter time period between theatrical & DVD release Legal: FCC requirement for broadcasters to convert to digital consumer movement to use grade televisions

5 Brief Description At Premier Cinemas, our goal is give the moviegoer the red carpet treatment as if they are the stars of the film. We will offer first-run movies, have a restaurant in every multiplex, and have a gift shop that sells movie memorabilia. To cap off the experience of being a star, there will be a red carpet leading to the entrance Place in the Industry: Premier Cinema is going to be a nation-wide chain of multiplexes holding 14 theaters in each facility. We will have to start out in limited, prime locations, but plan to grow to suburbs and other locations.


7 Key Benefits stable industry that has been in business since the early 1900s Brand Image Premier Cinema will offer a new way for the public to go see and experience movies by treating the customer like the star. Positioning we are offering the customer a unique movie going experience that has never been offered before Perceptual Map Premier Cinema will offer a high quality experience at a reasonable price for the middle-class American.

8 Key Direct Competitors: other major theaters & brands Regal (Regal, United Artists, Edwards) Cinemark (Cinemark, Century) Carmike (Carmike) Indirect Competitors: black market (bootleg movies) substitutes for entertainment (plays, concerts) Home viewing options Internet sources Cable & TV SalesShare % SalesShare % Change % Regal 1, , AMC 1, , Cinemark Carmike All other 5, , Total Overall Assessment Regal holds leadership in sales & screen count AMC leads sales growth (acquisition of Loews) Outside top 4, market is fragmented & market share is diminishing Statistics provided by Mintel

9 Buyer User Profile Demographics: most frequent movie goers are ages Psychographics: attendance due to the desire for entertainment, appreciation of film, and/or a place to escape Behaviorist Factors: frequent movie goers attend a movie at least once a month Who buys? All demographics ages 12 and up Who influences purchase decision? Advertisers, peers, family members Decision Criteria Price Movie times & locations Available movies showing (quality: are there movies worth seeing?) Analysis

10 Opportunities Tap into a market that traditionally looks more toward plays by offering more of what they are used to getting. Threats Competing movie theaters might begin to offer the same kind of service Competing theaters may be able to offer the same movie ticket for less money to somebody who is only interested in viewing the movie.

11 Goals: Sales Volume (in millions): Based on AMC sales (mother company) and Regal sales (leading exhibitor) Market Share: 20% Increase AMCs market share from 16.5% to surpass Regal

12 GENERATE SALES REVENUE: Annual Revenue: 7.5 million Box Office Receipts: $5.2 mil Concessions: $2.25 mil Advertising: $375,000 PROFIT After including many costs (labor, facility), Premier Cinemas hopes to generate approximately 2.8 million gross profit annually

13 Primary Target Market: Families and Young adults (ages 12-34) With making the customer the movie star, everyday ordinary families and young people would best fit this vision Secondary Target Market: Elderly Additional customers that exist outside of our primary target market who may or may not choose the movies as a preferred choice of recreation

14 Promotional Program Situation Analysis Current Situation: Tired brand, bought out by AMC Theatres Companys History: Family- controlled drive-in theater chain in the early 1950s Products and Services: Movie Theatre- first drive-in, then indoor theatres, then acquired hip, new graphics

15 Past Market Research: Suggested people ate either before or after a movie and this led to partnering with restaurant brands Competitive status: General Cinema was competing with the major theatre chains including AMC, Carmike, Cinemark and Regal, and all the other chains out there Strengths: more personalized experience Weaknesses: lots of competition have less screens less outlets

16 Past Programs: Originally drive-in theatre and as society started modernizing cinemas, built indoor theatres Past Promotion Mix: Created a joint venture with Cinema Grill. Goal was to provide excellent food service while showing a movie for $15 Sales for gift cards that year was $40,000 Strengths have a very unique, personalized experience most movie goers wouldnt get elsewhere Weaknesses major competition with many more screens and outlets make it hard for Overall Assessment: Recently bought out by AMC in 2002, General Cinema (now Premier Cinema) became a dead brand that needs a new brand management team to revive it.


18 Awareness Objectives: Increase exposure and awareness of Premier Cinemas by 50% by its opening in July 2010 Preference Objectives: Increase attendance by 65% in a 3 month period after opening Campaign Strategies: Increase exposure and awareness by using a large variety of marketing literature, such as direct mailers and radio spots Advertise in special interest magazines, on radio, TV Have an interactive website and in-store displays in related retailers. (i.e.: Best Buy) Sponsor events (i.e.: Oscars)

19 *Positioning Statement: Premier Cinemas provides a unique night on the red carpet experience, offering high quality visual & sound systems, comfortable luxury seating, restaurant and bar, and exceptional VIP customer service. * Positioning Strategy: Premier Cinemas will be more than just a movie theater, it will be an total night out experience Theater Attributes: comfortable luxury seating, restaurant and bar, delicious concessions, retail store Price/Quality: Affordable prices for high quality products & service Competitors: While others offer a standard movie-going experience (i.e.- Regal), Premier Cinemas treats every customer like a star *Campaign Theme: A Night on the Red Carpet Premier Cinemas…Where youre the star!

20 Advertising Objectives: To increase awareness of the differentiated experience of customer as movie star To persuade target that Premier Cinemas are worth coming to and that the experience will prove worth the money to have a fun night out Advertising/Message Strategy: Attempt to illustrate and convince target that the Premier Cinema experience is unlike any other theater experience To promote the idea that our experience is worth the money and has greater value than any other normal theatre Participating in our experience will make you realize how fun a family outing can be and other activities will have a hard time looking as attractive and exciting

21 Primary Target Audience: Families and Young adults Secondary Target Audience: Elderly, other movie goers Objectives: To establish clear brand identity to target market To increase advertising in rural and urban areas Strategy: Use celebrity/movie star sponsors to promote brand Use TV and radio ads to reach young people and families Increase print advertising in selected markets (i.e. internet)

22 Jan 10Feb 10Mar 10Apr 10May 10Jun 10Jul 10 TV Campaign NBC & ABC Magazine & Print Entertainment Magazine Radio Spots Online/Website

23 Target Audience: young adults and families Objectives: increase market share by 80% and increase sales 60% Budget- Rationale- add value to and give consumers incentives to choose Premier Cinemas over another theater Recommendations: Coupons Direct mailings Loyal Reward Program Membership card and gather points to earn benefits

24 Target Audience: Households (families, students apartments) Objectives: To initially establish and communicate the red carpet image of Premier Cinemas Rationale: Attractive mailings more likely to be opened and used Budget: Invitation Mailings Prior to its opening, Premier Cinemas will directly mail invitations in the form of Oscar-like Envelopes Bring this invitation and a guest to receive a free admission pass to the movie of your choice! Tracking the number of used coupons allows us to measure its success

25 Internet Recommendations Target Audience Young adults through Facebook & similar mediums Families through yahoo mail ads & similar mediums Objectives Reach target through relative and widely used outlets Budget

26 Public Relations Recommendations Target Audience: Media and movie-goers Objectives: Get publicity from newspapers, radio, and TV news that will build the brand awareness and generates consumer attention and awareness Host or sponsor an event during the Oscars, such as an after party that will create interest in Premier Cinemas Hold a press conference to announce the grand opening of Premier Cinemas answering all questions about the five star treatment customer will receive Budget:

27 Personal Selling Recommendations Target Audience: Young adults and Parents Objectives: Establish a partnership with electronic retail and video rental stores that allows us to set up in-store displays Set up mall kiosks that allow us to directly answer any questions customers may have as well as directly distribute literature to the customer Gain customer interest through direct, face-to- face communication with them. Budget:

28 Place advertising Billboards in major cities, print ads in entertainment magazines Event marketing: The Oscars Host/sponsor Oscar events (interviews, party) New Media Marketing Begin TV ads and Internet campaign Direct Mailings & Personal Selling (will overlap with launch) Send invitations, set up mall kiosks *Opening of Premier Cinemas Jan Feb March 2010 June 2010 July 2010

29 Measurement give out coupons at our in-store displays, with our direct mailing pieces, and with print ads keep track of what percentage are cashed in Count # of hits using website counter Evaluation compare use of coupons to total number of customers. Looking at this will let us know who came because they saw our ad

30 Media & Production Sales Promotion Direct Marketing Public Relations Sponsorship Endorsements Measurement & Evaluation Total $50,000 (screens & projectors) $10,000 $5,000 $25,000 $25,000 (celebrity PR) $10,000 $130,000

31 Ultimate Goal: Provide a unique, valuable movie going experience Strategies to reach ultimate goal: Customer Value & Satisfaction: communicate a clear distinguished brand that embodies a VIP, red carpet theme towards our target market. Create solutions that address the current trends of decreased attendance to the movies through satisfying needs and wants of target

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