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Re-engage Your Past Clients With Email Marketing By:

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1 Re-engage Your Past Clients With Email Marketing By:

2 How to Re-engage Past Clients The key to effective email campaign is to pay attention to what exactly is important to your current clients, Here is how to do it: Establish trust Quality content is must Encourage with incentive Associate with social media Make life easier for people

3 Establish Trust No matter how powerful relationship you have with your clients, they are going to always value their comfort and privacy more. Let your clients know that you value their comfort and will not send them junk. Give them a purpose to believe in you up-front.

4 Quality Content is Must Through content- driven updates, tips, or great offers, you can keep previous clients engaged with a little financial commitment of sources. Give your previous clients a simple, non- salesy, and useful indication that you are still around and ready to help.

5 Encourage With Incentive Offer your past clients for being devoted by providing an exclusive discount or promotional offers. Provide people an extra discount or bonus for subscribing for your list in the first place.

6 Associate With Social Media If you are effective on social media, you can make use of email as a foundation for reviewing your public features. Email is an extra channel which keep conversation with the client socially strong.

7 Make Life Easier For People Centralize details into an e-newsletter to keep clients engaged with that information. Share the summary of latest information. Compose a list of easy-to-read tips.

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