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A-7 Mid-Term Review.

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1 A-7 Mid-Term Review

1) It is very difficult to work with Gina because she doesn’t show her emotions… 2) I can’t believe Tim likes to work on his vacations, he must be a… RESERVED SCATTERBRAIN 3) I like to work with John because he doesn’t get angry easily… 4) I hate when people does nothing at all… SENSIBLE LAZYBONES 5) You better remind him about the reports because he’s very forgetful… JOYFUL 6) Don’t invite Tim to the party, he doesn’t like parties… WORKAHOLIC 7) Jonas knows many funny stories, he is very… FUNNY 8) My boss is very mature, he never does silly decisions… 9) Harry is always smiling and says positive things, he’s very… EASY GOING KILLJOY

A scatterbrain A killjoy A reserved person A workaholic A lazybones A sensible An easy going A funny person A joyful person is someone who…

4 PHRASAL VERBS 1 4 2 5 7 6 3 ___ a) Name someone after somebody else
___ b) Become extinct ___ c) Chase, persue ___ d) To have no more ___ e) Take care ___ f) Understand something ___ g) To be similar, resemble 1 4 1) I have to work and look after the kids too? 4) I think John takes after his father a lot! 2 5 2) My neighbor’s dog always runs after the postman 5) If we keep building houses, many trees will die out! 7 7) I can’t make out these instructions! 6 3 3) My baby’s name is Laquifa. I called her after my Mum! 6) Muuuum! we ran out of cereal!

5 Simple Present Present Continous Vs SIMPLE PRESENT PRESENT CONTINOUS
Activities right now Sorry, I am working now I can’t talk to you! Temporary situations My sister is staying with us, as she is getting her house fumigated Future (agended) We are having a meeting tomorrow at 8 a.m. To express routines Everyday I wake up at 5 and then I go to work… Facts You see la Silla Mountain in Monterrey Time-table My flight leaves at 8 p.m.

6 Like, Love, hate, want, need,
STATIVE VERBS A few exceptions! Remember, these verbs describe a state than an action. So, they do not have a continuous form VERB EXAMPLE MEANING Look You look tired I’m looking for a book Fact Search something Feel My cat feels soft He is feeling sick To be sick Have I have a car He’s having tea Possession To take something Think I think this is nice I’m thinking of coffee today Opinion Consider Taste The tea tastes good She’s tasting the soup ingredients Trying Like, Love, hate, want, need, forget, remember, know I just hate you! I just love you! I want another kind of food!

7 Fill in the blanks using present continuous or present simple.
1. Excuse me, ______________ (you/speak) English? 2. Tom _____________ (have) a shower at the moment. 3. They _____________ (not/watch) television very often. 4. Listen! Somebody ___________ (sing) 5. She’s tired. She _________ (want) to go home. 6. How often ________________ (you/read) a newspaper? 7. Excuse me, but you ______________ (sit) in my place. Oh I’m sorry. 8. I’m sorry. I _________________ (not/understand). Please speak more slowly. 9.Where are you Roy? I am in the office. I _______________ (read) 10. What time __________________ (she/finish) work every day? do you speak is having don’t watch is singing wants do you read are sitting don’t understand am reading does she finish Choose the best option. Listen! I am hearing / hear voices. I am thinking / think the children are having fun now. The boy doesn’t feel / isn’t feeling well so his mother is taking him to the doctor now. He is lying to me now. I am believing / don’t believe him. We look / are looking at the picture now but we don’t like / are liking it. My little daughter is loving / loves that old blue blanket, she carries it all the time!

8 PRESENT PERFECT DEFINITION It’s an action that started in the past
and continue affecting our present. time PAST PRESENT STRUCTURE person + HAVE / HAS + verb past participle

9 Irregular Verbs Regular Verbs Simple Form Past Past participle
Am, is, are Was Were Been Go Went Gone Eat Ate Eaten Make Made Do Did Done Have had Had Simple Form Past Past participle Play Played Call Called Receive Received Need Needed Work Worked Study Studied

10 DEFINITION I feel very tired! I have done this report for 5 hours!
I have made corrections since 2 p.m. and it’s not ready! The boss has run this meeting since 1p.m. and it’s 4 p.m.! We haven’t got internet signal at the office for 12 hours, sir!

This is to indicate or ask if an activity is finished or not. * Have you done the report yet? Yes, I have already done it. No, I haven’t done it yet. I haven’t received my package yet! Why isn’t here? I don’t know but we have already sent it to you!

12 DESCRIBING PAST As this structure is a connection
between the past and the present, we can use it also to describe past. They reported many problems last week, sir. They have reported many problems, sir. (no time needed)

13 EXPERIENCE We can use it to describe experience using ever or never
CEO A: Have you ever seen the receptionist’s clothes? B: Yes, I have…I think is nice! A: Have you ever spoken to the CEO? B: No, I have never done that! Link to ex. 1 Link to ex. 2

14 WHERE DO THEY BELONG? Now, make 2 examples on your own for each tense!
everyday since ever now for already every morning yet always often just now at the moment SIMPLE PRESENT PRESENT CONTINOUS PRESENT PERFECT Now Now, make 2 examples on your own for each tense!

15 MODALS SHOULD / OUGHT TO Recommendation HAVE TO Necessary to do MUST
STRUCTURE MODAL verb in simple form MUST Obligation MUSTN’T Prohibition Litter is bad! We shouldn’t throw garbage on the street! There is a lot of garbage! We have to recycle more! There are many endanger species! we mustn’t hunt them illegally! We must protect our forests or we won’t have more oxygen!

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