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By: Ivette Arias Director of Human Resources BVARI.

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1 By: Ivette Arias Director of Human Resources BVARI

2  Performance should be your top priority but often even the best performers get overlooked because they don’t know how to market themselves.  To impress an immediate manager, give specifics, about how your activities contribute to the larger goals.

3  It is not enough to say that you’ve done a bunch of stuff. You have to connect these activities to important business objectives. Only then do they become accomplishments. If you want to arm yourself, bring hard data.

4  Hopefully your reviewer keeps up with important management and psychological trends and will understand the “door and the window” concept.

5  They may have a list of things that they must ask but, like any other interview, you will be more impressive if you can take and hold the stage. The worst thing you can do is sit there and say “yes” or “no”.

6  You want to send the signal that you are not only good at your job, but that you also have some ideas about how the broader objectives (those beyond the scope of your tasks) can be achieved.

7 You aren’t going to get fired. You aren’t going to get grilled. It is going to be a loose format where demeanor and poise may count for more than substance. Being cool-under- fire may be the most important trait your reviewer is looking for. This is absolutely critical because it is a cornerstone of perception management.

8  Make your goals your mission for the year.  Keep goals current and visible, and track progress and contributions  Update your goals to reflect changes in your roles and responsibilities.  Goals are set to achieve work-based objectives, but they can also yield personal growth rewards, in professional, development, and earnings potential.

9  Many employees believe that they'll get a good review and a hefty raise if they simply list everything they did during the year. Guess what? Most of that stuff is what you're already paid to do.

10  If that's the situation, organize your notes, files, and correspondence and create a short (one- or two-page) document that lays out your view of:

11  If you can foresee what might be addressed, it's a good idea to document what you're already doing to be more successful in that area. It shows you take full ownership and you see the need to improve and the reason for getting better.

12  Everybody has challenges and makes mistakes, and your boss knows this. Listen to feedback -- both negative and positive -- with an open mind. Show a willingness to learn from your missteps.

13  If you don’t have access to the tools or training needed to achieve an objective, be sure to ask for it.  Remember that no one pays closer attention to your work than you.  Document your accomplishments and make your boss aware of milestone accomplishments.  If you reach a stumbling block on the way, seek advice on how to best resolve the issue and continue on your path. Be sure to follow-up and ensure that things are moving along.

14  Your performance review is your best, if not your only, opportunity to get a clear understanding of how you are perceived and what you need to do to ensure your future success.  It is to your advantage to seek out the calendar scheduler for your supervisor and ensure that you have a set date and time for your review. Please do not wait for them to schedule a time to meet.  Dress like you are going to an interview, this will show that you are prepared and take this evaluation very seriously.

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