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Non-Contact Color management solutions for the cosmetics industry How do you choose a measurement instrument?

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1 Non-Contact Color management solutions for the cosmetics industry How do you choose a measurement instrument?

2 Challenges in Cosmetics Measuring, controlling and formulating the appearance of cosmetics products are real industrial challenges and a genuine problem due to the nature of these products in that they are commonly liquid, paste or powdered form Current methodologies and processes for measuring these products is to place the sample in a cuvette or petri dish and measuring through the glass or plastic using a contact based spectrophotometer While this process does provide repeatable results, it does not provide data that correlates with what the human eye sees, what the consumer sees in the finished product

3 The human eye sees color based on a response to light reflecting off of the surface of the sample at a 45 degree angle This color perception is a response to not only the reflective color of the sample, but also includes other surface appearance attributes of the sample Total surface appearance depends upon the texture and the gloss of the sample in addition to its color Challenges in Cosmetics

4 Typical lab based instruments use a spherical diffuse geometry, meaning that they illuminate with diffuse light and read the sample at 8 degrees and may or may not include the surface gloss Diffuse geometry is preferred when formulating certain products, like paint, however 45 degree geometry is preferred for QC Even though 45 degree spectrophotometers are readily available, they are mostly contact based, meaning that the instrument must contact the sample This obviously makes measurement of powders, pastes and liquids difficult: Challenges in Cosmetics

5 Contacting these samples contaminates the instrument, which can result in costly instrument maintenance and repair A traditional method to address this problem is to place the sample in a cuvette or petri dish, and measure the sample through the glass or plastic This method certainly addresses the contamination issue, but it does induce other errors into the measurement: Compressing these products will change the appearance of the product (ex. compressing powder into a cuvette reduces the amount of light scatter that is natural in its raw form) The glass or plastic barrier introduces a depth of field variable between the instrument and the sample. This becomes an error source that must be addressed This glass or plastic barrier also introduces a first surface and second surface reflection error (typically 4% per surface) that must be accounted for. The glass or plastic barrier allows unwanted ambient light to pipe into the measurement area. This too, is a potential source of error Challenges in Cosmetics

6 Example of color difference of non-dairy creamer Challenges in Cosmetics

7 So, measuring through a transparent barrier, while providing repeatable results, will not correlate to the eyes natural response to the color in its natural form The only way to truly measure a color and get a colorimetric result that correlates to the human eye is to measure the sample in its natural form, without contacting the sample, using 45 degree geometry! Challenges in Cosmetics

8 X-rite is pleased to announce two new products thatsolve many of the problems related to colormeasurement for the cosmetics industry! A Revolution in Color Measurement

9 MA98 multi-angle spectrophotometer VS450 45/0° non-contact spectrophotometer

10 These products, when combined with our standard orcustomized fixtures and sample holders, provide acomplete and comprehensive solution for lab analysisand evaluation, and production Quality Control for mostcosmetics products including: Foundations Free powder Compact powders Lipstick Nail polish Mascara Eye Liner A Revolution in Color Measurement

11 VS450 VS450 is a non-contact, 45/0°spectrophotometerdesigned tomeasure all kinds ofpowder, paste andliquid samples intheir natural form

12 VS450 VS450 is the ideal product foruse in production for QualityControl inspections Can detect change in color orsurface appearance of thesample, reducing scrap andwaste costs, and allowingfurther evaluation andanalysis

13 VS450 PRODUCT FEATURES: Non-Contact 45/0° geometry Line of Sight targeting Gloss measurement Large and small measurementspot sizes LED illumination for long life anddurability Best in Class color measurementaccuracy

14 MA98 Next generation multi-anglemeasurement tool designed forconsistent, precise colormeasurement of pearlescentand other complex specialeffect pigments Provides 10 measurementangles and 2 illumination angles Measures according to thevisual behavior of the Standardand Trial

15 Examples of 2nd and 3rd generation effect MA98 The message is that on such a sample the color you see in the "face" angle (normal to the sample) is not only depending on your observing angle but also on your illumination angle! The picture in the top left is very steep illuminated (light in the back) and the sample looks pretty greenish! The same observing condition is given in the lower left, but now the illumination is 45° where the sample looks blueish! So only a two lamp instrument according to ASTM E is capturing the full information (slides 28 to 30).

16 The color you see in the "face" angle(normal to the sample) is not onlydepending on your observing anglebut also on your illumination angle The picture top photo is very steepilluminated (light in the back) and thesample looks pretty greenish! The same observing condition isgiven in the bottom photo, but nowthe illumination is 45° where thesample looks blueish So only a two lamp instrumentaccording to ASTM E iscapturing the full information MA98

17 The MA68II detects these five colors MA98

18 MA68II includes one additional angle (45°as-15°) detects thereddish content MA98

19 The new MA98 using the second illumination is able to detect theturquoise / greenish look of the sample as well MA98

20 PRODUCT FEATURES: Accurate, repeatable sample positioning isobtainable with pressure feedback controland LED indicators Portable, lightweight, and rugged designfeaturing soft touch overmold case with two-hand configuration Quick reads, measurements are obtainedwithin 2 seconds Ten angles of measurement and twoillumination angles allow for completeanalysis Strategic design ensures aperture locationand measurements that are unaffected byambient light Communication available through USB orwireless (Bluetooth)

21 Quality Control Software X-Color QC Software Applications Solutions PRODUCT FEATURES: Tailored to work with standard measurement instruments and database formats Built-in flexibility supports a variety of database formats to expedite color analysis and streamline reporting and data management Allows for any number of locations to easily communicate and share data without the need of a network System and user friendly features make it easy to perform color collection

22 Fixtures and Sample Holders Standard and Custom sample holders available

23 Fixtures and Sample Holders Standard Sample Holders: Instrument stand Spoon holders for measurementof opaque liquids, pastes andpowders Petri dish holder for measurementof translucent liquids

24 Fixtures and Sample Holders Custom sample holders Include but not limited to: Foundations Lipstick Eye Shadow

25 Fixtures and Sample Holders Most sample holders areinterchangeable with both theMA and VS450 instruments!

26 Summary MA98 and VS450, combined with X-Color QC andcustom fixtures and sample holders, provide acomprehensive Lab to Production Line solution forQuality Control and evaluation and analysis, allowingcolor measurements of samples in their natural state,the way the eye sees them!

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