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Re-Charged! What would happen if all your Team Members were really well-trained?

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2 Re-Charged!

3 What would happen if all your Team Members were really well-trained?

4 Life would be so much easier…. Guests receive better, faster service OER & EcoSure scores would go up Better Sales & Traffic Profits improve Happier Team Members stay longer and work harder Turnover would go down

5 Direct Costs of Turnover Replacement costs including cost of recruiting, advertising, interviewing, prescreening, and hiring Paperwork (Ex. Applications, Folders, I-9s, background checks, processing fees, etc.) Uniforms Overtime Unemployment Hiring Manager Time (interviews, selection, orientation) Training costs, including orientation, materials, and on- the-job training time

6 Indirect Costs of Turnover Productivity Losses –New team members take time to get up to speed. Absenteeism Morale Decrease Guest Dissatisfaction Lost sales and/or customers Increased employee absenteeism Additional employee departures

7 Whats the cost every time you lose a team member? How about Team Turnover?

8 Cost of Turnover Loss of 1 Team Member: $1,000 - $3,000 Imagine how better your bottom line would look if you reduced turnover through better training?

9 25 Team 150% Team Turnover = 38 Team Members lost each Year Using average cost of $2,000 T/O Cost = $76,000/year Reduce T/O to 100% = 25 Team Members Lost each Year T/O Cost = $50,000/year Saves you $26,000 Crunch the Numbers – Example

10 links to Team Satisfaction links to Guest Satisfaction

11 JASON Re-Charged!

12 RTT Recharged Objectives Describe the Four-Step training method and how each RightTRACK Training Guide is used Demonstrate how to properly train a Team Member using all of the RightTRACK Training tools Understand how to utililize the Re-Charged Proficiency Chart to Calculate Proficiency Ratings Create a Training Success Plan to reach Monthly Training Goals Utilize the name badge station awards (Kings Bling) to reward and recognize team members knowledge and execution of BK® standards Discuss Features of Training Café Next Steps – Where do I start?

13 4 Steps to Success Preparation Explanation & Demonstration Performance & Praise Follow-up

14 4 Steps to Success 1.Preparation –Whens the Best Time to Train? –Training Materials –Station –Yourself –Trainee Preparation

15 4 Steps to Success 2. Explain & Demonstrate the Task –Explain how to do it –Show how to do it Explanation & Demonstration

16 4 Steps to Success Performance & Praise 3. Performance & Praise –Practice, Practice, Practice –Set standards –Feedback is critical –Show them a better way

17 Consistent Reasonable Immediate Specific Personable Feedback should be Crisp

18 4 Steps to Success 4. Follow-up –It never ends! –Evaluate their performance –Ask them if they have questions –Test em –Update your training records –Celebrate Success! Follow - up


20 RightTRACK Training Less Stress Consistent Message Visual reminders of the Standards Support Tool Required Team Training System

21 DVDs Top 12 Criticals Fresh & Ready Safety & Security Cold Soaking – Fryer Kitchen Minder Duke Broiler

22 This is your Trainer Buddy Use it as a Road Map Loaded with lots of Details Food Safety Concerns In case you get lost… Hang onto it while you train! TrainRight Guides



25 WorkRight Guides Trainees Tool Step by Step instructions Food Safety Warnings Quality Tips Lots of Pictures Keep them in the easels Refer to it during training

26 TrainRight Guides

27 StationRight Guides Station Support –Set-up –Maintain –Close Plan – O-Grams Food Quality & Safety Station Organization Matches information on TrainRight Guides

28 TrainRight Guides

29 15 TestRight Guides Give test after theyve practiced a while Written or Verbal Evaluation of Trainee and the Trainer Should pass with 80% Re-train Team Member on missed questions Update Passport upon completion

30 16 Fill in Name – (No Whiteout ! ) Welcome – pg. 1 Tracks Explanation - pg.2 & 3 RTT Rating System – pg. 4 How you will learn w/RTT – pg. 5 RTT tools Explanation – pg. 6 Orientation Tracks Passports

31 Performance Checklists

32 10 Passport Rules 1.You Never Certify a Trainee on their First Day. 2.Passports must be available and visible – keep them in a holder in the Training Café. 3.The Team member must be observed at least 3 different times to be certified an Expert. 4.At least one team member on each shift should be observed using the Performance Evaluation Checklist inside the passport. 5.Test Scores must be written inside the passport after passing the test. 6.Whats in the passport should match the proficiency chart. 7.Passport introduction must be a part of orientation. 8.The passports should be used to communicate performance expectations. 9.Only check off the boxes and sign the checklist when you are 100% confident they can perform the tasks at EXPERT level proficiency. 10.Passports should be followed up on by the RGM & the MUM.

33 Break Re-Charged!

34 Kitchen Activity Part 1 – Train the Restaurant Trainer Role Model the Training Tools/Process Will demonstrate how to prepare and train utilizing all the different tools Then its YOUR Turn to train!

35 Kitchen Activity Part 2 – Train Your Partner on different tasks –Team 1 – Broiler & Double Stacker –Team 2 – Original Chicken & French Fry Cooking –Team 3 – Drinks & Front Counter One is the Trainer & the other is the Trainee, then switch roles. You will have 10 minutes to: –Prepare (Use the Train Right Guide) –Gather RTT Tools –Prepare Station –Review WorkRight, StationRight, & TestRight Guides

36 Reminders Use TrainRight Guide to guide you through entire process from Preparation to Follow-up. –(Keep it in your hand the entire time for reference.) Direct the trainee the WorkRight Guides in Easel Binder Give them chance to practice & provide CRISPY feedback Use TestRight Guide questions to quiz trainee Goal: Use Reference materials, experience the process and see how easy RTT can be. 10 min. each round…Ill let you know when to switch roles.10 min. each round…Ill let you know when to switch roles.

37 How did it go? As a Trainee, how did this process make you feel? Do you feel that you were set up for success? Why? As a Trainer: Following this process, do you think that later-on youll need to re-train this trainee? Do you feel confident these training tools will help you in training your teams?

38 One-stop Team Member tracking tool 7 Core Stations Used in different ways –Scheduling and positioning your teams –Recognition/Incentive tool –Proficiency Planning tool Take you on a Re-Charged journey Proficiency Chart

39 Re-Charged Proficiency Chart

40 Updating the Proficiency Chart By the end of every month so training & cross- training goals can be set for upcoming month Whenever a team member is hired or terminated When a team member is certified as a 3 After a TestRight Guide is passed with a 80% Notes: –RGM has the final word on certification –Managers should not be on the chart – DM an updated chart by 5 th of every month

41 Your Overall Proficiency Rating This is your Training Scorecard… A rating of –5 or higher is Excellent –4 – 4.9 is Good –3 – 3.9 is Satisfactory –2 – 2.9 is Fair –Anything less than a 2 is Poor Direct Correlation between Training and results.

42 Training Success Plan Linked with Proficiency Chart Weekly plan to ensure success Completed by RGM & to MUM by the 5 th of the month Used to Schedule Team Trainers Post next to Proficiency Chart in Training Café Used for new hire training and cross-training. Improves Trainer Accountability

43 Broiler Specialty/Fries FC Service DT Service12 Criticals Prep/Salads/Fresh n Ready Main Boards Breakfast Kings Bling

44 Kings Bling Flowchart Team Member is RGM Certified when: Passport is updated Proficiency chart is updated Training Success Plan updated Team Member receives station award Team Member Receives Training: RTT tools utilized Test Right Guide used to gauge readiness Passport Performance Evaluations completed Team Member Certified as an Expert – 3 Skippy

45 Kings Bling Thoughts… Be Consistent. Use the Passport Evaluation Checklists as final certification before awarding Bling Be careful not to lower your standards. Your Team members are now walking proficiency charts! Use them to motivate your teams to learn more and perform better.

46 Celebrate Your Teams Success! Have a graduation day on Fridays… 1.Meet with your Management team to determine who will receive the Kings Bling for that week. 2.Print out a 1-pager with the names & station of your Kings Bling certifications. 3.Hang 1-Pager at your Training Café to recognize them 4.Congratulate and hand out the Kings Bling on Fridays 5.Station Certificates are optional (Example on next slide.)

47 James Bond James Bond Congratulations! You Have Achieved Excellence in delivering Hot and Fresh products to our Guests. Way to go!! This certificate is awarded in recognition of Whopper Board Excellence Certified by _____________________________ Date _____ Restaurant General Manager Re-Charged!

48 Training Café Its a Break room Make-Over!Its a Break room Make-Over! Right Track Training toolsRight Track Training tools Recognition CenterRecognition Center Re-Charged Proficiency ChartRe-Charged Proficiency Chart Training Success PlanTraining Success Plan Fun Posters (stimulate thought)Fun Posters (stimulate thought) TV/DVD playerTV/DVD player Pour and Score Contest RulesPour and Score Contest Rules





53 How do you recognize your team members & make work fun? Re-Charged!

54 Ensure RTT materials are up to date Organize them into the Easel Binders Create a Training Café thats a fun, learning environment Include a Recognition Board Keep your Proficiency Chart updated and current Calculate Monthly Proficiency Ratings & Set Proficiency Goals Develop a Monthly Training Success Plan Proficiency Chart and Plan to MUM by 5 th of every month. Effectively execute Team Training System Celebrate Success by awarding Kings Bling Station Awards – Stickers and Certificates Hold a Managers Meeting right away! Next Steps…

55 How will you communicate this to your Assistant Managers & Team Members? How will you determine who gets the Kings Bling station awards for your current team members? What do you want your team members to say to guests when they ask about the new name badges? Is there anything you saw today that you dont think you can do at your restaurant? A couple of questions…

56 Your Thoughts…

57 Final Thoughts… You get the best from others not by lighting a fire beneath them…but by building a fire within them.

58 Re-Charged!

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