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RE-paint Business Plan.

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1 RE-paint Business Plan

2 Mission Statement Expand our operations to provide the most realistic, safe and affordable paintball experience in the Edmonton region

3 Company Profile RE-Paint is currently one of the industry leaders in the paintball market Success is based on our loyal customers and skilled staff Located in Southern Edmonton, with 5 outdoor fields One small building used for pro-shop as well as some unused land

4 PESTEL Political -High end paintball markers approach a level of 300 fps, well below the speed required to be classified as a firearm at 500 fps -It is the paintball facility’s responsibility to comply with all regulation found in the Safety Codes Act provided by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.

5 PESTEL Environmental discovery of soft gelatine capsule paintballs with water-based food dyes inside which are incredibly environmentally friendly -Minor environmental effects include the damaging nearby vegetation, players disturbing the wildlife, and some noise pollution -These disturbances are further prevented by having a buffer zone

6 PESTEL Social -Over 8.7 million people played the game in North America in 2007, with over 2.3 million playing at least 15 times that year and growing -Insurance statistics show that paintball is one of the safest sports, with fewer injuries per exposure than sports like football, soccer, basketball and baseball -The target market for paintball is young and even middle-aged, predominantly male adults. -The younger players look for simple strategy games with a lot of action -Older players tend to be interested in more complex and challenging games where patience is more of a premium -These players would typically involve either a group of close friends or work associates -The younger players tend to come in smaller groups of more immediate friends -Both groups depend heavily on interaction with their peers

7 PESTEL Technological -C02 and compressed air allows paintball players to shoot their guns continuously without the need to stop and pump their gun -Over the last few years there have not been many technological enhancements in the paintball market -Many companies have looked at creating accessories, such as jerseys, pants, masks with anti-fog technology, to continue fuelling demand in the paintball market

8 PESTEL Economic -The economy during the last quarter of 2008 slid into a recession as the dollar weakened to a three month low, with the Gross Domestic Product contracting at an annualized rate of 3.4% last quarter -Personal spending dropped for the first time since the fourth quarter of 1995, with both goods and services leading to the 0.8% decline -This weak economy facing Canadians can lessen the demand for recreational activities such as paintballing.

9 PESTEL Legal -The Canadian government expects all paintball facilities to engage in lawful business -This means that equipment and facilities must meet safety regulations so participants may enjoy the greatest experience possible


11 Strategic Goals Expand customer base by 40% within two years of implementing our plan Increase revenue by 30% within two years of implementing our plan Increase customer satisfaction and reputability

12 Operational Goals Increase number of memberships by 10% each year over 5 years Create a safer paintballing environment through our company policies Improve the realism of the paintball experience through our renovated fields Expand clubhouse & facilities on unused land

13 Strategic Plan

14 Operational Plan Increase the Number of Memberships
VIP program Improve Safety Regulations Zero- tolerance and heavily enforced safety policies Create a Realistic Environment Introduce new themes and fields Expand the Clubhouse and Facilities Expand the clubhouse and pro-shop Build indoor paintball facilities Expand the Budget on Marketing Upgrade our web-site Increase in advertisements in various forms

15 Implementation Structure and Fundamentals of Organizing
Currently one manager directing all staff for general duties Transform organization into taller, yet more decentralized structure One facilities manager who directs team leads 3 departments: Field operations, pro shop and kitchen

16 Implementation Organizational Structure Before: After:

17 Implementation Human Resource Managing and Diversity
On the job training 360 degree feedback Awareness of strengths and weaknesses

18 Implementation Job Opportunities and Hiring Processes
Desire motivated and enthusiastic employees Diverse workforce Online applications, E-Cruiting, walk-in-interviews Realist Job Previews (RJP)

19 Implementation Leadership in Organization Motivation in Organizations
Selling leadership style Employees working together Motivation in Organizations Expectancy Theory Employee empowerment Positive reinforcement

20 Implementation Clubhouse
Expand clubhouse to increase working conditions New Pro Shop New lounge & kitchen Expanded changing area

21 Implementation Present Facility:

22 Implementation Proposed Expansion:

23 Implementation Marketing Newspapers & Sports Magazines
Website: Customer Loyalty Program VIP Program Facebook & MySpace

24 Implementation Safety Enhance current safety policy
Brief players prior to them participating Clearly post all rules and regulations

25 Implementation Themes & Fields New focus on realism Renovate fields
Recreate historical scenarios Competitive advantage over competitors: a realistic experience

26 Conclusion By following this plan, RE-Paint will expand its facilities and staff, while adding new competitive advantages These additions will ensure that RE-Paint becomes an increasingly successful company within the market

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