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Educational Vistas, Inc. A K-12 Education Company

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1 Educational Vistas, Inc. A K-12 Education Company
This PowerPoint presentation and related intellectual property are owned and copyrighted by Educational Vistas, Inc Presenters: Mr. Scott B. Crowder Program Developer Dr. Bruce H. Crowder Senior Researcher

2 EVI: The Company Leader in addressing current challenges: NCLB, IDEA, AIS, etc. Thumb on the pulse of current research & best of practice. Leader in management software applications. Leader in integrating teaching, learning & assessment. Leader in customizing applications.

3 Research Base: R-BEM Focus on results. Develop vision.
Demonstrate need for change. Inform, orient, team, plan & act. Systematically abandon the unnecessary. Use technology for development, housing, sharing & access. Work from end points. Evaluate formatively & summatively.

4 R-BEM Curriculum Review
Examine longitudinal data. Examine curriculum mapping and pacing. Look for effective alignment with State learning standards. Check for articulation from end points with sign-offs. Examine quality of text/material support. Review the assessment practices. Report with next step recommendations.

5 R-BEM Instructional Management System (RIMS)
Provides process, structure & models for developing a locally standards-based curriculum. Distributed K-12 application. Provides common language & frames of reference to enhance communication & integration. Serves as a lightening rod for programs.

6 ELITE Student Assessment System
Supports a district assessment system & access to timely, individual student testing data. School-based application. Provides timely, targeted intervention. Supports formative (i.e., pre- and quarterly) testing. Provides an electronic portfolio, rubrics simulation & planning.

7 R-BEM Academic Intervention Management System (AIMS)
Provides a support system for students working below proficiency (NCLB) Links to State Learning Standards Profiles student performance Allows for diagnosis & prescriptions Links to academic interventions & strategies Assesses the effectiveness of interventions Provides for parent correspondence & reporting

8 R-BEM Special Education Management System (SEMS)
Meets IDEA requirements Electronic I.E.P. Standards-Based I.E.P. Staff Training Dimension: Transforming Special Education Contains State Learning Standards Provides full reporting and querying

9 R-BEM Planning To Assess Acquisition of State Standards (PAASS)
Supported by ELITE assessment system Relates to RIMS curriculum refinement Identifies areas of need Sets planning objectives Establishes targets to address objectives Provides for action steps & strategies to address targets Assesses the effectiveness of action planning

10 R-BEM Formative Assessment System (FAS)
Measures effectiveness of RIMS Relates to the degree of alignment with State standards Feeds assessment data into ELITE Provides basis for diagnosis & prescription in AIMS Informs SEMS

11 R-BEM StaffTrac Provides a management system for all staff data and information Contains certification requirements Contains staff profiles Provides immediate access to staff reports Supports budget development & decisions Offers other options, e.g., substitute teachers, etc.

12 The ducation Concept Creation of the 1st one-stop shopping solution.
Internet-based, set of integrated solution to support teaching, learning & assessment. Basis for a district backend data warehouse for unlimited querying and required reporting. Provides data consistency across applications. Provides for sharing of in-process results for gauging effectiveness across the enterprise. Provides for cost savings through efficiency. Supports NCLB and State initiatives.

13 Education Process Host
What does it look like? RIMS ELITE SEMS AIMS Education Process Host Powered by R-BEM SIS VADIRS Empirical data used to provide valuable in-process information to meet required reporting. StaffTrac

14 ELITE Assessment Center Concept
Critical To Success! Data capture & verification Information derived from reports Diagnosis of deficiencies by student/teachers Linkage to interventions & strategies (teaching & learning) Proof of instructional delivery effectiveness Modifications & adjustments ELITE Assessment Center Concept

15 Lastly, but most importantly

16 The EVI Change Management Process
Personnel Policies Procedures

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