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A Guide to UPS Points Presented by: 1T7 Class Council.

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1 A Guide to UPS Points Presented by: 1T7 Class Council

2 Table of Contents What are UPS Points How do I get UPS Points How do I track my UPS Points What do I do with UPS Points FAQ about UPS Points Helpful Links Contact Information

3 What are UPS Points? Points system to provide incentive to participate within the Faculty Encourage all aspects of university life Academic Athletic Social

4 How do I get UPS Points? Participate in various events Receive varying number of points per event Different categories for obtaining points Academic Athletic Council/Committee General/Social Must be signed up for listserv in order to be eligible to receive points Contact webmaster to sign up Screenshots of full lists on next few slides

5 Academic Points

6 Athletic Points

7 Council/Committee Points

8 Council/Committee Points Continued

9 General/Social Points

10 How do I Track my UPS Points? Points recorded by event organizers and sent to UPS Secretary for input into UPS database Exception: points for varsity athletics obtained by e-mailing UPS Secretary directly Check your points balance on UPS website Points updated 2-3 times per semester Contact UPS Webmaster to be added to database Contact UPS Secretary if you forget your username Keep track of your own points just in case! Points can be awarded retroactively, for the previous year, at the discretion of the UPS Secretary

11 What do I do with UPS Points? Win awards! Awards are based on: The number of points you have accumulated The area the points were obtained in Awards can be: For points earned in one year For points accumulated over all four years For a class or individual Awards are given out in March See next slide for full listing of awards

12 UPS Points Awards/Faculty Participation Awards

13 FAQ about UPS Points Q: How does a group/club apply for UPS points? A: Fill out the Student Group Application and submit it to the UPS SecretaryStudent Group Application

14 Helpful Links UPS Constitution Most updated points information (2012-2013) Pages 36-39 Constitution UPS Points Website View your UPS points Everything about UPS points Helpful Documents UPS Points Breakdown Guide to UPS Points and Submissions

15 Contact Information 1T7 Class Council UPS Secretary UPS Webmaster

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