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MU Emergency Response Training What am I supposed to do?

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1 MU Emergency Response Training What am I supposed to do?

2 What Does OSU Expect of YOU? 1.Add OSU’s Public Safety Telephone # to your phone (541) 737-7000 2. Signup for OSU Campus Alert System

3 What Does OSU Expect of YOU?

4 What does OSU Expect of YOU?


6 What Does MU Expect of You? Notice & Respond – “I smell something burning in that trash can” Visually Inspect and get more info Alert Building Services and/or Info Desk Get a Fire Extinguisher Secure the Area (keep people away) Stay Away Please

7 What Does MU Expect of You? Notice & Respond – “There is a guy passed out in the bathroom” Alert Staff at Info Desk Contact Public Safety Inspect and Get more Info Get First Aid & AED – Provide Medical Support Secure the Area (keep people away) Stay Away Please

8 What Does MU Expect of You? Respond – How do you contact Info Desk or Building Manager? Cell PhoneRadio Office PhoneWhite Courtesy Phone Go to DeskSend Someone to Desk

9 When Calling 911 or OSU Dispatch Speak Slowly and Calmly (like a conversation) Say your name, where you are, and what you need from them… – “My name is Mike, I am at the Memorial Union Info Desk, I need an ambulance sent here for an injured person.” They will ask YOU questions…

10 When Calling 911 or OSU Dispatch Questions you want to be prepared to answer – “How old is victim?” – “How many victims are there?” – “Are they conscious or not?” – “Do you know how they got hurt?” They ask these questions to figure out: – Should they send a single Trooper, an Ambulance, Four Fire Trucks, or a SWAT Team…

11 Responding to Medical Emergencies So, You’ve already Alerted the Info Desk – 911/Dispatch has help coming – Send Someone to Meet the Ambulance Get the MU’s AED to the Scene – It is stored at the Info Desk in the Copy Room Get a First Aid Kit to the Scene - Info Desk- MU Shop- MURFS Locations - Custodial Closets- Bowling Front Desk Provide Care (if you are trained) Keep Area Secure and Bystanders Away

12 After the Medical Emergency The injured guest just left (ambulance or otherwise) Inspect Incident Scene – (what kind of cleanup is needed?) Return Equipment and Medical Supplies to Proper Location (note what needs re-stock) Connect and Debrief with all Staff involved Complete MU Incident Report

13 Responding to Fire Alarm at MU When you hear the Alarm Sound… Secure your area Get Guests out of building Meet MU Staff at Info Desk Evacuate to the Quad Keep everyone out till the all-clear is announced (not just the silencing of the alarm)

14 Responding to Fire Alarm at MU What’s meant by “Secure your area”?: Lock up your register, key box, safe, etc… (dept. specific) Shut down your tools or power equipment Put your tools down and out of the way – Make sure mop buckets, custodial carts or other implements are not in a corridor or creating a tripping hazard for responders This DOESN’T give you permission to loiter, dally, linger, dawdle, finish your last game, or pack up your stuff… simply ensure how you leave your worksite doesn’t jeopardize your program or first-responders coming in

15 Responding to Fire Alarm at MU Get guests out of the building to the Quad: Even if the cause of the Alarm is known to be “False”, the Fire Dept and Public Safety need to respond and the Building MUST be evacuated fully within minutes. All MU departments, personnel and guests are to evacuate the building and meet up on the grass of the Quad This ensures emergency personnel have clear access to MU via Jefferson St

16 Responding to Fire Alarm at MU Available MU Staff connect with Info Desk to assist The Building Manger will be chasing the alarm trouble, and in contact with Info Desk via telephone or radio Info Desk Staff will have secured their area, and will be dispatching other staff members to clear the building They may need YOU to assist in some way… find out by meeting at the Info Desk and standing by to take direction Possible things you will be assigned to: -Meet emergency personnel on Jefferson St -Assist BM with Trouble -Stand by on second floor with a guest who cannot leave via stairs -Guard MU entrances to ensure nobody comes back in

17 A Note about Radios During a Building Evacuation, lots of staff are needed to lots of tasks Info Desk will direct staff to areas/tasks Turn it on and carry it, but don’t take up the line unless to respond to a specific call – With up to 25 radios possibly in use on the same channel, it is easy to clog the communications

18 Responding to Fire Alarm at MU Keep everyone out of the Building If it seems like it will be a while, people will be antsy to get their stuff from inside and go home Newly arriving guests might not notice the alarm Nobody wants to stand outside in the rain MU Staff need to be stationed at each entrance of the MU to ensure nobody goes back inside (don’t lock the doors)

19 Responding to Fire Alarm at MU After Alarm is Reset and All-Clear is Given Re-enter the MU slowly and cautiously – (shoes could be wet and have grass clippings from Quad) Building Manager or Building Services Staff will direct restart of Building Systems in support of Programs Staff Meet at Info Desk to Debrief – Building Manager completes MU Incident Report and seeks to note information from staff about cause of emergency, response by staff and guests, and any follow-up needed

20 Responding to a Power Outage Its similar to a Fire-Alarm…only quieter and darker… Check the elevators and bathrooms for stranded persons Shut off all powered equipment Turn your MU radio to Channel 2 – Allows the radio to talk AND listen without need of the rooftop transmitter MU Staff Meet at the Info Desk

21 Responding to a Power Outage Interior Emergency Lights will only stay on for 60 minutes If the outage looks to last longer than 45 minutes, plans will be made to shut down all operations and evacuate the MU Once evacuated, building will be locked and secured

22 Person Stuck in Elevator Contact Public Safety – (They will get Elevator Mechanic on his way) Verify the well being of person in elevator and keep him/her happy – Contact via intercom or cell phone Place out of order signs on each floor DON’T attempt to extricate them yourself

23 What About an Active Shooter?

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