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Traveling Waves & Wave Equation

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1 Traveling Waves & Wave Equation
Sending a pulse down a string T = tension µ = mass/length

2 Wave Equation: F =ma For small angles: Force mass accceleration

3 Wave Equation: Solutions
Any function y(x,t) will satisfy wave eq as long as x and t appear in the argument in the combination:

4 Sample Traveling Wave

5 Transverse traveling waves

6 Traveling Wave

7 Traveling Wave

8 Wave Equation Examples
Electric (E) or magnetic (B) field propagating in space from an oscillating charge (Light) Current (I) or voltage (V) propagating in a coax cable c - is the speed of light The quantum-mechanical probability amplitude to find a particle at a certain location in space also satisfies a wave equation - Schroedinger’s Equation

9 Standing Waves Reflected pulse
But if we have a incident sinusoidal traveling wave and a reflected sinusoidal wave:

10 Standing Waves Trig

11 Standing Waves

12 Trig Review

13 Beats

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