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New initiatives in India Post An overview.2.1. The way ahead IT modernization project – India Post 2012 which is aimed at providing robust IT solution.

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1 New initiatives in India Post An overview.2.1

2 The way ahead IT modernization project – India Post 2012 which is aimed at providing robust IT solution including infrastructure and applications Core banking solutions Mail Network Optimization Project- optimising the mail network from collection to delivery Project Arrow – Making Post Office the window to the world for the common man.2.2

3 India Post 2012 Vision of India Post 2012 – Transform IndiaPost into Technology enabled, self reliant Market leader involving Increased market share and revenues New products and services Improved service delivery Motivated work force Rural development.2.3

4 IndiaPost 2012 - definition.2.4

5 IndiaPost 2012 How to achieve the objective? – Procure products and services – Comprehensive solutions for Mail, Retail and e-commerce Operations, Logistics and Warehousing, Postal Banking, Postal Life Insurance, Finance & Accounts, Human Resources Management and Customer Interaction Channels. – ICT solution to computerise its rural Post Offices and provide integrated and affordable electronic services at the Branch Post Office level. – Develop IT infrastructure including Data Centre (s), secured connectivity across the entire postal network, and computer hardware for Post Offices & Railway Mail Offices. – Training and change management to ensure readiness of DoP to adopt the solution..2.5

6 IndiaPost 2012 - Methodology Rural ICT Hardware Provider Rural ICT Mobile Device Platform Provider Core SI (Except Banking and PLI ) SI Financial Services (Core Banking, PLI) Data Centre Facility Network Integrator Postal Hardware Change Management.2.6

7 IndiaPost 2012 The project will be implemented in 8 contracts – Rural ICT – hardware – Rural ICT – System intergrator – Data centre facility – Core System integrator – Financial services system integrator – Network integrator – Mail operations hardware – Change management vendor.2.7

8 IndiaPost 2012 - Benefits For DOP – Significant enhancement in revenue & market shares as products will be improved and new products/ services will be launched (e.g. e-governance, Rural ICT) – Better decision making and operational planning due to availability of management information in a timely manner – Potential reduction in the transaction cost and availability of manpower for redeployment in marketing and other revenue generating capabilities – Increased productivity and accountability.2.8

9 Indiapost 2012 - Benefits For employees – Employees will have an opportunity to learn, build and enhance new skills and expertise – Reduction in manual work which will result in enhanced Productivity levels – Opportunity to deliver enhanced IT enabled services to their customers leading to a significant reduction in customer complaints – Improvement in employee engagement and empowerment – Provide an opportunity to work in an innovation based culture – Opportunity to be part of a growing and vibrant organization.2.9

10 IndiaPost 2012 – governing structure.2.10

11 Core banking solutions.2.11 Core Banking Solution (CBS) is networking of branches, which enables – Customers to operate their accounts, and avail banking services from any post office on CBS network, regardless of where he maintains his account. – The customer is no more the customer of a particular post office. Thus CBS is a step towards enhancing customer convenience through Anywhere and Anytime Banking.

12 CBS – How is it different from current?.2.12 Sanchay Post is a LAN (Local Area Network) based application. CBS on the other hand is a centralized application with browser based interface. There is no need for servers at the post office level for running CBS. CBS will have the following features which are not available in Sanchay Post: – real-time 24x7 processing capability, – centralized database, – availability of alternate channels, – capture of KYC (Know Your Customer) details, – adequate audit & inspection features etc.

13 CBS – Benefits.2.13 CBS will provide the following benefits: – Anytime and Anywhere banking – Standardised, simple and automated processes – Technology driven products – Increase in quality of the service provided to the customers – Timely and accurate information for management decision making – Strong audit and internal controls – Bring down the cost of transaction and thereby improving operational efficiency. – Improve Service Quality – Paving way for new value added services thereby generating additional revenue for the Department.

14 CBS – Implementation phases.2.14 Pilot Phase I Phase II 120 Post Offices (6 Circles)* 2209 (all remaining HOs and select Sos) (22 Circles) 23207 Post Offices (22 Circles) T+15 T + 20 months Total of 25534 offices and all attached BOs T+9

15 CBS – Preimplementation activities Setting up Project offices: Circles have to set up Project offices with required infrastructure. Sourcing of staff and replication of CBS project offices till divisional level are the responsibilities of CBS PO. Pre data migration activities: Effective data migration is key to CBS success. Training – Training is proposed to be done by the CBS System Integrator for the staff of pilot office and all HOs. For the remaining staff, our own trainers will train. Coordination with the System Integrator to train the staff for pilot (end users) and identification of trainers among staff who will train the rest of the staff will be the responsibility of Circle Project Offices..2.15

16 CBS – Preimplementation activities Circle Processing Centres – Identification of site, – Site preparation, – Sourcing of staff, installation of hardware etc. ATM installation – – 1000 ATMs are proposed to be installed- all HOs and around 200 major SOs. – Exact site identification in the HOs for locating ATM is an important activity which will be carried out by Circle Project Offices in coordination with field offices..2.16

17 Mail network optimization.2.17

18 MNOP – The background.2.18

19 MNOP - objective Resolve structural issues in mail operations Ensure consistency and reliability which are key to quality Involves professional advice, conceptualised to address key concerns.2.19

20 MNOP - scope.2.20

21 MNOP - approach.2.21

22 MNOP – Project plan.2.22

23 MNOP – samples of new layout and facilities.2.23

24 MNOP – Performance management Inter- national reports Scan com- pliance reports Transit analysis within city Transit analysis across city Time per leg of transit within city Time per leg of transit across city Scans compliance in the entire network Scan analysis per leg of transit within city Scan analysis per leg of transit across city Percent of F-scans in SpeedNet vs. F-scans in IPS 1 Share of SpeedNet Delivery scans vs. IPS F-scans (TBD) Articles processed per hour per FTE Staff absenteeism Share of bags without bag labels Share of articles not processed in SpeedNet Share of articles closed after cut-off time Share of missorted articles Share of articles with missing pin codes Share of articles not dispatched same set Percent of F-scans in IPS vs. D-scans in IPS D+X reports Measures for international inbound article the efficiency of movement at every step before merger with Speed Post Support- ing KPIs Measures for each processing step whether articles got scanned as prescribed Measures speed and reliability of processing of Speed Post articles from booking to delivery Supports achieving better D+x and scan performance 1a 1b 1c 1d 2a 2b 2c 3a 3c 4a 4b 4c 4d 4e 4f 4g 4h 3b.2.24

25 Project Arrow – scope and objectives.2.25

26 Project arrow – Data extraction tool.2.26

27 Project Arrow – Key Performance indicators.2.27

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