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{ Poetry Important questions: What is poetry? What is poetry? Why do we read and write it? Why do we read and write it? How do you write a poem? How do.

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Presentation on theme: "{ Poetry Important questions: What is poetry? What is poetry? Why do we read and write it? Why do we read and write it? How do you write a poem? How do."— Presentation transcript:

1 { Poetry Important questions: What is poetry? What is poetry? Why do we read and write it? Why do we read and write it? How do you write a poem? How do you write a poem? What are some different types and examples of poetry? What are some different types and examples of poetry?

2  Art form that uses speech with drama, song and comedy  Uses repetition, verse, rhyme, and form  Uses beauty and style to distinguish it from normal writing What is Poetry?

3  Fun, humor, and enjoyment  Peace  Tell a story  Express emotion  Beauty  Pay tribute to someone or something in a powerful, artistic way Why do we read and write poems?

4 Some things you might find in a poem are:  Rhyming patterns  Rhythm and meter patterns  Strong or descriptive words (5 senses or similes)  Alliteration, Onomatopoeia, and Assonance  Repeating words or lines  Lines and Stanzas  Puns, humor, beauty, sadness, horror, stories, feelings, love,  Use capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure however you want! How do you write poetry?

5 Rhythm and Rhyme Alliteration and Assonance RUN, LITTLE RED FOX By Jack Prelutsky Run little red fox, red fox run. Run through the meadow under the sun. Race through the flowers quick as you please, streak through the forest, weave through the trees. Run, little red fox, run to your den. Get to your home by half past ten. Be in your bed when the day is done-- run, little red fox, red fox run.

6 Rhyming Patterns

7 Rhythm and Story-telling Read “Hiawatha’s Childhood”

8 {{ Thunderboom! By Charlotte Pomerantz The brightening Of lightning Is sudden, swift, And strong. The sound of thunderboom Is fifty letters long: Donder Donner Dunner Raam Torden Tondro Radi Hrom Raad GROM! Onomatopoeia

9 Ode to a Sunny Riverside Day Sunshine streams across the sky Above the green and turquoise sparkling stream. Back and forth the butterflies tickle the riverbank. A bumbling bee connects with some dandelions. Ants all around push and pull to their little antish homes. Each small stone underneath the water lay A brighter color than when kissed by the sun A free mind soars underneath the puffy white clouds Floating across the blue sky The warm soft sands blanket my toes The breeze whispers peace into my ears The waves come again and again in a soothing, rushing rhythm All around speaks of peace, beauty, joy The land is singing, is happy to live! By Lindsey Ayres Use Descriptive Words

10 My Three Dogs By Brian P. Cleary My dog Moxie runs like the rain, Growls like a lion, And soars like a plane. My dog Izzy is as bright as the sun, As quiet as a lamb, And as true as a nun. My dog Connor is as big as a mountain, As slow as erosion, And squirts like a fountain. Use Similes Compare 2 things using the words “like” or “as”

11  Rhyming Couplet  Limerick  Parody  Concrete Poetry  Diamantic or Lantern Poetry  Haiku  5 Senses Poem  List Poem What are some different types of poetry?

12 A Couple of Couplets: By Lindsey Ayres And when the sun has set aglow the skies, You shall see my love for you arise.  When at the base arrived the letter, My hopes returned and life seemed better. Rhyming Couplet Rhythm and Rhyme in 2 line stanza

13 {{ Harry Had a Little Scam By Brian P. Cleary Harry had a little scam. He’d fleece you for your dough Everywhere that Harry went The cops were sure to show. Mary Had a Little Lamb By Mother Goose? Mary had a little lamb Whose fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went The lamb was sure to go. Parody

14 The poem itself takes the shape of what you are writing about! If you just read the poems aloud to someone they might miss the point. Concrete Poem Example: Galaxy poem

15 {{ Spring Pretty sunny Growing seeding planting Flowers leaves trees wind Falling jumping playing Red bare Autumn How to write a diamante poem 1. Poem topic (cause) 2. Two adjectives about the cause/topic 3. Three –ing words about it 4. Four nouns or a short phrase linking the cause/topic with its effect 5. Three –ing words about the effect 6. Two adjectives about the effect 7. The effect Diamante Poem Diamond-shaped poem

16 {{ How to write a Haiku Doesn’t have to rhyme, just follow the syllable pattern and be about nature! First line has 5 syllables Second line has 7 syllables Third line has 5 syllables Haikus By Lindsey Ayres The tall, lone pine tree Caresses the mountainside, Swaying in the breeze. The sunflower is Happy to soak up the sun Against the blue sky. A rainbow is a Glorious array of hues Painted in the sky. The crisp cotton sheets Flap back and forth in the sun Over the green grass. Warm sun on my hair Lights up in copper and gold Glittering wildly. Haiku

17 JOY By Brian P. Cleary Joy looks like fireworks against a night sky Joy tastes like the first crunch into an ear of corn Joy sounds like the circus coming into town Joy smells like popcorn Joy feels like running home on the last day of school Sensory Poem Use your 5 senses to describe something using similes!

18 The Guillotine It’s a lean, mean, killing machine- The scariest thing you’ve ever seen. Smashing and crashing through liquid it goes. Who its next victim will be, nobody knows. Though beautifully smooth and silvery grey Its clever endeavor captures its prey. SNAP! Another head floats away… By Lindsey Ayres A Poem that Describes 2 Things at Once

19 1. Prepare: 1. Gather ideas for your theme- what to write about 2. What is your purpose for writing? 3. What form of poetry will you write in? 2. Compose 1. Write a rough draft of your poem 2. Use interesting, vivid language 3. Use strong verbs and describing words 3. Edit 1. Check grammar- capitalization, punctuation, spelling and title 4. Use your best handwriting for your final draft! 5. Publish your poem on the nice paper and illustrate it! Writing your own poetry

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