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1 Astrakhan Regional Resource Center ASTRAKHAN - the Caspian capital of Russia Nataliya Bulycheva, ARRC Director.

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1 1 Astrakhan Regional Resource Center ASTRAKHAN - the Caspian capital of Russia Nataliya Bulycheva, ARRC Director

2 SOUTHERN FEDERAL DISTRICT Kazakhsтan Turkmenistan Azerbaijan Area – over 416 000 km² Population - 13,8 mln. people Administranive Center – Rostov-on-Don Ukraine Georgia Rostov Astrakhan Caspian sea Black sea Caucasus Krasnodar Transport and roads complex of all kinds of long-distance and industrial transport providing the most important connection of Russia with the Mediterranean, Near and Far East countries the largest manufacturer of grain in Russia – here the fifth part of grain crop is accumulated, there is a substantial raw base for a number of production enterprises, such as milling, compound animal feed-stuff, food manufacturing. large commercial fishing complex, favorable natural and climate conditions for plant cultivation (feed-stuff included) and animal breeding. Volgograd Elista

3 Astrakhan Regional Resource Center Volgograd UKRAINE KAZAKHSТAN Caspian sea Rostov-on-Don Rostov-on-Don Krasnodar Astrakhan SOUTHERN FEDERAL DISTRICT Black sea Caucasus

4 ASTRAKHAN REGION Astrakhan KAZAKHSTAN Astrakhan is located in the south-east of European Russia, in the Caspian Lowland, in the lower reaches of the Volga river. The region is a part of the Southern Federal District. it borders on the Republic of Kazakhstan by land and on Azerbaijan Republic, Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan by sea. The Volgograd region and the Republic of Kalmykia are the Astrakhan region’s neighbours in the Russian Federation. Total area of the region is 49.000 square meters. The region consists of 11 rural areas, 442 villages and settlements. Besides the regional center there are 5 towns in the region – Akhtubinsk, Kamyzyak, Znamensk, Kharabali, and Narimanov. Over 1 million people live in the Astrakhan region. Half of them live in the regional center – Astrakhan.

5 Astrakhan is the Caspian capital of Russia Astrakhan region plays a key role in shaping and implementing Russian policy in the Caspian region, including work-out of the legal status of the Caspian Sea, developing unique mineral and biological resources, environmental protection, using transport transit potential and developing interregional cooperation. Opening of a number of foreign diplomatic missions in Astrakhan signifies recognition of its political role. The following missions operate in Astrakhan on a permanent basis: Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran; Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Representation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic in Astrakhan Besides, there are prerequisites for opening Consulates of Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. Authorities of the Caspian states are greatly interested in developing trade, economic, scientific, technical and cultural links with Astrakhan.

6 Astrakhan is famous for its cultural traditions, dating back to the remote past. Representatives of over 140 nations and nationalities live here. All world religions have found here their adherents. Our townsman, poet Velimir Khlebnikov called Astrakhan the triangle of Christ, Mohammed and Buddha. In spite of its multinational structure, Astrakhan has always been and still remains one of the most politically stable regions of Russia. Old traditions of political tolerance and social stability give the region opportunity for a steady capacity-building. Astrakhan is the Caspian capital of Russia

7 Astrakhan unique deposit of salt Baskuntchak Lake oil gas sulfur salt gypsum KRASNOYARSKIY SULFUR- GAS CONDENSATE FIELD Gas – 2,565 billion cubic meters Condensate – 406,3 million tons BESHKULSKOYE OIL FIELD Deposits - over 200 thousand tons PROMYSLOVSKOE GAS FIELD Deposits – over 300 mln. cubic m. ASTRAKHAN REGION MINERAL RESOURCES VERBLYUZHYE OIL FIELD Reserves – 3,399,000 tons

8 Astrakhan is the main gas producing region of Povolzhsky economic district and is one of the leading regions of Russia for natural gas, sulfur and oil products production. The largest in Europe sulfur and gas-condensate field with producing and processing complex of “Gasprom dobycha Astrakhan Ltd”, which is a part of joint-stock company “Gasprom”, is located in the region. “Gasprom dobycha Astrakhan Ltd” produces 10% of world and 81% of Russian sulfur. Regional hydrocarbon raw-material base includes 10 fields. Explored and previously estimated regional gas resources on the land amount to about 5 trillion cubic meters, oil and condensate resources – about 1 billion tons. Interest in mineral exploration is also expressed by large world companies. Negotiations with concern Shell were conducted; an agreement with the international oilfield services company Schlumberger was signed. The latter declared that they are ready to invest more than $40 million in creation of production base to service the drilling equipment on the territory of the Astrakhan region. ASTRAKHAN REGION GAS & OIL production


10 Formation of rail-water transportation scheme, based on the development of the port of the Astrakhan port and port of Olya terminals Development of logistics business and creation of logistics infrastructure Development of the Astrakhan Airport as a cargo hub Construction of the northern bypass of Astrakhan Completion of the eastern bypass of Astrakhan highway and transit of continuous movement in Astrakhan Purpose: The fullest realization of transit potential of the region, both within the regional maritime trade and in transport corridors “North-South” and “East-West” as well as the value added increase in providing transport and logistics services Main activities: DEVELOPMENT OF TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS

11 Purpose: To become the leading production units of the Russian shipbuilding in the South specializing in production of vessels for the exploration of hydrocarbon resources of the Russian and foreign shelfs of the Caspian sea, platform for modernization of transport ships and fishing fleet for the Volga- Caspian basin. Specialization: 1. Construction of oil and gas platforms. 2. Construction of auxiliary and transport fleet. 3. Organization of fleet maintenance and repair. Modern shipbuilding capacity : Powerful shipbuilding and ship repair complex is represented by 16 companies. The complex occupies a leading position in the Russian Federation, and is capable of processing over 50 tonnes of metal per year. Cumulative contribution of shipyards in the economy of the Astrakhan region is about 10% in industrial production and about 3% of GRP. Over 8000 employees are employed by the shipyards of the region. DEVELOPMENT OF THE SHIPBUILDING CLUSTER

12 The long term purpose – Astrakhan region should be one of Russia's leading centers for aquaculture development, the leading “south zone” region in aquaculture technology, productivity and innovativeness Benefits: Astrakhan Region is one of the top ten Russian regions for the production of aquaculture Projects have launched to build hatcheries complexes growing inconnu, cage fish farm for sturgeon producers storage at Aleksandrovskiy, construction of scientific - experimental complex on the molecular - genetic researches in Ikryanoe, development of pond farms and expansion of production Only Astrakhan region has a scientific and educational base in the field of aquaculture, and it should become the core of the industry AQUACULTURE AND FISHERIES

13 Agricultural complex in the region is developing in the following spheres: cattle breeding and crop growing. Processing and food industry are fundamental for food safety of the region. Manufacturers of agricultural products are 205 agricultural companies (their share in production is 8%) and 2315 owner-operated farms (38%). The greatest share (54%) in production belongs to owners of private land plots (over 130 thousand subsidiary plots). Crop growing Astrakhan is one of the leading producers of vegetables and water-melons in Russia with annual production of about 1 million tons. Over 50 varieties of tomatoes, rich in vitamins and with excellent taste are grown in the region. Growing of onions (annual growth of 10- 15%) and of early vegetables (with the use of different kinds of hothouses) is considered very perspective. Climate of the region allows to get double cropping of potatoes. AGRICULTURE

14 Astrakhan tourism has a clearly defined trend – fishing and hunting. Region occupies 25-30% of Russian market for fishing and hunting, which have already become the brand of the Astrakhan region. According to expert estimates, fishing and hunting occupy from 70 to 90 percent of regional tourist market. At the same time other kinds of tourism are developing, such as cultural and educational tourism, eco-tourism, cruises, business travelling and event tourism. Over 2 million people visit Astrakhan every year. TOURISM & RECREATION POTENTIAL

15 Unique nature of the region preconditions development of ecological tourism. There are two nature reserves in the region, one of which has the status of biosphere reserve, and 12 wildlife sanctuaries. The most popular eco-tourism trends include tours to the Caspian Sea in summer (when lotus flower blooms); tours to Bogdo mountain and Baskunchak lake; cactuses, growing in Kharabalinskiy district, blossoming poppies, oak forest and Volga-Akhtuba flood plain. Healing properties of water, brine and mud from lakes Baskunchak, Mramornoye, Lechebnoye, etc., springs of mineral and radon water, traditions of kumiss therapy, combined with dry and hot climate produce balneological effect and create conditions for spa tourism. Sanatoriums and health resorts “Tinaki” and “Bassol”, successfully operating in the region, prove that this trend could be perspective. ECO-TOURISM SPA THERAPY


17 . Astrakhan regional resource centre was created in 2007 on the initiative of the Governor of the Astrakhan region. PRESIDENTIAL PROGRAM in ASTRAKHAN Main events:  summer 2008 - interships of German managers in Astrakhan;  summer 2009 – the first russian exchange interships of Astrakhan managers in Altay region;  spring 2010 –interships of Altay managers in Astrakhan region;  winter 2010 –interships of Astrakhan managers (medicine) in Tatarstan;  summer 2011 - interships of German & French managers in South of Russia (Astrakha, Rostov, Krasnodar, Stavropol);  summer 2011 - interships of Japan managers in Astrakhan & Altay region;  from 2007 - «the pearl of Caspy», annual all-Russian forum of Presidential Program alumni Main directions of activity: -realization the program of the state plan of preparation of administrative staff ( Presidential Program) -realizes the Astrakhan local program of formation and preparation of a reserve of staff for all levels of regional authorities. Astrakhan regional resource centre: ; +7 8512 310-001

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