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Conic Applications in the Real World

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1 Conic Applications in the Real World
A sample presentation by Mrs. Kohler

2 Circles Center: (h, k) Radius: r

3 Circles: A Roulette Table
One application of a circle is a Roulette Table. The spinning of the wheel keeps the ball on the rim. Slower spinning lessens the centrifugal force and the ball drops in a slot.

4 Ellipses Center: (h, k) Foci Formula: (where a > b)

5 Ellipses: The Solar System
One application of the ellipse is the orbits of the planets in our solar system. The sun represents one of the foci.

6 Parabolas Vertical Parabolas Vertex: (h, k) Horizontal Parabolas
Focus: (h, k+c) Directrix: y = k – c Horizontal Parabolas Vertex: (h, k) Focus: (h+c, k) Directrix: x = k – c

7 Parabolas: A Light Filament
One application of a parabola is the filament in a flashlight. The mirrors on the filament cause the reflection of the bulb to shine outward.

8 Hyperbola Horizontal Hyperbola Vertex: (h, k) Foci: (h+c, k) (h–c, k)
Vertical Hyperbola Vertex: (h, k) Foci: (h, k +c) (h, k–c) Foci Formula

9 Hyperbolas: Underwater Radar
One application of a hyperbola is the LONAR radar system. This technology is used in submarines. This device detects the intersection of sound waves. The intersection points create a hyperbola.

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