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Richmond's Weathering A GIS Lesson.

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1 Richmond's Weathering A GIS Lesson

2 What is Weathering? The process of rocks or other substances breaking down at or near the Earth’s surface is called weathering.

3 Not to be confused with…
…Erosion or Deposition.

4 Types of Weathering. Chemical Weathering Mechanical Weathering Biological Weathering

5 Mechanical Weathering.
Mechanical weathering is the physical break down of a material without altering its chemical composition

6 Agents of Mechanical Weathering.
Abrasion Exfoliation Frost Action Organic Activity Gravity

7 Chemical Weathering. Chemical Weathering is the alteration of the chemical composition of a material in breaking it down

8 Agents of Chemical Weathering.
Carbonation Oxidation Acid Rain Plant Acid Hydrolysis

9 Weathering treasures…

10 Rates of Weathering. 4 3 2 1 1. Tropical rainforest 2. Hot desert
3. Temperate mountains 4. Polar Regions

11 Rates of Weathering. Austin, Texas Annual Temperature: 20.3oC
Annual Rainfall: 82.4cm

12 What kind of Weathering does the Richmond area see?
take a virtual field trip and see for yourself.

13 Virtual Field Trip Using GIS

14 To visualize the images we will use a GIS software application called ArcIMS.

15 ArcIMS can take lots of data and images…
…and tie it to a map.

16 These maps are georeferenced…
…so you can layer them.

17 Go to this website:
Click on ‘Lessons on the Web’

18 Click on ‘GIS on the Web’

19 Click on ‘Applications’ and
then click on your lesson.

20 Open ArcIMS up by clicking the title.

21 Once opened you should see this screen in your browser.

22 Use the worksheet to complete the virtual tour.

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