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Performance Appraisal

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1 Performance Appraisal

2 Basic Principles of Performance Appraisals
To record and communicate the capabilities and accomplishments of an employee during a given period. To assist in determining merit increases and future promotions. To assist employees in planning future objective and realistic steps for personal growth and development within the University.

3 Guidelines for Performance Appraisals
Use the “Template Job Descriptions” and “Guide to Writing Position Descriptions” to update your department job descriptions; Forward the updated job description electronically to the H.R. office, as well as Attaching a hard copy signed, updated description to the completed Performance Appraisal.


5 Conduct an appraisal at the end of the 90-day introductory period for all new employees -- once a year for all other employees. Compare like jobs with one another. Conduct the appraisal interview in a thorough and unrushed manner. Any merit increase is contingent on the University achieving its enrollment objectives, subject to approval by the Board of Trustees. Only employees hired prior to June 1 are eligible to receive salary increases.

6 How will the appraisal benefit the employee?
Informs the employee of his or her overall performance rating and of the criteria used in determining the rating. Provides an open discussion on how the employee can correct any weaknesses and build upon strengths. Clarifies any misunderstanding about the job and what is expected of the employee. Builds a stronger relationship between the supervisor and the employee.


8 RATING CATEGORIES Does not meet goals and expectations
Employee does not meet the goals and expectations of the position. This level of performance is unacceptable. Termination will result if improvement is not made before ________________.

9 Meets most goals and expectations
Employee meets most goals and expectations, however, improvement is needed to meet all goals and expectations of the position.

10 Meets all goals and expectations.
Employee is a solid performer. Employee consistently fulfills all goals and expectations.

11 Often exceeds goals and expectations.
Employee often exceeds goals and expectations. Performance is clearly above what is normally expected.

12 Far exceeds all goals and expectations.
Employee is consistently outstanding and far exceeds all goals and expectations. A rare rating given to those few individuals whose performance is obvious to all who are familiar with the position requirements.

13 Goals, Objectives and Development Planning
This should be considered a key component of the appraisal process. If concerns have been discussed/ documented throughout the year and no improvement has been made, then document in Performance Results area.

14 However, if you have developmental concerns which have never been discussed with the employee, this should be documented first under “Developmental Goals”. No major surprises!

15 Discussion of the Appraisal
Compliment the employee without going to extremes. Make criticism constructive. Clarify the reasons why the rating was given. Ask questions and then listen. Don’t interrupt .

16 Performance Appraisal Deadline:

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