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Absurd Person singular

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1 Absurd Person singular
Summary and Questions

2 Summary – act 3 1/3 Thir Christmas Eve. This time, the characters visit the home of Ronald and his wife, Marion. Victorian House: expensive to buy and maintain. One before Christmas Day, No party this time. Ronald not doing well financially. Can’t even heat the house. Ronald: “Heating system went on the blink, you see” (p. 72) Little left in bank account. Marion is sleeping.

3 Summary – act 3 2/3: Geoffrey and Eva’s visit
Geoffrey and Eva’s visit Geoffrey: not financially doing. He ends up asking for a job from Sydney: He tries to comfort Geoffrey because they are in similar trouble. Cannot hide his nervousness. His is marriage with Eva is troubling as well.

4 Summary – act 3 3/3: Sidney and jane
Sidney: financially well. Rich and powerful. Still the same person in his heart: innocent. Has a good relationship with Jane. Ronald and Marion now take Sidney seriously. Geoffrey and Eva accept that he is a potential employer. Eva: “Sysdney Hoperoft is about you only hope of surviving as an architect in this city” (p. 77).

5 Character Changes Act 1 Act 3 Sydney Contractor No money, no power
Other characters don’t take him seriously. Successful businessman Money, power Other characters take him seriously in order to survive. Ronald An architect Bright future Confident Career failing Has to depend on Sydney for a job Lost confidence Geoffrey Successful banker Money and power Does not take Sydney seriously Failing banker Has to take Sydney seriously because of his large amount of deposit in his bank.

6 Q & A 1 Q1:What factors define the characters’ psychological state?
A1: Financial success and social class Each character goes through changes depending on his money and power Sydney goes up the social ladder while Geoffrey and Ronald go down socially. These changes affect them psychologically.

7 Q & A 2 Q2: Does the play reflect the reality well?
A2: No, the play does not reflect the reality well. Sydney becomes a successful business man from a blue collar job. Geoffrey’s design fails dramatically. Ronald’s banking business “somehow” fails. All these events are too dramatic. In reality, it is very hard to go up the social ladder.

8 Q & A 3 Q3: The play shows characters that change depending on their financial status. Money seems to affect their lives from the ground. Do you think that this is realistic? A3: Yes, it is realistic. People are welcome when they are successful. When successful, they have confidence. With confidence, they are socially active. Without money, these thing are impossible.

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