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MEDINE Thematic Network Copenhagen Executive Board meeting 6th October 2006.

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1 MEDINE Thematic Network Copenhagen Executive Board meeting 6th October 2006

2 1 Task Force 2 – Recognition of qualifications core group (editorial team) past meetings activities: action lines future meetings points of attention

3 2 Core group (editorial team) Task force leader, Karel Van Liempt Action line 1 -Sverre Bjerkeset (NO) -Ulrike Arnold (DE) Action line 2 -Ruddy Verbinnen (BE) -… X … (Karen Pierer CH) Action line 3 -Bernard Maillet (UEMS) -[Howard Fee (IRL)]

4 3 Past activities 5 core meetings -Brussels10/11/2005 -Berlin9/12/2005 -Oslo24/2/2006 -Brussels7/7/2006 -Murcia29/9/2006

5 4 Past activities 3 Task force meetings -Task force meeting Berlin9-10/12/2005 -Task Force meeting Prague5/5/2006 -Task force meeting Murcia29-30/9/2006 3 Working group sessions survey -Brussels17/1/2006 -Oslo21/4/2006 -Brussels24/7/2006

6 5 Activities Action line 1 The use of ECTS/DS as a prerequisite to develop a framework for international recognition of medical qualifications -survey -manual

7 6 Activities Action line 1 Survey -presentation first analysis Prague May 2006 -presentation AMEE conference Genoa Sep 2006 -discussion TF meeting Murcia Sep 2006 -state of the art 1.basic knowledge is present 2.widespread use is not achieved

8 7 Activities Action line 1 Survey -state of the art future activities -deepen analysis -prepare an action plan for MEDINE 2 -re-emphasize need for ECTS/MA to co-operate

9 8 Activities Action line 1 Manual -presentation first draft, Prague May 2006 -presentation final version, September 2007

10 9 Activities: Action line 2 Address the issue of correspondence and transfer between Medicine and other health care education programmes primarily in dentistry -preliminary discussions in core meetings Brussels 10/11/05 Oslo 24/02/06 Brussels 07/07/06

11 10 Activities: Action line 2 -first results Murcia September 2006 initiate a system of Flexible Learning Paths (FLP) as an expression of a student oriented approach and a way to start accumulation of credits

12 11 Activities: Action line 2 - K ey features of FLP curriculum is competency based curriculum is expressed in learning outcomes and credits curriculum has a modular design description of prerequisites per module logic order of planning modules distinguish core and optional elements in a module allow self-directed learning (e.g. e-learning …)

13 12 Activities: Action line 2 -outcomes draw up a scenario presentation General Assembly May 2007

14 13 Activities Action line 3 explore the possibilities for the use of ECTS/DS at postgraduate level and in CME looking for common determinators with undergraduate level -preliminary discussions in core meetings Oslo 24/02/06 Brussels 07/07/06

15 14 Activities: Action line 3 -first results focus on postgraduate training common determinators between undergraduate and postgraduate level are identified

16 15 Activities: Action line 3 common determinators -training should be delivered by means of an organisational structure -training should be planned and adhere to a curriculum -training should be competency based -training should be expressed in minimal time and credits -training should be assessed

17 16 Activities: Action line 3 -outcomes draw up a note report to UEMS who will inform sections presentation at General Assembly May 2007 ? September 2007?

18 17 Future meetings meeting with core group December 2006? TF meeting Antwerp February/March 2007? TF 2 meeting Ankara May 2007 TF 2 meeting Oslo September 2007

19 18 Points of attention role/composition of the core of TF 2 expertise achieved to be secured for MEDINE 2 Karel Van Liempt Copenhagen 6 October 2006

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