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Role Models Assembly SEL/IS.

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1 Role Models Assembly SEL/IS

2 Why are they your role model? Has it always been the same person?
Who is your role model? Why are they your role model? Has it always been the same person?

3 What is a Role Model? “A person looked to by others as an example to be imitated” “a person regarded by others, especially younger people, as a good example to follow”

4 Qualities of a role model
Set a good example Has values Aspirational Hard working Honest Passionate Committed Successful Do you have any of these qualities?

5 Role Models Role Models might differ depending on your age or time of life They may change depending on circumstances

6 Miss Lackenby’s Role Models
Parents Older sister Teacher at school Jenifer Aniston Head of Department

7 Mr Short’s Role Models Parents Older brothers and sisters
Teachers at school People who I have worked with Sports people

8 Some Role Models

9 Are role models all they should be?

10 Who is the better role model?

11 Responsible role model?

12 Some Research According to a survey of teachers in the UK conducted in 2008 by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, young people most frequently chose sports stars as role models, followed by pop stars. Many, however, simply aspired to be "famous for being famous", believing that fame and fortune could be easily accessed through reality television.

13 Have Role Models Changed?
The world of celebrity Instagram, facebook, twitter mean the celebrity world is accessible to all Reality TV stars also now play a big part on social culture Role models not always positive

14 What did your teachers say?

15 Final Thoughts We all have role models. We should take time to think “why do I model myself on that person?” Many of you will be role models for brothers/sisters, friends, people in clubs or classes you may not know very well. Your teachers know they are role models for you. They consciously model politeness, enthusiasm and a positive approach to study. Are you a role model to others? If so what kind of role model are you?

16 Most Creative SK SD AAC Most Artist
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