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Next Generation Infrastructure Microsoft Architect Insight 2006

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1 Next Generation Infrastructure Microsoft Architect Insight 2006
Richard Hall I Chief Technology Officer, UK © 2006 Avanade. All rights reserved


3 Enterprise Windows Solutions
As of December 2005, Avanade has more than 4,000 employees in 38 locations We have delivered (or are delivering) projects for more than 1,800 customers Avanade Europe Almere Barcelona Edinburgh Helsinki Kronberg London Málaga Madrid Milan Oslo Paris Rome Stockholm Zurich Avanade Americas Seattle San Francisco Chicago Dallas Boston New York Toronto St. Louis San Antonio Nashville Kansas City Cincinnati Avanade Philippines Manila Avanade India Mumbai Bangalore Hyderabad Avanade Asia Bangkok Kuala Lumpur Singapore Tokyo Avanade Australia Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Canberra

4 ‘During absolutely the worst downturn ever, Avanade is growing like a weed’
Avanade is ‘both a partner of Microsoft and a very good customer’ whose information workers ‘are all actually IT professionals themselves out serving clients and live in both of these camps, as information workers looking for personal productivity, as IT professionals learning to enhance the productivity and connection between people and information in the customers that they serve.’ - Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft

5 Everything changes … 1987 British Telecom CSS application
Lights out datacentre and operations bridge Expert system event-based management Scalable, resilient, rationalised architecture Central view of customer record Shared service to all departments Mission critical culture 1987 British Telecom CSS application IBM 3070 mainframe Bespoke solution

6 Infrastructure as Burden
Why are so many CIO complaints infrastructure related?

7 Satisfying stakeholders? Infrastructure pressures
Asset or Liability? Satisfying stakeholders? Business aligned? Infrastructure pressures Cost effective? Predictable? Competitive?

8 Technology Platform Infrastructure serves many functional purposes today: Network operating system (resource access, directory, security) Fixed and mobile desktop provision Application platform (server, storage, network) Messaging and enterprise bus ( , middleware, quality of service) Added resilience, scalability, continuity, management, archive and audit

9 Application Platform – The Big Picture
Application logic Channel to user Server, storage and network platform Service delivery tools Service delivery people Line of business applications Integration and security Management tools and process

10 Pain Points Cost of administration: proportion of fire-fighting versus evolution Deploying, patching, securing, retiring: still plagued by shelf-ware Often no clear service level and value to business Unable to drive costs down while delivering new functionality

11 Cost Elimination Pyramid
Service constraints Automation Virtualisation Application constraints Migration Consolidation Rationalisation Discovery and asset management

12 Development Environment
Virtual / Physical Mix Virtual Environment Physical Environment Development Environment Build Test Functional Test Performance / Availability Pre-production Production

13 Agility is Not Enough … Agility is one of the important factors to deliver business value but is not sufficient and can be seductive Must be accompanied by operational excellence Must be business aligned or face rationalisation Must be driving down cost while delivering appropriate quality Must be supporting processes for all stakeholders

14 Freedom Versus Control
A delicate balance

15 Control Audit Compliance Cost reduction Regulation Security Service levels Simplification Utilisation

16 Freedom Acquisition Business volatility Diversity Flexible working practices Individual choice Innovation Mobility and new devices

17 Infrastructure as Asset
What will the next generation look like?

18 Growth of Windows Continued growth of Windows in enterprise market both proportion and significance of platform Maturing proposition: operating system, database, middleware, development Innovation: mobility, collaboration, communication Driving cost out of infrastructure and development Balancing freedom and control

19 IT Polarisation Commodity Competitive edge Standardised Bespoke
Reliable Process- and Service-driven Bespoke Pioneering Results driven

20 Changing Landscape of Service Delivery
Rapid and varied polarisation across the enterprise Increase of industry-wide platforms, shared service and white-labelling models Fewer comprehensive outsourcing deals Move to process- based multi-sourcing Convergence of IT and communication in all forms Value added infrastructure expectations

21 Delivering Business Value
Emerging trends for premium infrastructure

22 Three Examples Internal utility Future desktop Information management lifecycle

23 Internal Utility Automated provision and repurposing in minutes
Blend physical and virtual deployment Lights out operations and low intensity maintenance cycle High performance computing-dedicated farms Grid deployment over existing estate

24 Key Technologies Microsoft: Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI)
Windows Compute Cluster Avanade: Dynamic Systems Framework (DSF) Automated Build Framework (ABF) Avanade Grid Asset (AGA.NET)

25 Future Desktop Spans multiple channels and devices
Fixed desktop, laptop, mobile device, games console Common technology platform and delivery (Windows and .NET) Adaptive to delivery channel Functionality, appearance, access and security controls Communication hub , Instant Messaging, Voic , Audio/Video conferencing, Voice over IP, PBX telephony Presence as the key enabler

26 Information Management Lifecycle
SQL Server 2005 opportunity InfoWorker opportunity Extract, Transform, Load Store and Query Analyse and Report Integrate User Delivery Embedded Business Intelligence Design to operate

27 The Avanade Proposition
Accelerating delivery and driving value

28 The Analyst Curve Hype Potential Maturity Crash Time

29 The Avanade Line Solutions Assets Potential Early adoption Exploration
Time Launch Date

30 Avanade Technology Asset Family
ACA Transformation ACA Lifecycle ACA Integrator (Technology Preview) ACA Factory ACA .NET Portal Devices Analytics ACA Dynamics System Framework (DSF) Avanade Connected Methodology (ACM)

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Performance Management Customer Intimacy Supply Chain & Procurement Analytics ENTERPRISE COLLABORATION Self-Service Applications Knowledge Management SAP Information Management SECURITY Enterprise Risk Management Identity and Access Management ENTERPRISE BUSINESS APPLICATIONS ENTERPRISE INTEGRATION Business Process Management and Monitoring Application Integration Data Integration Information Integration Service-Oriented Architecture SAP Integration MICROSOFT DYNAMICS Customer Relationship Management Enterprise Resource Planning APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Custom Development Web Applications Mobile/Smart Client Applications Application Migration APPLICATION MANAGEMENT Design, Development and Management Migration Portfolio Transformation INFRASTRUCTURE TRANSFORMATION INFRASTRUCTURE Platform Migration Desktop Transformation Infrastructure Management Enterprise Communications SAP Infrastructure Lotus Notes to Microsoft Migration

32 Software Lifecycle - Overview
Solution Development Delivery Management Development Extensions Methodology Integration Software Lifecycle Platform Development Guidance Project Management Integration Infrastructure Provisioning Industrialised Software Development Technology Infrastructure

33 ACA Lifecycle – Overview
Solution Development Delivery Management VS Team Foundation Continuous Integration Team Build Check-in Policies VS Team Foundation Custom Process Templates ACM Integration Work Item System Extension Visual Studio Team System VS Team Suite Integrated IDE Tools Test Suite, Profiling, Analysis, Modelling Tools MS Project Server & Time Planning VSTS Connector Reporting Enhancements Estimation Tools ACA Lifecycle ACA DSF Automated Build Framework Virtualisation Platform Integration Version Management Technology Infrastructure

34 The Role of Architect Seizing the day

35 Avanade Definition An architect:
Communicates to all stakeholders Builds confidence in team and solution Accelerates a project towards successful delivery Addresses and manages risks throughout the implementation Designs for appropriate quality, manageability and evolution Architects have a passion for delivering technology that is actually used to best business advantage

36 Architect Contribution 1 / 2
Assess polarity Balance control and freedom Bridge development, infrastructure and operations communities Drive operational excellence throughout Communicate business value

37 Architect Contribution 2 / 2
Avoid checklist approach to governance Build stakeholder commitment Clearly define roles (for individuals and suppliers) Continuously improve Communicate business value

38 Contact Richard Hall E:

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