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POST-GRADUATE OPPORTUNITIES ABROAD. WHAT IS THE WATSON FELLOWSHIP? A one year grant for independent study and travel outside the United States awarded.

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2 WHAT IS THE WATSON FELLOWSHIP? A one year grant for independent study and travel outside the United States awarded to graduating college seniors nominated by participating institutions.

3 ONE YEAR GRANT One year is taken to be 12 months. Fellowship funds are released in early to mid-June. Fellows must begin their year no later than August 1 and return in time to attend the Returning Fellows Conference.

4 INDEPENDENT STUDY Watson Fellows must create, execute, and evaluate their own projects. Fellows are their own advisors. The fellow should decide how questions can be answered, when it is time to move on, if a project must be adjusted in any way, etc. Fellows do not affiliate themselves with an academic institution, do not spend 12 months exclusively in a training course or volunteer work Fellow should feel that he/she is still in charge of the project.

5 GRADUATING SENIORS You must be eligible to graduate with a bachelor's If awarded, you must graduate from that institution before your fellowship can begin. If you have any questions about your year of eligibility, please address your concern to your college's liaison officer, who will either answer your question or contact us.

6 WHAT IS THE FULBRIGHT? Initiated by Senator J. William Fulbright in 1945 for promoting “international good will” among nations 12 board members appointed by US president Currently 1800 grants annually, 155 countries

7 TYPES OF GRANTS Study/Research ETA (English Teach Assistantship) Fulbright-mtvU Award Music Public Policy Fellowship Travel grants Critical Language Enhancement Award

8 ELIGIBILITY Must be a U.S. Citizen Must be a graduating senior Must be proficient in language of the host country Less experience in the country is better Fulbright seeks to represent minorities in geographic location, gender, ethnicity, and religion.

9 DEADLINES Berea deadline September 30 th, 2014 Fulbright application open: May 1, 2014-October 14, 2014

10 RHODES SCHOLARSHIP Attend Oxford for a Masters Degree, 2-3 years Apply directly to Rhodes, no Berea application necessary Covers University and application fees, insurance, stipend, and airfare to and from

11 RHODES ELIGIBILITY Must be a U.S.Citizen Must be a graduating senior Must be between 18 and 24 years old The annual application is 11:59 PM U.S. Eastern Standard Time on the first Wednesday of October

12 MARSHALL SCHOLARSHIP Masters program at one of a selection of universities in the UK Purpose: To strengthen U.S.-UK relations Based on academic merit, leadership and ambassadorial potential Most scholarships awarded for two years

13 ELIGIBILITY Applicant must be a U.S. citizen Graduating senior with 3.7 GPA Deadlines: Berea: September 2 th, 2014 Marshall: October 1 th, 2014

14 PRINCETON IN ASIA Mission: To promote good will and understanding and to facilitate in every way the free interchange of the best ideals in the civilizations of both East and West

15 ABOUT Provides transformative, service-oriented experiences for talented graduates and serves the needs of Asia Offer approximately 150 full-year fellowships Apply Online

16 FELLOWSHIPS Service-oriented posts in the fields: Education Journalism International development (NGOs) Business English teachers at universities and high schools.

17 PRINCETON IN AFRICA Develops young leaders committed to Africa’s advancement by offering yearlong fellowship opportunities with a variety of organizations that work across the African continent. A unique experience in Africa that translates into a lifelong commitment to African affairs and service.

18 ELIGIBILITY Open to graduating seniors and young alumni, from any non-profit college or university in the U.S. who seek to serve other nations. Offer approximately 45 fellowships in about 15 countries Fellowships are 12 months long Apply online

19 WHAT THEY DO humanitarian aid public health education conservation post-conflict reconstruction social entrepreneurship

20 PRINCETON LATIN AMERICA Partners with non-profits throughout Latin America to match them with young, public sector professionals seeking full-year fellowships in development work. Supports efforts to overcome the region’s educational, economic, and environmental barriers to development Apply online

21 FELLOWSHIPS Grant-writing Program evaluation Field biology Teaching Research Writing of policy proposals


23 WHAT VOLUNTEERS CAN DO Education Youth & Community Development Health Business and Information & Communication Technology Agriculture Environment HIV/AIDS Food Security Earth Day Stomp Out Malaria


25 BENEFITS Student loan assistance A "readjustment" allowance of $7,425 (pre-tax) upon completion of service Language, cross-cultural, and technical training Travel to and from country of service A monthly living and housing allowance Full medical and dental coverage

26 BENEFITS 48 paid vacation days Unique graduate school opportunities Leave for family emergencies Transition and job support and social networking after service Advantages in federal employment Opportunities for short-term assignments through Peace Corps Response No fee to participate

27 APPLICATION PROCESS The application to invitation departure process is 7 to 12 months Start applying the summer before your senior year


29 HOW TO APPLY Apply at: Positions posted in early December Application due in late January Requirements: Be 30 or under at the start of the fellowship Have an undergraduate university degree by July 2015 Be proficient in English Position-specific

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