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An Introduction to Disaster Response at SHC/LPCH.

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1 An Introduction to Disaster Response at SHC/LPCH

2 Objectives: At the conclusion of this module, House Staff should be able to: 1. Identify the key immediate actions House Staff (residents and fellows) are to perform in a disaster 2. Locate information regarding disaster response at SHC/LPCH 3. Understand the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) and its role in disaster management

3 Your response in a disaster depends upon duty status and location: Off-Duty At home or Not on campus On or Off Duty On campus or other rotation site

4 House Staff rotating at SHC, LPCH or on offsite rotation will be expected to perform the following actions when a disaster occurs: 1) Remain Safe! 2) Address the immediate needs for the patients under your care, and discharge those that can safely leave. 3) Physically report to the Medical Labor Pool site as follows: SITELABOR POOL LOCATION SHC/LPCHLPCH Auditorium/SHC Atrium Palo Alto VAPhysician’s Cafeteria Santa Clara Valley Med Center2 nd floor Cafeteria Conference Room Kaiser, Santa ClaraLower Level Cafeteria ON DUTY / ON SITE

5 Exceptions: Trauma House Staff: Roles will be assigned to you by the Trauma Attending If you are rotating at a different institution you will be expected to :  address the immediate needs for the patients under your care at that institution, and  then report to that institution’s labor pool. ON DUTY / ON SITE

6 If you are off-duty and you are at home or away from campus, then you are expected to follow these actions: 1.Remain safe and keep your family safe! 2.Watch for text pages, emails and other communications on where and when to report and check MedHub for updates. 3.Check in with Program Director, if at all possible. 4.Report safely to hospital. 5.Bring enough water and food to support yourself on duty for at least 24 hours. OFF-DUTY / AT HOME

7 Stanford has completed extensive disaster response planning. The Hospital Incident Command System provides a flexible management structure for disaster response. The immediate guidelines for disaster response can be found on your Disaster Card (to be kept with your ID) and on the hospital intranet.

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