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Making Christ Relevant John 10: The Good Shepherd.

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1 Making Christ Relevant John 10: The Good Shepherd

2 Making Christ Relevant The news gives us this:

3 Making Christ Relevant So, how do we apply John 10 to the news in Iraq? Begin with what we need to know. It isn’t as complicated as you think. Who are the neighbors? What direction is ISIS heading?

4 Making Christ Relevant What is the essence of Jesus in John 10? – Shepherd – Door – Sacrifice So, what does that have to do with the Middle East/Persia?

5 Making Christ Relevant This is a good way to introduce the Bible and prophecy. Not as a way to prove the Bible, but as a way to introduce God into a conversation. Of course, it does mean knowing something about Bible Prophecy, but you can look that up. Or ask someone.

6 Making Christ Relevant Okay, so homework. How would you adapt the story of the Good Shepherd for your life? I would use the firewall setting example, because as a teacher, I would run into computer users a lot.

7 Making Christ Relevant Let’s look at Question 3 How does your answer influence your answer to question 5? How about Question 6?

8 Making Christ Relevant Okay, suppose you get someone who says they don’t believe in God. What do you do? You can talk about science. You can talk about the Bible. You can talk about evolution. But...

9 Making Christ Relevant The main rule of witnessing is not to get distracted. Why do people not believe in God? Because something bad happened to them. And they think God let them down. Same problem if they say evil wouldn’t exist. They believe in God, they are just mad at Him.

10 Making Christ Relevant John 10. Jesus is the key to salvation. He is the gatekeeper, and people need to find Him. We are the tools by which People find Jesus. Christ is relevant. Our job is to find the way into people’s lives to get the point across. Next week we will look at witnessing In the church

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