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1. Historical background 2. Chalandri today 3. Interesting facts about Chalandri 4. In conclusion…

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2 1. Historical background 2. Chalandri today 3. Interesting facts about Chalandri 4. In conclusion…

3 Chalandri is one of the biggest and oldest areas In Athens but it wasnt as big and as popular as it is today. When the 20 th century kicked in, Chalandri didnt have that much population and was in a poor economical situation. But as a suburb of Athens, lots of people passed it on daily basis. So in 1925 when Spyros Merkouris was elected mayor, lots of things changed that put Chalandri on the map. Thats because he made an educational reform and created 2 schools--one for boys and one for girls. After this Chalandri became an independent community. Then everything was coming together roads were built, old useless buildings were taken down and water as well as electrical systems were now to be offered to the people. But unfortunately when 1940 came, Chalandri as well as the rest of Greece, were conquered by the Germans. Many people died and everything that was created was destroyed. Chalandri lost its economical power and the mayor as well the rest of Chalandris community were killed. It wasnt until 1944 that Chalandri revived. Since then Chalandri has had a very fast increase regarding its population,economy and market. Until this very day things are going extremely well for the community of Chalandri.

4 In the present day Chalandri is a very friendly place. There is the famous stream of Chalandri where lots of festivals take place. This is a way to make people more environmentally aware--or to just come closer to nature.

5 Chalandri has one of the most important, busy and famous markets in Athens. Shops, family pastry shops, cafes- restaurants and movie theaters all come together at the market of Chalandri.

6 Chalandri also has lots of very well-known restaurants as well as cafeterias, taverns and bars.

7 Chalandri offers a range of facilities. Swimming pools, tracks, football and basketball stadiums and organizes sports events, such as marathons.

8 Every year the council of Chalandri organizes a variety of charity events and festivals for everybody to enjoy. Festival at the stream of Chalandri Musical festival for fundraising A festival with optimistic ideas Marathons for all ages Greek food festival Carnivals, parades…

9 Chalandris events

10 Flia was the original name of Chalandri in the prehistoric times Evripidis the tragic poet was born in Chalandri Most of the squares, roads and churches in Chalandri are named after important events that happened in the past (e.g road Metamorfoseos) In Pendelis Avenue it was discovered recently that when the aAropolis was being built, the road that the people used to transport the marble for the construction of the Acropolis a part of it passed through Chalandri. This ancient road still carries marks from the carriages that transported the materials.

11 Chalandri is a beautiful area with a long and interesting history. The city hall tries to organize different festivals about nature, history, sports, culture, music, different projects for children and we are always aware of what is happening and thats why we love our area.

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13 Thank you for watching Maria-Anna Konstantinidi

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