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Re-Inventing Reference ACRL 2011 A Declaration of Interdependence Philadelphia, PA ~ April 1, 2011.

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1 Re-Inventing Reference ACRL 2011 A Declaration of Interdependence Philadelphia, PA ~ April 1, 2011

2 Presenter Lynn Sheehan Head of Liberal Arts Programs

3 Challenges = opportunity Competing priorities for librarians time Planning of new library building Shifting Reference environment –Downward trend in usage of print collection –Changing education of librarians –Informative statistics

4 Competing priorities New responsibilities for liaison librarians –Instruction –Outreach –Scholarly communications

5 Reference @ GVSU: Then Three locations with different environments, patrons, and staffing Hybrid staffingReference Desk Assistant (RDA) program Informative statistics (LibStats) beginning Fall 2008 –Number of questions –Type of questions

6 Process Review of overall library services and trends Analysis of LibStats evidence Examination of print reference collection usage Shift in attitudes toward reference

7 Review of services and trends Review of trends and literature Vision of blended services and single- service point to better serve patrons Our conclusions/vision

8 Analysis of LibStats evidence Reference Effort Assessment Data (READ) Scale from Dominican University Modified four-point READ scale: –1-directional, technical, policy (student worker) –2-ready reference (paraprofessional) –3-reference (may require librarian) –4-request for citation information

9 Analysis of LibStats: Reference Desk Fall 2008-Winter 2009 - Using modified READ scale –11,330 questions reviewed –377 required a librarian –95% could be answered by paraprofessional or student Molaro, A. & Woods, L. (2009) Report of LibStats analysis. GVSU University Libraries.

10 Analysis of LibStats: Chat Fall 2008-Summer 2009 –Modified READ scale –1039 chats –23.1% required librarian response Bravender, P., Lyon, C., & Molaro, A. (2009 November). Analysis of Chat Reference: To Chat, or Not to Chat: That is the Question. Poster presented at the Annual Conference of the Michigan Library Association, Lansing, MI.

11 Analysis: Print reference collection usage Winter 2009 LibStats 4407 questions 249 related to a Reference source –51 involved online source –70 librarian referred patron to print source –172 questions student requested a source –46% (approx.) questions referred to dictionaries, citation questions, or assignment-related sources Way, D., & Lyon, C. (2009, November). Good Enough: The new face of reference. Presentation at the Charleston Conference, Charleston, SC.

12 Print reference collection Re-evaluating –Based on Millennium stats for usage of print reference collection –LibStats review Re-locating –Single volume encyclopedias, handbooks, and dictionaries –Biographical works –Dated multivolume sets with some value –Previous editions (keep latest in Reference) –Standard works in subscription services, e.g. Current Biography

13 Changing attitudes Increased reliance on RDA staffing Changes in Reference Education (Whats your favorite Reference book? discussion was telling.) Is Print Reference Dead? Polanka, S. (2008, January 29) Gale online session.

14 RDA training Shift in training philosophy –From quick referral to librarians to teaching more in depth reference skills Provide deeper awareness and knowledge of resources Provide support to build confidence in answering questions

15 Reference @ GVSU: Now One desk at Zumberge Library Staffed by full-time support staff and students Librarians available for callout via Wimba Pronto Other locations in flux due to local environmental factors

16 ANSWER: Single-service point Currently @ Zumberge Library New building

17 Now what? Building relationships with other departments in library Dealing with loss of traditional librarian role Investigating reasons for decline in the number of reference transactions

18 References Allegri, F. & Bedard, M. (2006). Lessons learned from single service point implementations. Medical Reference Services Quarterly, 25(2), 3147. Arndt, T. S. (2010). Reference service without the desk. Reference Services Review, 38(1), 71-80. McDermott, M. (2001). Staffing the reference desk: Improving service through cross-training and other programs. Legal Services Quarterly, 19(1/2), 207-219. Moore, M.E., McGraw, K.A., & Shaw-Kokot, J. (2001). Preparing staff to work at a single service desk. Medical Reference Services Quarterly, 20(1), 79-86. Naismith, R. (2004). Combining circulation and reference functions at one desk. Journal of Access Services, 2(3), 15- 20. Powell, J., Bryan, L., Michelson-Thiery, M., Koltay, Z., & Patterson, M. (2007). Integrating an engineering library's public service desk: Multiple perspectives. Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, 49(Winter).

19 Questions?

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