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Chapter 2:Abstinence Works (Re-design) Jasmine Johnson.

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1 Chapter 2:Abstinence Works (Re-design) Jasmine Johnson

2 Site Purpose The site, entitled Abstinence Works is a site under the organization of the National Abstinence Education Foundation (NAEF), who seeks to improve the health and future prospects for children and families, as well as reduce teen pregnancies, STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), and emotional consequences of those families and the teens that are involved directly. This site isnt striving to ensure that all teens are abstinent until marriage, but instead are properly educated on the risks and consequences. Some may view it as a scare tactic, but having the knowledge prior to engaging in such an activity is more responsible than going and having sex without being mature and considering all possibilities. The focus of abstinence-centered education is to empower teens to make the healthiest choice for their future. It is believed by the NAEF that by practicing abstinence, or being aware of the results, young teens are able to develop healthy relationships and avoid unhealthy relationships; set goals and make good decision, as well as develop refusal skills. The tactics and facts that are provided within this site are those that lie within their efforts, not necessarily what they believe to be the only and correct way to live ones life. Click below for the site:

3 Site Tree Home About News Articles and Reports FAQ Contact Us Parents Speak Out - Home Page (what it is, video, etc.) - Parents Speak Out (link) - About (information) - News (features) - Articles and Reports - FAQ - Contact Us

4 Zone Diagram #1 - Home

5 Zone Diagram #1 - Sites

6 Zone Diagram #2 - Home

7 Zone Diagram #2 - Sites

8 Color Scheme Warm Neutrals; Browns, Oranges, Whites, Blacks

9 Typographical Scheme Headers (capitals) Sub-headers/Links (perpetua) Body Text (TNR)

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