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Youre Surrounded! Knowing the Enfolding God.

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1 Youre Surrounded! Knowing the Enfolding God




5 surround (suh-round), v. to enclose on all sides; encompass to form an enclosure; encircle comes from Latin to flood with waves

6 Knowing the God who surrounds Puts the lonely into communities Protects & surrounds with songs of deliverance Surrounds the just with his favour Surrounds us with love & grace

7 Have you experienced this part of God?

8 Being Surrounded We experience Gods surrounding love through others. When we are weak we will still be loved.

9 What does being inside the circle look like to you?

10 Surrounding Others Using our strengths for compassion. Providing a place for others to tell their story.

11 What are ways you can surround others?

12 Barriers Individualism No permission to be weak Dont know our strengths Outer circle imposing help - not listening Busy-ness


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