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Performance Plus New Reporting Engine. A Little History Sungard Acquisition Components.

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1 Performance Plus New Reporting Engine

2 A Little History Sungard Acquisition Components

3 You cannot have measurable goals without review and analysis of data. Data gives us a sense of where we are relative to where we need to be and directs us to do better in those areas of weakness. Mike Schmoker

4 Accessing PerformanceTRACKER Google Search for NH P+

5 Login to Performance Plus

6 myNHDOE Public Access Creating a new account Logging In Resetting your password

7 Security Levels

8 PerformanceTRACKER Main Screen

9 Reports – New Look

10 The Report Page Left to Right Save/Share Report Export report to Excel Export report to PDF Print Report

11 Multiple Reports On the bottom right hand side you can click on Add or Clone. You can then select to add a another report in the same window, in a new window, or clone the existing report to make changes for saving.

12 My Reports The reports you save are shown under My Reports. If someone shares a report with you, this is also where you will see that report.

13 Reports

14 Choosing the Report Layout Select a report type under Reports Select Filter – Assessments to select an assessment for the report.

15 Selecting the Assessment

16 Options You should always check Options to see what needs to be decided for running the particular report you have chosen. Here is an example of what Options show when you select the Assessment Scores Report.

17 Other Filters

18 Teachers & Classes Filter

19 Student Group Filter

20 IEP, LEP, Town Responsible Groups

21 Dynamic Student Group Filter

22 Student Demographics Filter This is very important when deciding if you the students to have taken ALL the assessments you selected or just ANY of the selected assessments.

23 Student List Filter You can select certain students to have included when running a report.

24 Selected Filters This shows what filters you have selected and you can clear them all in this screen.

25 Proficiency Pie Chart Notice the new look with a ring around the outside. You can now select all non-proficient students (red section) or all proficient students (green section) at once.

26 Viewing Students Notice the little triangles at the top of each column that you can use to sort from high to low or low to high.

27 Creating a Focus Group 1.Check the students you want included. 1.Select Create a New Focus Group. 1.Type in the name for the Focus Group. 2.Click Create Group and Add Selected Students.

28 Reminder on Focus Groups You can find your Focus Group in the Filter – Student Groups. You can Delete Focus Groups on the Home Page when you click on My Info at the bottom. Please never change your password in My Info.

29 Student Detail Click on All to see all years.

30 New Repots Also, notice that when you hover over any report a description of the report appears.

31 Assessment Scores Monitor This shows how many sections of the selected assessments for the report each student completed.

32 Any Two Scatter Plot Click on any circle to see the student’s scores for both assessments. This section shows students who had been proficient in , but were not in

33 SAT and PSAT Scores

34 Using Content Library with Standards Analysis Check standards Click on Search Content Library

35 Grabbing Questions from Content Library

36 Taking Questions to Word

37 Item Analysis Which questions posed problems?

38 Standards Analysis Which standards require more work?

39 Options for Standards Analysis Whenever you run a report, you can click on Options to see what is available for the report you ran. You can select a different option and then click Run Report again for it to take effect.

40 Assessment Scores Report Include as many assessments as you want.

41 Options for Assessment Scores Report

42  Found on the Individual Student Portfolio page  How is the school serving this student?  How are individual students progressing—this report gives some insight as to whether the student is narrowing or widening the learning gap over the course of time.  This is great to use for Special Ed populations where improvement from year to year may be difficult to see. Growth Target Individual Report

43 Individual Growth Target

44 Comparative Report - Standards How are the students in one group performing compared to all students? How are the students performing on NECAP over three years according to standards?

45 Comparative Report – Proficiency Levels

46 m Sample reports for practice Help documents for Performance Tracker and Assessment Builder FAQ’s to answer your questions Go To:

47 For Further Questions on Performance Plus Contact: Cyndy Currier Donna Beauregard (603) Karen Matso (207)

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