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“Globalization and Human Rights: It’s a Small World after All”

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1 “Globalization and Human Rights: It’s a Small World after All”

2 Understanding the connections between the various forms of globalization and human rights conditions is key to building a small world worth living in

3 Human rights are universal principles affirming the inalienable dignity and equality of persons

4 Three generations of human rights: protect individual life, liberty & body from persecution and discrimination social & economic rights counter threats to survival & self- determination

5 Although previous waves of globalization have occurred, the current era is distinguished by the strength and combination of four elements:  Connection  Cosmopolitanism  Communication  Commodification

6 Connection means greater traffic in bodies, goods, services, and information across borders

7 Cosmopolitanism describes the growth of multiple centers of power and influence above, below, and across national governments: international organizations, grassroots groups, and transnational bodies from Microsoft to Greenpeace Centers of Power:

8 Communication is an increase in technological capacity that strengthens transnational networks of all kinds (from multinational corporations to nongovernmental organizations [NGOs] to terrorists) and diffuses ideas and values more quickly and broadly

9 Commodification is the expansion of world markets, and the extension of market-like behavior across more states and social realms. Increases in global capital flows, privatization of formerly state- owned enterprises, and increasing employment of children are all examples of commodification

10 Human-Rights Response using global communications to capture the hearts and minds of global publics campaigns provide information on global suffering, affecting images that promote identification with victims and the formation of solidarity networks construct cosmopolitan institutions at multiple levels, including global, regional, and sectoral organizations - from the International Criminal Court to the Organization of American States Human Rights Commission to the World Medical Association actively promote the rule of national and international law

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