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HW: Pg # 5 – 9 to 26 only prime numbers

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1 HW: Pg # 5 – 9 to 26 only prime numbers
Place Value September 3 Common Core Standard 5.NBT.A..1 Recognize digit in place value is to times to its right and 1/10 th times to left HW: Pg # 5 – 9 to 26 only prime numbers Pg # 10: 1 to 30 (Numbers only divisible by 4)

2 Activity for this week Turn in the paper by September 9,

3 Warm up Digits Period in place value
Draw a place value chart in your note book - How many digits you have in each period?

4 Grow your place value chart
Add billions, trillions, and decimals to it. Let us look at some of the place value chart

5 Place Value Chart

6 Exponents and Place value

7 Write 44,600,000,000 In Standard form Word form Short word form Expanded form Exponent form

8 Write the place and value of underlined digits
1,234,567 36,192,748 82,765,432,109,497

9 Write the following numbers in Expanded form using exponents
562,384 841 1,874,161 13.33

10 What number is the base? Examples given by the teacher.

11 Independent Practice 1.Explain how to compare two raise to 4 and four raise to 8? 2.

12 Closure Understand to use decimal point to read and write small numbers The atomic mass number of the chemical chromium is Write this is in expanded form and word form

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